Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 47: Fierce Confrontation
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 47: Fierce Confrontation

Translator: Flying Lines
Now, the previous mighty monster at least at Gold Core became a docile pet sitting beside Chu Kuang, seeming to be awed by his presence.

"Jackass, if it were not for the foresight of his lordship, the plan would have been totally screwed up by you!" Chu Kuang vituperated the monster while blood was seeping out from his mouth. It seemed that the beauty's attack in a rage did great harm to him.

However, Chu Kuang then turned around, smiled and said with a complacent face, "Ha-ha, I bet you, dear Demon Lord, would never expect that your accumulated efforts in the previous endless days would one day be destroyed by me at once. My Lord foresaw you would get free today for long. Therefore, I was sent here in the mortal world with his power to beat you into ashes on behalf of him."

With green lights flashing in his eyes and words muttering in his mouth, Chu Kuang turned back and casted his eyes on the monster. When the light leaking out of his eyes totally covered the monster as he muttered, he shouted in a short and low voice, "Sacrifice!"

"Boo-hoo~" the monster kept whining and couldn't help quivering with thick corpse gas arising from it, trying to defend itself from the erosion of the green light.

Identifying its resistance, Chu Kuang frowned and then became vicious. He rebuked the monster in words unknown and by a wave of hand released a beam of black light which went inside the monster. After absorbing the black light, the monster suffered at once with its dry numb face twisted. Thick corpse gas around it was gradually dispersed, exposing itself to the green light.

To Chu Kuang's relief, he finally controlled the monster. He was sent here by arcane methods with his divine sense and cultivation suppressed to Qi Refining under the law of the mortal world. But for the method taught by his lordship to control a puppet, he wouldn't have been so bold trying to kill Demon Lord by directly ordering the puppet monster to sacrifice its soul and fuel the phantom of Monster Ancestor.

However, at this moment, a beam of black light flashed in the monster's eyes. For a second, the dullness in the eyes was replaced by smart and rejoice. It was such a transient change that no one ever spotted it.

"I'm just lucky enough to get my own consciousness and intelligence in the ruin where an ancient ghost cultivator resided and gain an incomplete cultivation method which covers body-possession (A special skill to forcibly eliminate a person’s soul and take up the body for use). Otherwise, I would inevitably be a dead man with soul dissipated. Besides, ha-ha, I have been wondering how to find a perfect body to exercise possession. And now Chu Kuang would be a perfect choice. His body must be in good condition since he comes from the immortal world and probably from the spirit world. What's more, after taking over his body, his memory in his divine sense would be mine too. I'm afraid any cultivation method from the spirit world in his mind would definitely start a new war between cultivators, but now these are all mine." Corpse Rider thought in heart.

Now, the monster who originally took an upper hand was losing its edge in using the body, and Corpse Rider again became the master of his body.

With inner viciousness hidden, Corpse Rider pretended cowardice and gradually took in the released corpse gas around but attacked at once upon the occurrence of a slight relief in Chu Kuang's eyes.

With his giant dry corpse paws catching him tightly, a green light ball came out of his body and found its way into that of Chu Kuang's through the seven apertures in the head.

"Evil creature! What did you do!" Chu Kuang was so familiar with possession that he was shocked and irritated by Corpse Rider's move. His divine sense now was not strong enough to fight with that of the Corpse Rider, and if he was defeated, his consciousness would be gone forever and his body would be left occupied by others.

Chu Kuang closed his eyes, sparing every effort to avoid successful possession. Thick corpse gas and green lights alternated, showing the fierce competition of the body control.

After a quarter of an hour, thick corpse gas burst, and Chu Kuang's body was quickly dewatered with its influence. His once delicate body became a corpse for an instant.

Needless to say, Corpse Rider was the final winner.

Corpse Rider opened his eyes, with green lights flickering in them. Different from that in Chu Kuang's, the green was deep and thick, flashing like a will-o'-the-wisp.

"Hee-hee, it is an unexpected blessing in disguise. With the strong monster body, I will inevitably become more powerful in the future. And with plenty of cultivation methods in head, road to Nascent Soul is just around the corner!"

Corpse Rider stretched his hands and feet, and then smiled for he was very satisfied with what he got.

After scanning the restriction, Corpse Rider became excited. He now had in mind secrets about it after absorbing the divine sense of Chu Kuang and the restriction guardian.

"Demon Lord is no doubt a big shot in the upper world. If I were able to absorb her divine sense and take over his body, it would even be probable for me to ascend to the spirit world." He became more interested and overjoyed when this thought occurred to him.

After searching the absorbed memories in detail, he was for sure that Demon Lord was in a super weak condition and if the phantom of Monster Ancestor was started, the Demon Lord would be killed. Thinking of this, Corpse Rider couldn't help lifting the corners of his mouth upward out of excitement.


Corpse Rider had been in the Cultivation World for hundreds of years. Prolonged survival experience taught him to be a vicious and decisive man. Now since he got a decision, he took actions at once.

A burst of misty green lights in his eyes diffused. His dried body then inflated into a plump one with Chu Kuang's face restored and monster power manifested in haunted green light strands. At the same time, covered by the light, the previous body of Corpse Rider was refined into essence, blood, and power, shriveled as time went by and turned into ashes in the end.

"Go!" Corpse Rider pointed his finger at the restriction. The refined substance seemed to be guided, penetrating right into the restriction and fueling the phantom of Monster Ancestor, which became more vivid and solidified with a cry into the air and the revolution of nebulas in its eyes accelerated. As a result, generations of samsara occurred in just a blink.

"Samsara and ruin!" Corpse Rider shouted and then performed several spells by a wave of his hand. Infinite asterism suddenly came out of the phantom's eyes, and a spinning occult star atlas went down slowly.

Though with regrets, the beauty in the jade plate was with a cold face, determined and fearless.

"It is a pity for me not escaping the death despite accumulated efforts in previous endless days. However, you need to pay enough price if you want my life!"

With brows tightly knitted, the beauty's face became extremely pale. She bit her forefinger and a drop of blood shinning in black came out and floated in the air.

"Blood demon, show yourself!" A burst of black lights came out from the floated blood. Endless fine and pure demon gas exploded, spun, and then formed a weird one-man-height black egg. Uncanny stretches crawled the entire surface of the egg. Loud heart beats could be heard, indicating that the life in the egg was strong and healthy.
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