Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 48: Fight between Monster and Demon
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 48: Fight between Monster and Demon

Translator: Flying Lines
Here came a crack!

All at once, the egg was broken from inside. A figure walked out from the egg and all the fine black demon spirit was absorbed by it.

It had red armor and long hair, surrounded by thick aura of blood. On the sight of it, one's blood got frozen instantly. After consuming all the demon spirits of the eggshell, the blood demon puppet raised up its head and roared at the phantom with a thicker bloodlust.

After shedding the drop of essence-blood of the Demon Ancestor, the beauty turned extremely pale and weak as if she had been depleted of energy.

"Essence-blood of Demon Ancestor! Blood demon puppet!" Outside the restriction, Corpse Rider got excited and couldn't move his eyes from the puppet.

"It shall be mine! It is mine!" By absorbing the blood, his monster body could be refined into a supreme demon body which would be as strong as a magic weapon. What's more, Demon Ancestor’s memory borne in the blood could assist him in becoming a paramount demon cultivator. By that time, nothing in world could stop him from doing what he wanted!

The blood was inevitably a rare top-level treasure with remarkable effects!

"Phantom, go and devour!" Staring at the treasure, Corpse Rider kept casting spells in a row.

"Blood demon puppet, scorch the space with your flames of blood!" The beauty shouted in a low voice. And the puppet replied with a roar and swiftly went directly up to the spinning star atlas.


After the puppet landed on the atlas, the power of the atlas declined dramatically. In just a brief span as if a thousand years passed in a snap of the fingers, the color of the diffused aura of blood on the atlas darkened, seeming to dissipate at any time.

"Great Demon Ancestor, your descendant here begs for your presence in my body. Please endow me with your power and invincible will!" Noticing something, the beauty stood up and promptly there came an ancient indomitable will featuring a sense of vicissitudes. The will was so immense and overbearing that it was not influenced by the destructive samsara at all. What's more, the heaven and the earth seemed to be trembling under its pressure!


After its appearance, the will went directly into the beauty's body. For an instant, her temperament changed completely and seven crescent runes with a looming presence came into being between her eyes. When she opened her eyes, immense sense of majesty leaked from her body. Though no spirit circulation in her was identified, overwhelming pressure was for real. It seemed that the world would fall apart by just a punch of her.

"Condense!" Following the direction pointed by her delicate finger, the will was guided and then entered atlas. The darkened puppet brightened again, bursting out endless blood mist and condensing the aura of blood diffused in the air. The puppet was even more powerful and gradually took an upper hand in the fight with the atlas.

Outside the restriction, sensing the arrival of the mighty will, Corpse Rider's face turned extremely pale. An innate hostility arose, grew, and then haunted his mind, gradually turning into a torrent of wrath that unconsciously mobilized his monster strength.

"Kill him! Kill him!"

"Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!" The eyes of Corpse Rider turned totally red as the innate thought grew stronger. He then lost the control over his body and his strength circulated in a fast speed.

"Summon the presence of Monster Ancestor with my body!" Crazy shout went out of Chu Kuang’s, now the Corpse Rider's mouth. The voice seemed to penetrate through spaces and reached somewhere unknown.


A tyrannical, uncanny, and brutal will fell as the shout came to an end.

After its appearance, it roared at the beauty at once and then rushed into the Corpse Rider’s body in an outrageous way.


The strength around Corpse Rider froze for a second and then burst outwards for about three feet like a blazing fire. His dark hair went green in a twinkling and his robe fluttered in the air without wind.

With another roar which seemed to be from the ancient age, an overpowering primitive aura was imposed.

Two giant shadows standing up to the heaven emerged and floated above the beauty and Corpse Rider respectively, confronting with and roaring at one the other.

Different from that between Demon Ancestor's eyes, what Monster Ancestor got were seven dots whose shape were just like that of the sun. Green lights twinkled as the dots spun.

Infinite starlight came out of the Monster Ancestor's eyes. With a roar, the starlight was shattered into dots and absorbed by the Monster Ancestor. Turning its head around and seeing the suppressed star atlas, Monster Ancestor roared again and the atlas gained its power in the roar. The stars within the atlas brightened up immediately, shining like suns.


The two formidable wills battled against one another in the place where the puppet and the atlas were located. Though no spirit was involved, the space still twisted under the horrible pressure.

Shiao Chen was now within the restriction but not influenced by the mighty power. However, the fight still stunned him. The immense pressure forced him to take cultivation seriously.

"The devastating power is produced by just two phantoms. A punch by the real body would then directly tear the world apart!"

Shiao Chen was obviously awed by the thought.

Sensing his awe, the gold seal in Shiao Chen's divine sense proactively gave out dots of golden light, which were extremely faint yet a sense of nobility arose from them.

The very moment the faint light appeared, Shiao Chen clearly felt that the two pressing wills were bounced off. His feelings now were hard to be put in words. It seemed that he turned into the most noble man in the world, and all creatures should kneel down in front of him, begging for mercy.

What's more, it seemed to be an illusion for Shiao Chen since he saw both phantoms turning around and glancing at him with cautiousness.

Shaking his head, Shiao Chen tried to get rid of these fanny thoughts but to surprisingly find that the restriction imposed by the beauty was broken. Needless to say, it was due to the gold seal. Though he was curious about what happened, it was not the right time for further study. His spirit and divine sense were back. However, based on the current situation, there was still no chance for him to escape alive.

Scanning the puppet and the atlas with his divine sense, though the two were still neck and neck, Shiao Chen could tell that the puppet would fail in the end.

"You are indeed the Demon Lord from an upper world. However, you are close to run out of your power with the passage of endless years during imprisonment. And now what you rely on is the power from the drop of essence-blood of your Demon Ancestor. We'll see how long it takes until your strength is drained." The seven dots between the Corpse Rider’s eyes spun with the Monster Ancestor’s will, manifesting the mighty force in his body.

Corpse Rider felt that he could do anything with the power in hand. He was just unstoppable.

"I'll wait until your shield collapses. At that time, your soul and essence-blood of Demon Ancestor would all be mine. With these in hand, I could easily become a paramount demon cultivator. Nothing could stop me then. All things would be at my disposal! Ha-ha-ha-ha! If you are willing to give up resistance and proactively accept the devourment, I can guarantee your chances for samsara by letting a wisp of your soul go. Otherwise, what in front of you will be a total destruction without a slight chance for samsara."

After finishing his speech, Corpse Rider smiled insolently. The power of the phantom over his head grew stronger. The phantom roared in low voice in a row with his eyes staring into the opposite phantom over the beauty's head.

Standing inside the jade plate, though with a pale face and unwillingness to yield, the beauty was fearless. The phantom over her head roared back with perseverance in its eyes.

"Enough price shall be paid before you have my soul! I will kill you even at the price of no chance for samsara." The beauty stared at Corpse Rider with madness in her cold eyes. The only thought left in her mind was to kill Corpse Rider.

"Pursue separation from the demon body for supreme demon power to kill this monster!" The beauty made up her mind to perform her last shot. Her soul then came out of her body and floated in the air. Later, along with the performance of several spells, uncanny black flame arose on her body.

With the burning of the body, endless fine and pure demon spirit sprung up and turned into ghost-like demon figures shuttling in the room in a swift and ceaseless way.

Upon the touch of the demon figures, Shiao Chen's blood froze for seconds and couldn't help indulging in fantasies. At the same time, the gold seal trembled with a faint golden light leaked out. Shiao Chen felt a lighter body and recovered himself. He was a little bit astonished by the effect. If it were not for the presence of the gold seal in his divine sense, there would be the devil to pay.

"I am forced to give up my body and even the chance to samsara. What I did is to ensure your death!" The beauty stared at Corpse Rider in cold eyes and gathered demon spirits in her hands with just a wave.


By a wave of hand, the gathered fine and pure demon spirits found their way into the phantom over her head. The phantom then became vivid and concrete. It opened its mouth and sucked. Soon, the puppet was back in its original form, a drop of essence-blood, and then entered the Demon Ancestor’s mouth by its sucking.

Strings of blood stretched on the phantom's body like meridians. After the body was densely covered with blood strings, a sense of smart seemed to occur in the phantom's eyes and the phantom seemed to become intelligent.

The phantom of Demon Ancestor roared to the sky and marched directly to the phantom of Monster Ancestor in big steps.

A sense of fear arose in Corpse Ride's eyes. He was obviously terrified by the method the beauty used in exchange of power. He wanted to leave the battlefield now but failed, since the phantom of the Monster Ancestor confined his body. At the same time, the phantom kept draining spirit, essence and blood from Corpse Rider in a crazy way. And it inevitably grew much stronger.


Punches of the two met in the air. Though it was two phantoms involved in the battle, bouncing space ripples showed the fierce confrontation that got one's blood frozen.

No great magic was performed. They fought with each other in bare hands just like mortals. However, mighty power arising from the fighting told us that even the simplest confrontation of two big shots could not be underestimated.
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