Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 49: A Deal with the She-Demon
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 49: A Deal with the She-Demon

Translator: Flying Lines
Seeing the destructive fight, Shiao Chen instantly cast several all-round spirit shields outside his body, though he knew crystal clear that it was just useless if he was accidentally involved in the fight.

"Demon Ancestor, explode!"

With a sense of malignity flashing in the beauty's eyes, the giant demon phantom with a pair of horns just ignored the coming fists and held the opposite phantom tightly. And then, a violent force inside the demon phantom exploded all of a sudden.


Along with the bang, it seemed that the heaven, the earth, and everything between them were destroyed!

Shiao Chen blacked out for a second and then fainted with blood shedding from the seven apertures in his head.

It was long before Shiao Chen opened his eyes in a daze. Seeing the view in front of him, he was so astonished that he opened his mouth wide. Everything was in a ruin. Endless restrictions and formations were destroyed in the explosion. What's more, the ground was turned completely upside down.

Corpse Rider and the beauty were not found in his sight. And the blood-streak jade plate on the ground was torn into pieces.

"Eh, what is this?" A ghost came to Shiao Chen view. It was close to transparent and seemed to disappear at any time. But for Shiao Chen's careful observation, the ghost would not have been identified.

"It is her!" To Shiao Chen's surprise, the ghost was the soul of the beauty that survived from the self-explosion.

Figuring out what the ghost was, Shiao Chen took several steps back to keep a distance since he saw with his own eyes that Corpse Rider devoured Chu Kuang's soul and took over his body. He was not going to repeat the same old disastrous story.

However, the beauty opened her eyes suddenly. Though with faint soul, she remained fearless and lofty.

"Well, my dear friend seems to be afraid of possible possession. Be at ease, my friend. If I do want to forcibly possess your body, I would do it before you come to yourself." Though the beauty explained, she said in an ironic way.

Shiao Chen was a little bit embarrassed for a second, but then said with a composed smile, "Friend, the means in your head are endless and I have just experienced some of them. It is natural for me to be cautious."

Seeming to be persuaded by the words, the beauty stared at Shiao Chen for a while, and said slowly, "I've underestimated you since you've survived unexpectedly from the fight between me and the monster."

Shiao Chen smiled faintly without saying a word.

The beauty slightly frowned, showing her dissatisfaction towards Shiao Chen's attitude, and then said casually, "No matter what happened, your survival manifests your luck. I'd like to offer you a deal. What do you say?"

Avoiding direct eye contact, Shiao Chen said slowly, "Oh, what's the deal? How about telling me about it?"

"Let my soul reside in your body first, friend. Then you help me find several spiritual herbs and make a pill out of them. In return, I offer you a satisfying reward." With a hidden uncertainty, the beauty said slowly.

She had no alternative but to offer the deal. Though her soul survived the self-explosion, the origin of her life suffered a huge damage. In addition, her survived soul weakened every second even though she had performed arcane methods to seal it. If nothing was done, she would perish in half a year, losing the chance for samsara forever.

However, if her soul was allowed to reside in a cultivator, she would be able to be nourished by his spirit and soul. Furthermore, the weakening speed of her soul would be slowed down. She would buy herself at least another ten years to make the needed pill out. There were still chances for her to recover completely.

Hearing the words, Shiao Chen became serious and then replied with a sullen face and a cold voice, "It seemed that my friend takes me as a fool. You ask me to take in your soul. But if you are with evil intentions, the action, to me, is like bringing a wolf into my house." Shiao Chen refused the deal without hesitation. Besides, the beauty was cunning and her identify and the intention behind the offer were totally unknown.

The beauty got furious on hearing the words. In her heyday, cultivators at Qi Refining for her were not worth mentioning. She could kill thousands of them by a wave of hand. However, under current situation, she needed to hold her horses to persuade Shiao Chen, "Be at ease, my friend. I can take an oath that I shall be haunted by internal demons if I bear evil intentions in my heart. Besides, I can provide you with treasures that can help you greatly with your cultivation."

"An internal demon oath? Friend, you are with mighty power and endless cultivation methods. Your cultivation is beyond measurement and imagination. As far as I can see, the damage caused by an oath infringement is next to nothing. As for the treasures you have mentioned, though they might be of great benefits, but it is pointless if I can't enjoy them alive." Shiao Chen said and shook his head gently, but his rejection was evident.

The beauty couldn't help becoming angry. However, what Shiao Chen said made sense. The oath for her was of limited influence.

"All right, what are your conditions?" The beauty calmed down and asked after taking a glimpse at Shiao Chen.

"Friend, you are a ghost now. If you are willing to let me cast a restriction on one spiritual and one physical souls of yours, I will say yes to your offer. What's more, you get my promise that the restriction will be removed and you will get the souls back after I complete what you've required. What do you say? " Shiao Chen raised his eyebrows and said with a gentle smile.

The beauty's face turned sullen at the very beginning of Shiao Chen's reply, and darkened as he continued. She snapped stoutly, "It is impossible!"

However, she switched her emotion all of a sudden and said to Shiao Chen in a pitiful tone, "Ahem, you see that my soul is greatly damaged and is going to vanish before long. As a friend, could you bear to see me gradually perish before your eyes?" After saying these words, her eyes turned red with a pitiful look, on the sight of which, one's sympathy arose.

When the beauty's move was about to change Shiao Chen's mind, he bit the tip of his tongue hard and came to himself. After-event fear occurred. The beauty had not only mighty power but also excellent temptation skills.

"Why should you use these indecent tricks, my friend? I admit my cultivation is not high at all, but I'm determined with a firm mind. Moreover, if what you said were true, you would not have wasted time persuading me." Though astonished, Shiao Chen hid his feelings and said faintly with a poker-face. The beauty stopped her acting all at once on hearing the words. A sense of frustration arose. The cunning young man was immune to both soft and hard tactics. Damn it!

"It is impossible for me to recognize you as my master. Do you have another proposal?"

Pretending to be indulged in thoughts for seconds, Shiao Chen answered slowly, "We sign a one-sided contract to live and die together, the Pain Reflection Covenant, and I shall be the dominator."
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