Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 41: Treasure-Taking 2
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 41: Treasure-Taking 2

Chapter 41: Treasure-Taking (2)
Translator: Flying Lines
But all of a sudden, before it noticed, a black shadow abruptly came over and enclosed it in a wink.

Shiao Chen was more than busy with his hand and kept taking out from the storage bag dozens of seals and talismans, sticking seamlessly layer upon layer until no tremble was felt. He took a relieved breath and wiped off cold sweat on his forehead. His fear lingered because but for the purification of the Gold Seal against toxin, chances were that he must have died this time.

“So it seems that not all recorded in ancient books is one hundred percent true. How come the Baby-shaped Snake is both rapid and highly toxic?” Shiao Chen smiled in bitterness and shook his head. It was indeed out of luck this time. Looking at the jade box in his hand, he carefully put it into the storage bag. There must be some time when this Baby-shaped Snake would be useful in the future.

Looking at the withered baby-shaped fruit tree, Shiao Chen collected the fruits in the shape of human baby while excitement leaking out of his eyes. Along this journey, he had collected more than dozens of kinds of herbs that had come into existence for over ten-thousand years, the names of many of which, though, were even unknown, one thing for sure was that they were of unquestionable value and preciousness.

“Damn it. Even Baby-shaped Fruits have been taken away.” Within the jade plate, the woman opened her eyes, resentfully biting her teeth, “The fruit of all my numerous years of wholehearted culture is all usurped by the little bastard! Hem, just wait and see. I shall rip off your skin and torture you to the end of time!”

No one knew why the woman should display shyness and flushed a bit out of either anger or surprise. The natural reaction added feminine beauty to her, for a moment, she even seemed unparalleled in the whole world. The eyes mixed with both irritation and shyness, especially, seemed able to drive people crazy for her.

The fluorescence floated over her body was scattered, and the bloody scratches on the jade plate quickly shined in weird scarlet, heading straight to her. The mysterious woman bit teeth and closed her eyes, trying to empty her mind and enter into the state of No-Wave-Ever. Then the greenish light gradually calmed down and once again fended off the bloody scratches on the jade plate. The balance was regained.



In the earthshaking roar of rage, gravels were instantly shattered into falling ashes by the ferocious sound wave.

In the Road to Impasse, the possessed Corpse Rider now recovered to his original form, which turned out to be a psychic zombie with a pale face and sharp fangs. However, his size swelled many times to a strong seven meters high out of reasons no one would know. In addition, with the change of his shape, the spirit pressure giving out from within the body also soared, reaching unexpectedly the middle-stage of Gold-Core. Though some wave was not stabilized, the strength had hiked several times for sure.

At this moment, he growled from time to time and kept striding forward. Although the restriction here had been all triggered and rushing at him, this monster seemed very familiar with it. Its gigantic body reacted quite nimbly in taking every proper step to avoid harm brought by the restriction. As for some weaker attacks, he ignored them and walked straight ahead. The robust body of zombie shielded him from the weaker attacks, which, even if hit on it, turned to merely rings of little harm. That being said, rushing cumbersomely all the way through the restriction, the zombie was full of dense scars on the body. Green blood-drops was dripping on the ground, leaving ditches of erosion in various sizes on stones.

“Seal…Master’s order…Intruder…Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!” This monster kept murmuring and at last, only the terrifying “Kill” could be heard.


Although the restriction was extraordinarily powerful, the monster’s reckless rushing made the rapid journey not a bit dragged down.

“Watch out! The Ghost King is to blow himself!” The plump Taoist showed slight scare. He quickly took out a thing from the storage bag and tossed it before himself, forming a semi-transparent shield. Even so, he still continued to set up several spirit shield in front of him and at the same time hurriedly moved toward the depth of the mountain cave.

The words turned the old woman’s face grim at once. With a touch of begrudging in her eyes, she bit her teeth and, in black light over her body, suddenly speeded up to follow the plum Taoist.


A bang of violent explosion came over, and countless boulders flew up like leaves. The rolling air waves were as if about to tear up the sky and caught up with the two people in a second.

Terror oozed out from the eyes of the plump Taoist because his semi-transparent shield was squeaking against the contact with the air waves and after just a few seconds, it cracked in his horrified eyes.

“Clang!” “Clang!” “Clang!” “Clang!”

All of the spirit shields before him were penetrated through. As a powerful crash forced into his chest, the plump Taoist spitted quite a mouthful of blood and was thrown backward, disastrous.

Feeling the violent fluctuations coming from behind, the old woman did not hesitate to take out from her storage bag a pale bone piece as big as her finger. She filled it with spiritual power and then quickly threw it backward. The bone piece was so strange that it swelled up immediately after leaving her hand and became a giant bone shield enough to cover the old woman. Regardless of the bone shield’s inconspicuous appearance, it lasted much longer than the plump man’s spirit shield. This provided more than enough time for the old woman to take proper reaction. She took out four or five talismans and threw out after filling them with spiritual power. The talismans instantly began to burn once leaving her hand and appeared behind her as shields of all colors.


Air waves rolled in, and all the shields in front of the old woman also broke. She fell near the plump Taoist.

It was not until a quarter later that the smoke caused by rolling air waves slowly subsided. The cave was expanded as if by some brutal forces. The space within about three hundred meters were much stretched. Fortunately, the mountainside was solid enough not to collapse. Otherwise, what a joke it would be that two Gold-Core cultivators should not be killed by self-explosion of the Ghost King but rather by the smashing of huge rocks!

The plump Taoist and the old woman took a look at each other and could make out the luck the other felt.

“The self-explosion of a Ghost King is so powerful, not a bit lesser than we Gold-Core cultivators explode our gold cores. Luckily, we reacted fast or I’m afraid we may have died here.” Horror lingered on the plump Taoist’s pale face. His breath was still unsteady, apparently having been hurt greatly.

“Damn the Ghost. It exploded itself. Otherwise, if it fell into my hand, I would surely torture it to the utmost!” The old woman’s face was resentful and even grimmer.
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