Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 42: Treasure-Taking 3
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 42: Treasure-Taking 3

Chapter 42: Treasure-Taking (3)
Translator: Flying Lines
The plump Taoist knew that she was begrudging the spirit of the Ghost King that had wasted in the explosion, but he did not a bit care about this, “Let’s take a rest to restore our spiritual power before going on ahead for exploration.”

The old woman slowly nodded. Arriving here, both of them were not only heavily hurt but also consumed great amount of treasure. Leaving this place right now would never cover their lost.

The two sat on their knees a few meters apart from each other. Each held a mid-grade spirit stone to absorb spiritual power from. The place was not safe for healing by swallowing elixirs, so they chose to use spars to restore part of their spiritual power so that their wound could be temporarily suppressed down.

After an hour, the two opened their eyes at the same time. Their spiritual power had restored much, nearly enough to suppress their wound, so they looked much better.

“Let's go.” The two looked at each other and set up a few layers of spiritual shields in front of them, then carefully flew forward.

“What…What the hell is this thing?” Even a person as calm and collected as Shiao Chen was stunned and his face turned purple in a second.

Shiao Chen passed through the courtyard and collected a few spirit grasses before getting before the house. Though there was no restriction on the door, Shiao Chen was still astonished upon the opening of it.

The layout of the room seemed to suggest one of a girl’s. Faint aroma was floating in the air. Several underclothes were hanging on the hanger. The thin fabric swayed as he opened the door. Anyway, Shiao Chen was merely a young fellow that had been strictly disciplined by his father. He had never seen a scene like this, in which a red stomacher embroidered in blue threads with pink flowers and a pair of loving birds, attracted most of his sight.

“Cough! Cough!” Shiao Chen struggled to cough twice, feeling the increasing heat in his face. Who had anticipated such a scene in a place dangerous like this?

“Get out of my room! Watch out! I shall kill you! Kill you!”

Annoyed, shy, and lost all her dominance, the girl screamed hysterically after being left alone and waking to the fact that she had been humiliated by someone. By certain secret spell, the sound of the mysterious girl was suddenly sent over into Shiao Chen’s ears.

Shiao Chen was shocked, but having figured out it was the girl’s sound, he scanned closely this place and left after he was sure there was nothing valuable.

The girl remained silent after shouting out her claims. Shiao Chen left her alone and headed straight to other rooms. As early as he had broken the shield of the first spirit grass, he knew he would be detected by the girl. Since she didn’t come in to stop him so far, she must have been detained for other things. Therefore, he had to make the best use of every minute to search this place and flee from here by all means.

“Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! I shall not forgive you this easily! Never!” In the jade plate, the girl bit her teeth. The all-round fickle temperament all disappeared, leaving only shyness and irritation.


On the road to impasse, the last restriction was destroyed by the gigantic zombie’s brutal power. In its raging roar and a surge of thick corpse air from its body, the zombie was sent to the teleporting formation under its feet and its whole body faded away.

“Found it!” The old woman showed a bit of joy and looked at the plump Taoist. The two examined for a while and were sure no crisis was hidden in the teleporting formation. They jumped into it, and, as a light beam flashed by, disappeared in an instance.

Chu Kuang carefully put the last piece of bloody-red spar in his hand into the Formation, which immediately gave off weird scarlet light that later on caved into the deep beneath the ground, leaving no trace of abnormalities to be found. Even a Gold-Core cultivator screening with divine sense wouldn't discover anything.

“The Formation has set up, master. I’m about to visit you.” Weirdness shimmered in Chu Kuang’s eyes. He sneered, stood up trying to find the right direction, and then flew away by light.

“Spirit beast egg!” Shiao Chen shouted with surprise. The place was full of crisis and the strength of the mysterious girl was fathomless, so this spirit beast egg, well-protected by her, must be something extraordinary.

Coming into Shiao Chen’s view was a spirit tree whose name he had no idea of. The tree was no taller than a man, but had extremely dense branches which intertwined with one another and spiraled upward forming a natural nest. It furnished a sound support for the half-a-meter sized spirit beast egg with abstruse patterns that sent out its distinction at a single glance.

Shiao Chen carefully released his divine sense, reaching out toward the spirit beast egg, but strangely, an unknown force tried to push it off. Shiao Chen was not shocked but rather joyful because this egg, able to reject his divine sense which was no lesser than that of a mid-stage Foundation-Establishment cultivator, must be conceiving a powerful Spirit Animal. If he could help the incubation and tame the spirit beast, it would do great good to his future journey.

Shiao Chen knew that strength gap between different cultivators lied in not only cultivation, divine sense or spirit tools, but also in spirit beasts whose power could never be underestimated.

In the cultivation world, there were a lot of disciples of major sects that had signed agreement with powerful spirit beasts since their birth. Therefore, even many of them were not powerful enough, they could still beat up their rivals with the help of spirit beasts.

Shiao Chen licked his lips, and after a little contemplation, took out a middle-grade spirit tool from his storage bag. This was a middle-grade shovel-shaped spirit tool that he obtained after killing Wu Wanli. Now it was the best to use. He held it in his hand and input into it spiritual power. Though not having been refined, the spirit tool still gave off dazzling glow over it.

After his divine sense reached underneath the ground and confirming the location of the spirit tree roots, he quickly waved the spirit tool.

“Collect!” Shiao Chen carried out a spell, taking over the huge egg and the spirit tree nest under it. He put them in a new storage bag and picked up carefully. Although Shiao Chen had no idea of the spirit tree, he intuitively knew it had something to do with the huge egg, so he had decided to take it away along with the egg.

After packing them, Shiao Chen continued to search through the room. Making sure nothing important was missed out, he left.

“What is this place? It seemed not like the adobe of an ancient cultivator, but rather a prison.” The old woman looked grim. They killed all the way here via the teleporting formation, but this place was nothing like an adobe. The vast hall was set up with all kinds of restrictions and fatal formations, a scene freaked them out.

“Let’s explore it. Even if this is the place where the ancient cultivators are repressed, there must be treasures left. If we’re lucky, there will be unexpected gains.” The plump Taoist said slowly, his voice in zeal.

On hearing the words, the old woman was a bit surprised, but on a second thought, she was reminded of the recent hearsay rampant in the Beihua State of the cultivation world. Zeal also showed up in her eyes.

It was said that three months before, several Foundation-Establishment cultivators had broken into one of the ancient ruins. After rounds of crisis and fights, only one of the cultivators reached the destination. However, the place was not the adobe of an ancient cultivator, but one sealing a notorious ancient demonic cultivator. Though no one could know what had happened, the last cultivator turned into a demonic cultivator and his cultivation soared to late Gold-Core period. He had obtained a spirit tool—Devil Streamer, powerful enough to confront an aggressive old Nascent Soul, an event for a time shaking the entire Beihua State of the cultivation world.

If the same might happen here…The two looked at each other and at once passion were fired in their eyes.

They stood at the edge of the main hall, hesitated for a while and set up many layers of spirit shields. The plump Taoist looked serious. He tapped his forehead, then a round bowl-shaped magic weapon appeared. Radiating with golden light, it shielded the man within it.

“A Buddhist magic weapon!” The old woman said to herself, a bit deterred. She stepped backward, her body glowing a layer of dark light. This time, the plump Taoist was the one that was a bit daunted by this dark light.

Both of them stepped aside for a distance out of vigilance and then walked slowly into the hall.

“Jiuwu Evil-Locking Formation!”

“Senlo Soul-Tearing Formation!”

“God-Destruction Formation!”

Just a dozen meters ahead, the plump Taoist and the old woman saw these not yet triggered formations, and their faces turned pale. These were merely the ones they could identity; the more others were what they had never seen or heard of. However, by the abstruse patterns on the formations, their power must be extremely terrifying once triggered.

“What the hell is this place? There are so many powerful formations set up. Provided we trigger any of those accidently, even we Gold-Core cultivators would die here.” The two were too cautious to let their divine senses reaching out more then ten meters in an effort to avoid any potential crisis.

“Ouch! Help!” As the old woman set her feet on the ground, a subtle wave of spiritual power rushed over. Her faces changed in a second and then she disappeared from the hall.

The plump Taoist was also deterred, but he showed no intention to help her. Instead, he rapidly stepped backward, terror sprawling all over his face. The old woman, possessing various spells and a cultivation up to the peak of early Gold-Core period, was immediately swallowed by restrictions without even the slightest ability to resist. Surely, he could not help feeling scared.

Since the old woman had been swallowed by the restriction, the plump Taoist was even more meticulous. Every time he encountered a restriction, he would stop for a while to crack it with great caution, not daring to be a bit negligent.

“What is this?” Having just broken a hidden formation, the plum Taoist was immediately attracted to a thing falling shortly before he could wipe off the sweat on his forehead.

“Jade Slip!” The plump Taoist narrowed his eyes. Hesitating for a while, he drew the jade slip into his palm with spiritual power and tapped it on his forehead. After some time, he suddenly opened his eyes which almost burst with surprise and ecstasy.

“Elixir Room.” Shiao Chen was expectant. The mysterious girl owned so unfathomable cultivation and origin that she was even able to plant 10,000-year spirit herb. Therefore, he was sure about to obtain a lot in the elixir room.
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