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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 43: Trap

Translator: Flying Lines
Shiao Chen pushed the door and went inside. Coming into sight was a huge medicine furnace, the material of which was unknown. It was a 3.333 meters high tripod with dense patterns on the surface, a close gaze at which was dazzling. Shiao Chen was a bit shocked, and quickly moved his eyes away.

Shiao Chen randomly took a medicine bottle from the shelf and waved to peel off the seal around the mouth. A strong fragrance of medicine came out if it. Only one deep breath of the medicinal fragrance made Shiao Chen’s Soul increased immediately.

“Fourth-grade elixir—Demon Repelling Pill!” Gazing at the pill that was as big as an infant fist, Shiao Chen almost burst with ecstasy.

He opened all of the seven jade bottles, astonished in an instance because there was one pill in each of them—a total of seven!

Altogether there were eight grades of elixirs corresponding to the eight realms of cultivation. This forth-grade Demon Repelling Pill was an amazing one since ancient times. So far, the prescription had long lost. Its function was to help a top Gold-Core cultivator break through to reach Nascent Soul period, specifically, safeguarding the cultivator against outer demons. It increased the success rate of reaching Nascent Soul as much as ten percent!

Ten percent was far from little because the pill’s medicinal effect was already tremendous, which made it a precious treasure in the entire cultivation world. Now Shiao Chen got seven of them at a time, which, if spread out, was sure about to induce snatching by a swarm of Gold-Core cultivators and even primary Nascent Soul older monsters.

Shiao Chen took a deep breath to calm his mind. He quickly laid a restriction over the jade bottle to prevent the pill fragrance from leaking out, and then carefully put it into his storage bag.

Right in front of the shelf stood a square wooden table on which laid two jade slips. Shiao Chen screened them with divine sense and then collected them into his storage bag. Recorded on the two jade slips was the elixir-refining experience of an ancient cultivator. Though of little help for Shiao Chen, it would be much more precious than any other spirit tools for alchemists. However, what excited Shiao Chen was the elixir prescription recorded. Only by a simple browse, he had found the names of dozes of ancient elixirs using at different cultivation levels. With these prescriptions, as long as he collected enough raw materials, he was confident to be able to make these pills. By then, his cultivation shall surely skyrocket.

“Apparently, this place is not the adobe of an ancient cultivator, but rather like a place for sealing. The unfathomably powerful girl is too fickle. I’d better get out of here as soon as possible.” Shiao Chen made up his mind, but just at this moment, a ferocious humming came over and the ground under his feet was slightly shaking.

Shiao Chen’s face turned gloomy in an instant. Although he had no idea of what happened, the subtle spirit wave reaching him made him cold from head to toe at once. Even he, whose cultivation was no lesser than that of a Foundation-Establishment cultivator, had felt the earthshaking horror, the cultivation of the people fighting right now spoke for themselves.

“Gold-Core cultivators!” Shiao Chen felt a bit frustrated, and his face showed a bit of worry.

“I must leave here as soon as possible. Any delay may trigger crisis!” Shiao Chen made up his mind and then promptly walked outside. However, before leaving, he hesitated a little, took out an empty storage bag and carried out spells to collect the medicine furnace before quickly heading outside.

“Mine! The Demon Lord Heritage is mine!” The plump Taoist’s eyes were crammed with zeal, and his face turned purple out of excitement. He carried out several spells in a row. Having consumed the spiritual power inside, he swallowed an elixir and sat cross legged for a while to absorb the medicinal effect. Then he stood up to break the restriction.

“Illusive Formation! Break!” The gruesome ghastly scene before him instantly faded away when he found himself still standing in the hall but a step forward. However, the plump Taoist was not a bit surprised by all this. He took two elixirs for spirit restoration and again sat in the meditating position, waiting for his spiritual power to be restored.

“Hem! Taoist Liu, since you’re not willing to help me, the good to be gained will belong to me only. By the time I achieve the cultivation of Demon Lord Heritage, I shall refine you by myself into a Puppet!” At the moment, the grim-looking old woman was at a mountain top. The mountain, extremely steep, was as high as dozens of thousands of meters with roaring wind sweeping among peaks that kept hitting on her face like a knife.

The old woman was discernibly cautious. Even though she knew all the scenes in sight was illusion created by the restriction, she was still astonished by the ancient cultivator’s marvelous skill of casting spell restrictions, which could even cloud her divine sense. She closed her eyes for quite a while and then opened them up suddenly. After a mere step forward, she fell onto the foot of the mountain. With constant wave of her hands, spells went straight into the mountain, stirring ripples.

“As I expected, though the restriction is of great power, years of erosion has exposed many of its weak points, which now constitute no difficulty for me!”

The old woman looked cautious, and as she quickly carried out spells, the towering mountain in front of her gradually faded away like an illusion.

“What an excellent idea, my lord, to give the two people jade slips and mislead them into believing that this place is the heritage of the Rogue Demon, so that they fought so hard to break the restriction. By the time the outer restriction is completely broken up, you will regain your freedom and travel freely around the world!” Chu Kuang said, bowing a bit. Looking at the girl sitting cross-legged in the jade plate, his face was respectful and his eyes were shimmered with fervor.

“All is attributive to their greed.” In the jade plate, the mysterious girl slightly opened her eyes and said calmly.

Chu Kuang frowned, and then said slowly, “But the guarding monsters have broken most of the restrictions around the Road to Impasse. They will soon get here. Although the two outside are Gold-Core cultivators, I’m afraid they are no match for the monsters.”

“I’ve got plans about it. You don’t have to worry.” The girl said, closing her eyes. Bursts of fluorescence radiated all over her, but the bloody-red patterns on the jade plate began to subsidize.

Something weird flashed by in Chu Kuang’s eyes. He retreated to the side, ostensibly respectful.

The corner of the girl’s mouth curled up, revealing a smile, sneer or both.




Dozens of fireballs fell near the outer shield of the courtyard. Shiao Chen frowned. Even though these fireballs were of minor damage, dozens of them in total indeed formed a power no lesser than a blow by an early-stage Foundation-Establishment cultivator, but the shield was not a bit shaken.

“One Finger Devourer.” Knowing for sure that talisman tactic was invalid, Shiao Chen carried out without any hesitation his best skill, the explosion of which was enough to smash a middle-stage Foundation-Establishment cultivator.

The spiritual power within his body flowed towards his arms, upon the reaching of which then quickly rotated along all meridians. A commanding spiritual pressure set off from his body.

A spirit light shot out from his finger, and then reified into a spirit finger. The finger triggered turbulence in the outer spiritual power which then at once was absorbed by the former. As the absorbing augmented, the finger became more and more solid and even began to show finger marks on it like that of a real one.

“One Finger Devourer! Devour them all!” Shiao Chen growled, his face turning pale.
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