Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 54: Evil Cultivator
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 54: Evil Cultivator

Translator: Flying Lines
On hearing Gu Yun's words, a tall sturdy middle-aged man with a scary scar on his face hit the horse's abdomen with his feet hard and rode out.

Figuring out who the leader was, Gu Yun felt a sense of relief. He saluted to him with hands folded and said with a smile, "Ah, it’s you, Ruler Ma. Now I'm sure our conflicts today must be due to misunderstandings. Ruler Ma, how about issuing an order to let our heroes slightly step backwards and then talking in detail to remove our misunderstandings?"

Ruler Ma continued to move forward, while at the same time Gu Yun mounted on a horse of the caravan and went up to him.

"Brother Gu Yun, how come you yourself lead the queue? OK, since you are here, I will…" With a sense of viciousness coming to his eyes, Ruler Ma moved before his speech came to an end. Suddenly, Gu Yun's head was chopped off high in the sky along with a glint of cold steel and rolled down to the ground far away. You could still see the incredibility in Gu Yun’s eyes. Blood sprung from his cut neck and his body stumbled a little before falling straight down to the ground.

"Gu Yun is killed!"

"Ruler Ma killed Gu Yun even though they are acquaintances. There's no way for us to ask for mercy."

"Run, everyone, or else you would be killed."


The queue was in a panic again since all in the queue had not expected that Gu Yun would be killed. Though surprised, servants and guards in caravans managed to keep calm though with pale faces. They knew they had to for if they ran like the passers-by, they would only die faster.

"Haha, brothers, go and kill. Old rules, hand over 30% of what you've robbed and the rest are yours." Ruler Ma waved his hand in high spirits, and the mounted gangsters behind him all rushed to the queue ferociously with shouts.

"Hehe, with so many gangsters coming near, aren't you afraid, brother?" Li Xiaoyi rolled his eyes and asked with a sly smile.

Slightly raising his eyebrows, Shiao Chen said with a smile, "Little brother seems to be quite composed. It couldn't be justified if I as an elder brother become panic in front of you, little brother."

"Brother is right." They glanced at each other and burst out laughing spontaneously.

As for the middle aged in the carriage, he now looked ghastly pale and curled himself up tightly. Seeing the two talking and laughing, he couldn't help putting on a sad face, thinking in heart, "The two are apparently not experienced at all. They are just standing by and watching the scene like a live show. However, the swords in the gangsters' hands would kill us all!"

"Uncle Master Xuan Zhen, gangsters are coming near. How about helping them a little?" Asked by a sympathetic young man around eighteen. He was among several youngsters behind an old man with white hair and delicate clothes.

Some youngsters resonated with him on hearing the words, while, some including Wang Ziyang, on the contrary, curled their lips.

"Shut up. Don't forget the reason why we are here. If we help those mortals, our identities would be revealed and the little witch would be alarmed and leave without trace. At that time, we would fail and be hunted down by Demons Sect forever! Don't help and stay here if you still want to seek revenge for your master and died brothers and sisters!" Xuan Zhen said with a gloomy face and cold voice, totally different from the amiable image he presented yesterday.

Youngsters became serious immediately. They lowered their heads with mouth closed.

Seeing their reactions, Xuan Zhen showed his satisfaction by nodding his head. Thanks to the support of a mysterious person, they were able to know where the little witch was and get the magic weapon to hide their spirit flows. He once doubted about whether they were just a knife borrowed to kill the little witch. However, the profound hatred of Sect destruction haunted over his mind. He was not willing to think further. As long as he could kill the little witch and got the promised treasure, it didn’t matter what would come later. He could just go far away and live in the shadow. In that case, the Demons Sect could still do nothing about it though it boosted massive influence and numerous master-hands.

Thinking of this, Xuan Zhen slightly pulled the corner of his mouth and looked impassively at where Shiao Chen was located.


"Don't kill me, rulers. This is all my property. Here you are."

"Don't kill me. Don't kill me."

Though they were in a fast speed, the gangsters came and went in a pattern. Instead of running into the queue directly, dozens of gangsters taking the lead circled and joined together after seconds to chase after the escaping passers-by.

In just a moment, they caught up with the already escaped passers-by a hundred meters away and killed them without hesitation despite their supplications. Blood sprung and a thick reek of blood arose.

Apart from those slightly beautiful women, even the old, the weak, the rest women and children were all killed.

"Ruler Ma, our five caravans would like to hand over half of our goods and a hundred taels to ask for mercy." A leader of the five caravans said. Greeted with the thick reek of blood, all people alive got pale.

"Hehe, cut the crap. You can either go alive with all the women and goods left behind or die." With a cold smile and evident greedy face, Ruler Ma said firmly, leaving no room for negotiation.

The leader putting forward the proposal got pale. In general, people in charge of caravans would spend almost all they had to purchase goods and sell them at high prices to where they were rare, earning the price difference. If they handed in all the goods, even though they could save their lives today, they would eventually end up in poverty. What was more, the women in caravans, apart from servants, were their wives and children. They would be so embarrassed to meet other people in the future if they said yes.

"Brothers, the gangsters are determined to kill us. Though we are no match for them, we can't stand still, doing nothing. Go and kill desperately. Killing one is sufficient, and killing two, you earn one."

"Risk it all! Kill one and count one!"

"Want our goods and women? You need to save your life first for enjoyment."

The men in caravans were mostly experienced with fights and blood. Now they were cornered and forced to fight viciously and desperately. With wide-open red eyes, they stared at gangsters tightly, like a group of wolves.

Even though Ruler Ma had committed innumerable murders, he was still awed by them. However, thinking of High Priest, he gradually relaxed.

"Since you wanna die, I would certainly help you! Hehe, it's a great pleasure for you to die in the hands of an immortal." Ruler Ma glanced at the queue loftily, turned around immediately, and shouted respectfully, "Here comes High Priest!"

Awed by the introduction, gangsters behind Ruler Ma lowered their heads and repeated, "Here comes High Priest!"

Gangsters was separated into two lines as a black sedan came near. The two sedan carriers were tall and sturdy. Their faces were unclear since they were hidden in black robes.

At this moment, the sedan quivered and there came two bitter grunts of a woman.

"Wait for a moment. It won't be long." A young man's voice was heard. The sedan shook greatly as the groan grew more high-pitched.

Even the gangsters now were afraid, all they could do was to bury their heads deeper.

A moment later, along with two comfortable sniffs, the sedan stopped shaking and the groan ended.


Suddenly, the curtain was opened. A dark shadow flew out from the sedan and landed at a distance.

It turned out to be a naked body of a young woman.

You can tell she was originally a comely woman. However, now bruises were all over her white skin and her private parts was soaked in blood.

Her eyes were highly bulged. Apparently, she seemed to suffer from extreme anguish before death.

The curtain was lifted again and there came a young man about twenty with cold eyes. He was barely counted as handsome. Though he came out with a casual smile, the crowd couldn't help getting goose bumps at the thought of what he had just done.

High Priest glanced through the crowd and was satisfied to see several beautiful women, "You've done well this time. I will officially take you as my disciple and teach you the supreme cultivation method when I come back."

"Thanks a lot, High Priest…, no, many thanks to master. Thank you, master!" Ruler Ma was wild with joy and kowtowed in a row.

This young man came to their base camp a month ago and defeated them all easily. The measures he took were just like that of the immortals'. He stayed then and became High Priest. It was under his order that they robbed and massacred every caravan encountered. High Priest was not fond of treasures. What he needed was virgins. He used them for cultivation. Though his cultivation methods seemed to be cruel, Ruler Ma didn't care at all and thought whatever it took to become a cultivator like him deserved.

"Step down temporarily and I'll deal with these people." High Priest was a little bit complacent. Ruler Ma waved his hand to ask gangsters to step backwards. He once saw the mighty power of High Priest's moves. It would be wise to keep a distance.

"Since you want to be diehards, it would be impolite for me not taking your spirits and souls." A black light flashed across High Priest's face. All of a sudden, a decimeter-level black flag appeared in his hand.

"Go!" A black light entered the flag followed the direction his finger indicated. The flag grew larger quickly against the wind and became a seven-meter one in just seconds.

Though it was in the daytime, the place was full of chilly winds and sharp screams of ghosts. The flag was like a dark cloth on the first sight. However, looking at it closely, you would find that it was made of numerous scary faces of dishevelled women. Their mouths and tongues were bloody red and thick reek of grievance kept rolling out from them.
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