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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 45: Escape

Translator: Flying Lines
A late-stage Gold-Core Period Corpse Rider alone was invincible for the two Taoists. Now there was this skeleton guard joining in…The plump Taoist and the old woman looked at each other, finding despair and unwillingness to die filling up each other’s eyes. Even though the two were much richer than an average Gold-Core cultivator, by now they were almost broke because they had run out of all kinds of spirit tools, elixirs and talismans.

“I have been cultivating myself for over three hundred years so far, having killed numerous and used all kinds of schemes and tricks to survive till this day. My old friends are all dead, so I’m content to have lived by now. Therefore, even if I have to die today, I must die together with you monster!” The plump’s face suddenly turned into weird scarlet, and his originally dull eyes began to shine again like the last radiance before death. Wind fluttered his Taoist robe, giving out cracking and pattering sound. His spiritual power madly climbed up, not stopping until it reached middle-stage Gold-Core level.

Feeling the overbearing spiritual power inside his body, he, with a sense of mightiness welling up in hear, demonstrated all bitterness on his face. After the Gold-Core Breaking and Soul-Burning, which though could furnish tremendous cultivation in a short period, what awaited him, once his spiritual power vanished and his soul burnt out, was thorough dissipation meaning he had voluntarily given up the chance to enter Reincarnation.

“Jinhua, my friend, although my current cultivation is at the middle-stage of Gold-Core, but I can hardly constitute a rival against this monster. If you retreat right now, you’ll also die without a doubt.” After his Gold-Core was broken and his Soul burnt out, the plump Taoist took a calm glance at the old woman. As his spiritual pressure soared, he rushed right to the Corpse Rider.

“Alright. I will only live for several decades more. Taking into account my serious injury caused here and the much-consumed pure blood, I’m afraid the life left would be even less. I might not be able to wait for the successful refining of Life-Expanding Elixir.” The old woman murmured, resentment and grudge creeping out of her eyes. “Monster, but for your popping up out of nowhere, I must have obtained the spirit elixir hidden here by the Demon Lord, which will greatly enhance my cultivation and life span with even a twenty percent chance to break through to the Nascent Soul Realm. All this has been ruined by you! Now I decide to give up my chance to survive and drag you to hell together with me!”

Endless coldness oozed out from the old woman’s eyes and infinite weird black flame emitted from all over her body. She looked extremely painful.

Flame of Nothingness that burned the soul! A Secretive Cultivation of Ghost!

The flame of nothingness gradually faded off while the breath around the old woman madly hiked with denser and denser resentment in her eyes.

“Taoist Liu, let me give you a hand!”


One late-stage Gold-Core cultivator versus two middle-stage Gold-Core cultivators, and both sides had broken their gold cores and burnt their souls to obtain more than overbearing power. During the fight, the collision of spiritual power even triggered waves of ripples in the illusive space, making the air distort.

“My Lord, they have been cheated into your trap. What should we do next?” Zeal shimmered in Chu Kuang’s eyes who, through the overhead light screen, had witnessed all that happened outside.

“Just wait!” The girl also looked expectant, but she managed to suppress her excitement after taking a deep breath. Having been imprisoned for endless years, she determined not to be stopped by anyone at this critical moment of breaking the restriction. Anyone who stood in her way shall be killed!

Shiao Chen sat cross-legged outside the shield of the restriction. He slowly opened his eyes, a fluorescent light flashing by on his delicate-featured face. His eyes were bright and dark, looking deep and bottomless. Both the spiritual power and divine sense within his body had been restored to peak status with the help of elixirs.

Slowly standing up, Shiao Chen slowly mobilized all the spiritual power inside his body. He closely stared ahead, having clearly detected the sudden occurrence of three streams of overwhelming power even though he had no idea of what had happened outside. He was awed at the power which seemed to able to tear up the sky and shake the earth by a single wave of hand.

“Although I have attained a lot from this journey, it’s still unknown whether I can get out of here safe and sound.” Shiao Chen held dozens of low-grade talismans in his left hand while in the right hand were three high-grade talismans obtained from the man in black at the Small Cliff Market. These would certainly buy him some time to escape.


At this moment, a sudden sound of violent collision came over which was so powerful that even Shiao Chen, a cultivator with great divine sense and cultivation, got dazzled by it.


There came a crisp sound and a crack fitting one person appeared on the shield of the restriction. The rift was narrowing and about to close completely.

Shiao Chen settled his sight and then set off by light, trying to get out through the crack.




Having escaped from the predicament, before Shiao Chen had any time for excitement, the billowy spirit pressure coming toward him crushed hard on his chest, nearly making him vomit blood and pass out.

Shiao Chen, terrified, set up several layers of spirit shied in hurry and summoned up protective spirit tools. Only after all this did he feel a little better.

Looking up and bending forward, Shiao Chen found that several hundred meters ahead there were three figures emanating horrible spirit pressure fighting madly. Even though they were far from him, the waves caused by the fight were enough to astound Shiao Chen who kept retreating backward. The aftermath of this horrible fight, even the slightest touch of it, was enough to hurt him badly.

“I must leave this place right now. Go!” Shiao Chen blinked. Seeing that the three did not seem to notice him, a rookie, Shiao Chen cautiously set off by light shield toward outside in a way as invisible as possible.

“Hem?” The old woman frowned a bit. Unexpectedly, the fight with the Corpse Rider had opened a secretive land, in which though she knew not what might be hiding, the subtle aroma of elixirs coming out of the restriction crack did astound her, making her wild with joy.

“If that elixir really exists, probably I don’t have to die today!” The old woman exulted and felt relieved finding that the plump Taoist didn’t seem to notice anything. However, at the moment, she detected by her divine sense Shiao Chen’s intention to leave. Knitting her eyebrows, she carried out an inconspicuous spell.

A random blow by a Gold-Core cultivator could easily kill a late-stage Foundation-Establishment cultivator. Clearly, she intended to kill Shiao Chen.

In the midst of escape, Shiao Chen suddenly sensed endless crisis. The moment he turned around, he saw a pitch-dark ghost claw targeting right at his back.

“I’m done!” Shiao Chen felt a sense of helplessness because a blow by a Gold-Core cultivator could easily kill him ten times in just an instant!

However, at this moment, a faint voice of someone gnashing came over, “How dare you offend me! Your life is mine!” The voice was cold and ruthless.

Immediately, the space distorted, and Shiao Chen disappeared the moment the ghost claw was about to fell on him.
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