Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 46: The Monster Race
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 46: The Monster Race

Translator: Flying Lines
Shiao Chen was waiting for his doom with eyes closed when he felt a sense of being torn and everything went silent in a second. A soft and sweet voice greeted the ear, “Little buddy, you’re not behaving. How can you break into your sister’s house without permission?”

Shiao Chen opened his eyes and his faced turned ghastly pale out of scare by the fact that the girl facing him smiled like a beautiful flower but her ruthlessly cold voice suggested her bare intention to kill him. Her sunny look and hearty smile made him even more horrified.

Chu Kuang’s eyes shimmered with strangeness and surprise, which then quickly turned into gloom. One wave of his hand and several streams of demon air shot out rushing, as if they had spirit, straight to Shiao Chen’s seven apertures on head. Chu Kuang shouted, “Disrespectful ones should die!”

Shiao Chen’s face changed and when he was about to draw back, a powerful force seized him that he could not move a bit any more. Fright and astonishment took all over him.

The mysterious girl frowned slightly, and then waved her hand. With no more movement, the demon air carried out by Chu Kuang dissipated in an instant. Her lips opened in an elegant way, saying, “Keep his life for now. Death is too easy for him.”

“My fault. Please forgive me my lord.” Chu Kuang lowered his head in a hurry and demonstrated terror to show his respect, but in his eyes there were something flashing, seemingly to be plotting something else.

The mysterious girl waved her hand to indicate Chu Kuang to step aside. Thinking for a while, she carried out a complicated spell and conjured up a mark sparkling in dark fluorescence in the air.

“Bound him!” As the spell was chanted, the mark immediately flew into Shiao Chen’s forehead and disappeared.

“Although I don’t know what tricks you used to escape my restriction, you won’t be that lucky this time.” The mysterious girl looked very confident, after all this mark belonged to top seal skill. Her cultivation, even though had been consumed much to almost the nadir, was enough to tackle with a rookie of Qi-Refining level.

Shiao Chen felt a sudden bound around his body. His spiritual power within his Dantian, as if suppressed by certain force, couldn’t be motivated any more. His divine sense was also sealed from emanating out of his body. Having observed all this, Shiao Chen looked grim at once.

The mysterious girl didn’t take one more glance at him and looked toward the light screen.

Only by then did Shiao Chen notice via the light screen that three people outside were fighting. Though no noise was made, the outpouring of spiritual power along with spells by hand-waving astonished Shiao Chen. He couldn’t help exclaiming secretively to himself that this was the strength of high-grade cultivators. Gold-Core cultivators were so amazingly powerful, let alone those of Nascent Soul level who must be omnipotent to shake the earth and overturn the ocean!

For a time, Shiao Chen was so attracted to and immersed in this battle scene that he forgot he himself was in great danger.

“My demon slave, these two are losing ground. Start the Formation the moment they die. I shall use their pure blood and spiritual power to break the restrictions!” The mysterious girl blinked with joy but said in a calm voice.

“Yes, my lord!” Chu Kuang said, subtle passion fleeting by in his eyes. He then came forth to the mysterious girl.

“You animal! Even if we die, we will drag you together to hell!” The plump Taoist and the old woman looked callous. The desperation of no chance to survive, along with their ruthlessness, made them all insane now.

“Explosion!” Giving each other a glance, the two carried out certain secretive spells when their bodies began to swell in a weird way. At the same time, an extremely furious spiritual pressure burst out from them and swept over.



“ROAR!” The two blew themselves, and simultaneously, the Corpse Rider gave out an agitated roar and emanated smoldering corpse gas to encompass himself, forming a corpse gas mass of about thirty meters.

The two Gold-Core masters self-exploded after the broken up of their gold cores and burnout of divine senses, generating overbearing power that the smoldering corpse gas mass could hardly resist before breaking up like bubbles.

“Ah!” Under the blast of the explosion, the monster screamed a few times. Cracks began to occur on his body, and through the slits burst out sprays of greenish blood shooting like arrows. His breath and aura even decreased by several levels.

At the same time, in front of the mysterious girl, the light screen as calm as a mirror began to tremble violently and even the image in it turned vague. The earthshaking power seemingly able to destroy everything turned Shiao Chen’s face bloodlessly pale.

“Formation, start!” The mysterious girl looked serious. Her fingers flew up and down like dancing butterflies and several spells were carried out in a row.

Chu Kuang stepped forward, emanating a layer of refined demon air over his body, which under the guidance of the mysterious girl’s spell, suspended in the midair to form many abstruse characters in pitch black. These characters were as big as infant fists, twisting and turning, displaying a touch of ancient austerity and desolation.

Shiao Chen was attracted and amazed at the characters because they were pretty much like those ancient tadpole characters.

“Go!” The mysterious girl chanted, and dozens of pitch-black characters flashed away.


A strange sound rang all over the hall, and with the mysterious girl as the core, a beam of dark light fleeted by through the entire sealed land and quickly converged at the center.

Dark dense light instantly rose from the land within thirty meters and abstruse dark characters hovered seamlessly over the land, forming an abstruse Formation.

At that moment, the spiritual blood and spiritual power floating in the air after the explosion of the plump Taoist and the old woman, as if induced by some power, insanely converged into the ground. After absorbing the blood and spiritual power of two Gold-Core cultivators, the Formation shined even brighter with a suffocating spirit pressure emanating from it.

“Roar!” “Roar!” “Roar!”

As the Formation began to function, the Corpse Rider whose body had been occupied by the monster growled in a voice full of fury and anxiety, but it stood daunted outside the black abstruse Formation, not daring to make any move.

“Heavenly Demon Formation is activated. Today this shackle sealing me for numerous years mush be broken up! Once I get out of this thing, millions of lives shall be taken to make a blood river. I shall kill every one of your families and sects and seal their souls to never enter Reincarnation!”

The mysterious girl suddenly rose up from the bloody jade plate. Her black hair floated in the air while there was actually no wind at all. The drifting dress made her like a fairy, but her cold-bloody and murderous face look made her like a Shura from the hell. Her slim fingers pointed upward, releasing her unyielding will to break through the restriction and fly into the sky.

“I will definitely return to the world!”

At the same time, in the Heavenly Demon Formation suddenly appeared a layer of greenish light shield on which streams of abstruse runes in dark-cyan continuously swam, exhibiting formidable power ready to explode any moment.

“Hem! Wish this Ban Formation to stop me? Don’t overrate yourself. Only ten percent of its power is left. Poor little thing, break!” The mysterious girl looked calm, but nobleness in her heart and soul could not held in, and under this nobleness, it seemed the sky and the earth were about to tremble.

“My ancestors living in ancient times, your descendent are requesting the most powerful strength you have distributed in the world. Please help me!”

With the falling of the cold sound, the flames in the Heavenly Demon Formation began to shoot vigorously, from which a double-horned, well-built gigantic figure appeared with a look seemingly to overlook everything in the world.


After the figure appeared, it seemed to understand that it was trapped there. It growled toward the sky, silently, but its unyieldingness and relentlessness were enough to tear up the heaven and the earth, terrifying all.

At the same time, on top of the strange greenish light shield, the characters began to converge, and in an instant a tall figure appeared. Stars and clouds floated in his eyes as if time fleeted by several ages in one mere second.

This figure was more illusory compared to the gigantic one, but it too roared out of wrath. They started to fight right away. The two seemed to be arch enemies since the very beginning of the universe, so now naturally, they wouldn't stop the fight until either of them was dead.

“Wish to use a mere illusive shadow to stop me? Go to hell!” Cold-bloodiness shimmered in eyes of the mysterious girl who waved her hand to release more smoldering demon air from Chu Kuang. Pitch-black runes appeared one after another and immersed into the demon shadow in a blink. With more runes blended in, the demon shadow became more and more solid. The raging flame burst out with the momentum to swallow the whole world.

Chu Kuang, in the smoldering demon air mass, bowed his head, looking downward, and weird green light flashed by in his eyes. Just at this moment, the mysterious girl carried out the last spell, forming an austere rune.

“Go!” The woman’s face was slightly pale. At this moment, her cultivation almost ran out as conjuring up all the runes indeed consumed too much of her energy.

Chu Kuang screamed to the sky when the smoldering demon air mass suddenly turned to dark-green. Green light flashed out from his eyes, forming a green rune that integrated with the runes converged by the mysterious girl in an instant, which then blended in the demon shadow.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

The demon shadow roared to the sky and frowned its thick eyebrows. Pain difficult to hide sprawled over from its arrogant eyes. Traces of weird green lights flowed all over its body and quickly covered it seamlessly.

In the grudging growls, the demon shadow became vaguer, and finally faded out between heaven and earth. After the disappearing of the demon shadow, the raging flame in the Heavenly Demon Formation also died out and so did the breath.

“Stop!” The sudden change spared no time for the mysterious girl to react at once. She, shocked for a while, burst out murderous intentions from his eyes. And shrieking to the sky, she stretched her hand to smash at Chu Kuang.

“Puff!” A mouthful of light green blood was spouted in the air, but the eyes of Chu Kuang were full of excitement. He dashed right into the restriction sealing the mysterious girl and disappeared.


Watching Chu’s escaping, the mysterious woman spewed a mouthful of fresh blood and her face turned pale instantly.

“The monster race…” The girl’s eyes were icy cold, staring into the light screen where Chu Kuang was standing beside the Corpse Rider.
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