Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 40: Treasure-Taking 1
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 40: Treasure-Taking 1

Chapter 40: Treasure-Taking (1)
Translator: Flying Lines

The Road to Impasse was the core of the Spirit and Divine Sense Exterminating Formation with Three Deadly Roads. Anyone who entered, even cultivators at Gold Core, would be killed and shredded in an instant by its restrictions.

But right now, a bony man with red and green lights flashing through his eyes was flying forward quickly as easily as walking on firm ground.

“Hahaha, little guy, there is no need to rush forward like this. How about you stay and have a talk with me?” In the blink of an eye, that mysterious woman emerged among some ripples and stood in the man’s way with a smile.


The man was the Corpse Rider possessed by some unknown evil spirit. But now the evil spirit seemed terrified and even panic crept up on its stiffened face when it looked at the woman.

But suddenly, as if sensing something, it howled frantically and went at the woman so quickly that only some shadows of it could been seen.

“Hahaha, with most of your soul being removed, you are just a half-witted fool. If not that I have to buy myself some time to set off the restriction, I will never talk to a mean creature like you! How interesting that the thing your master left behind will be used on you now. Just enjoy yourself.” After saying this, the woman instantly changed into an icy cold and pitiless expression. She gave another unmerciful glance at Corpse Rider who was still struggling in the restriction and then vanished from sight.



In the Road to Impasse, there was nothing but the roars of the Corpse Rider and the mighty outbreak power of the activated restriction.

“Violet-cored Grass with Twelve Leaves and Misty Lotus with Ten Leaves of ten thousand years!” With constricted pupils, Shiao Chen became extremely excited.

With great caution, Shiao Chen got closer to the small herbal garden with a radius of about ten meters. And even Shiao Chen with so calm a deposition was kind of shocked and dazed.

Violet-cored Grass was a rare spiritual herb in the world of cultivation. It grew only one leaf every one thousand years and the potency of grass with less than three leaves was very limited which was even no match for that of other equivalent herbs of just one hundred years. However, if the grass grew for ten thousand years, with great changes in its potency, it became the most precious herb that ever known to man, because no matter how badly a cultivator was hurt, as long as his soul wasn’t in the wheel of reincarnation yet, this grass could bring him back to life.

Misty Lotus, the miraculous creation of the nature, was a solidified lotus for half of the day and a lotus made of mist for the other half of the day. It grew one leaf every two thousand years; it was called Precious Misty Lotus if it got ten leaves and called Lotus Seat with twelve leaves.

Misty Lotus could refine one’s spirit and marrow so as to remold one’s body and improve the quality of spiritual root! That is, even one with just low-grade spiritual root would become a genius so talented that could only be seen once in a blue moon.

But Shiao Chen was kind of disappointed. If he had spiritual root, even the most inferior one, he could give it a stunning makeover with the help of the Misty Lotus. At that time, establishing foundation was just a piece of cake and there wouldn’t be so much trouble ahead.

Shaking his head and putting those unrealistic thoughts aside, Shiao Chen licked the corners of his mouth and made up his mind that since he had run into such treasures, then there was no reason to let them slip.

After carefully checking the spirit shield enveloping the herbal garden with his divine sense, Shiao Chen relaxed to some extent. He believed that mysterious woman must be quite confident about the safety of this place for the shield didn’t have any attack capabilities and could only prevent the leakage of herbal potencies and gather nimbus of the nature.

Even so, Shiao Chen still prudently put his hand on the shield and gradually let out a strand of spirit power through his palm.


The spirit shield broke but the two spiritual herbs of ten thousand years were untouched. Instantly intense herbal fragrance diffused. With just one breath, Shiao Chen felt he was already back at his peak. They surely lived up to their reputation of the most precious herbs ever known to man!

Prudently, Shiao Chen took out two jade boxes from his storage bag and used some spells to put those herbs in. Then he attached seven or eight talismans on the boxes to prevent any leakage of potencies. After all this, Shiao Chen finally seemed satisfied and continued to walk deep into the garden.

“Dame it! What kind of treasure on earth does he have? How could he break free from my restrictions? You dared to take away my treasures! Young man, this isn’t over yet. I’ll get even with you soon or later.” The woman on the jade plate suddenly opened her eyes with coldness and sharpness flashing through.

“Sister Jinhua, hurry up and do something. The Ghost King is so mighty that I barely can hold it off.” The plump Taoist called for help with an extremely terrified face. Streaks of blood dripped down at the corner of his mouth and his eyes were full of terror and rage. The color of that Black-gold Soul-protecting Gourd kept dimming down and the black smoke surrounding them was so thin that it seemed it would disappear at any time.

Outside of the black smoke, three pale, tall and strong Ghost Kings was enraged and hit the black smoke with one ghosty trick after another, making the plump Taoist even more anguished.

The old woman looked really solemn. Ghosty fog circled around her dry face with strands of chilly Yin Qi circling her skin, then spreading about, and finally forming wired patterns. Judging from it, what the old woman practiced was ghost controlling and now she was using her magic tricks to control ghosts.

After some time, she seemed to be suffering from a growing pain and gradually, a fierce looking ghost face emerged upon her forehead, which kept twisting itself like a living thing and roaring in low voice.

“Freeze!” The old woman shouted solemnly and immediately the twisting ghost face disappeared but some black smoke in front of her still kept twisting, which transformed back into that ghost face moments later.

The old woman sullenly took a bite of her finger and then put the bleeding finger into the mouth of that ghost face.

Seeing this, the ghost face was so wild with joy that it quivered with surprise and greed. It opened its mouth widely and sucked the old woman’s finger forcefully. Instantly, her blood and spirit power flooded out and her breath weakened. After three times of sucking, the ghost face finally satisfied and opened its mouth after making some harsh quacking sounds.

Now due to the large quantity of blood and spirit power it had sucked in, there were streaks of blood mingling in its black smoke and formidable power gradually emanating from it.

The old woman quickly pulled back her finger, took out some pungent pills from her storage bag and swallowed them. At once, her reduced power rose suddenly and sharply and she was back at her peak in no time with unusual rosy cheeks. Clearly, those were some forbidden pills with great side effects.

“Go!” The old woman said with one finger pointing forward. Then the ghost face made some more quacking laughing sounds, got through the black smoke with a blink of the eye and rushed directly to the three Ghost Kings.

Roaring in low voice, the three Ghost Kings seemed really terrified and they separated from each other. Each with two ghostly fire in their hollow eyes fixed on the ghost face rolling with blood, they kept roaring and growling.

“Brother Liu, average Ghost King has the same cultivation as us. And these three Ghost Kings are by no means weak, but their souls seem to have been taken away, or they won’t give me the time to finish my secret incantation.” The old woman looked better and seemed rather confident in the magical power of that ghost face.

The plump Taoist nodded lightly, swallowed some elixirs taken from his storage bag and said with heart still fluttering with fear, “Just now I clearly perceived there were at least seven Ghost Kings, but with some unknown reasons only three of them appeared here. Nonetheless, we are safe for now. Sister Jinhua, your power is so formidable especially the overwhelming tricks in controlling ghosts that the ghost face alone could defeat the three Ghost Kings.” At the end of these words, the plump Taoist kind of put his guard up.

The old woman smiled bitterly and said, “Brother Liu, it’s not that easy. The ghost face was the spirit of a Ghost King I accidently subdued when it was badly wounded. I have refined it with some secret methods, but every time I use it, it needs to suck lots of my blood and spirit power. I can only use it once in a month, or I will be hurt and even controlled by the spirit of the Ghost King.”

Hearing this, the man let his guard down a little bit as the woman indeed weakened after the trick, although he didn’t buy her whole story.

“Since Sister Jinhua has beat off the three Ghost Kings, I think we’d better get out of here as soon as possible.”

“I totally agree with you, Brother Liu!”

Looking at each other in the eyes, they conjured up their light shield at the same time and flew deep into the cave. Although the three Ghost Kings kept roaring, due to the attacking of the ghost face, they had no choice but to see the two get way right under their noses.


Shiao Chen prudently looked at the small tree of no more than 1 meter high in front of him. And there were baby-like, green fruits on it, giving off light unusual fragrance.

“Baby-shaped Fruit!”

Baby-shaped Fruit, magical creation of the nature, was shaped like babies and green in color. If mortals ate it, they feared the hell not and could kept their memory intact for three Samsara; and if cultivators ate it, their divine sense would rose sharply, saving them the trouble of hundreds of years’ hard cultivation.

Thinking of what the ancient books in the Book Pavilion said about Baby-shaped Fruit, Shiao Chen looked at the tree quite fervently.

But he didn’t rush to get it recklessly; instead, he infused spirit power into his eyes and then looked at the Baby-shaped Fruit tree. As expected, he found a green, needle-like mini snake of less than 3.3cm settled on the third branch of the tree.

Baby-shaped Serpent! It was born with the Baby-shape Fruit tree, fatally poisonous, killing people under Nascent Soul with just one touch!

Shiao Chen became very cautious because it was precious only if he lived.

He carefully set up a spirit shield surrounding his body, took a jade box out of his storage bag and with some hesitation threw a fireball which fell down over ten meters away from the tree.

Abruptly, the seemingly sleeping Baby-shape Serpent opened its eyes, which was needle-hole sized and full of icy coldness, and in no time firmly targeted Shiao Chen standing tens of meters away.

Under such circumstance, Shiao Chen had a strong sense of crisis with cold sweats all over his forehead. And suddenly, the snake arched its tiny body, and with one flashing of a green light, it was right in front of Shiao Chen, breaking that spirit shield in a blink of the eye.

With a sting on the hand, Shiao Chen felt like being acupunctured, but then he paled abruptly and fell to the ground with stiffened body. The Baby-shape Serpent aside kept its body up-right with sneer and chill in its eyes.
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