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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 39: Ghosts

Translator: Flying Lines
Shiao Chen, with knitted brows, took out a low-grade Fireball Talisman from his storage bag. Although he had used over two hundreds of it, he still had plenty.


When infused with a little spirit power and thrown forward, the Fireball Talisman immediately inflamed and turned into ashes without making a sound. In the meantime, a fireball of the size of a grownup’s fist appeared out of thin air.

“Go!” Shiao Chen pointed at a certain place ahead, and that fireball abruptly dashed toward the courtyard wall. Although Shiao Chen was confident about himself, to be prudent, right after sending out the fireball he still conjured up a spirit shield in front of him and held loads of talismans in hands.


Undeterred, the fireball exploded on the courtyard wall, only leaving a scorched mark on the wall.

“It seems that this is very likely where that woman lives. Who on earth is she? Wu Wanli and Chu Kuang call her master. Could she be the owner of this adobe?” Shiao Chen knitted his brows tightly. If it was so, he was really in danger.

“I’d better leave here; the earlier, the better. At that time, the woman didn’t try to overwhelm me with her spirit power, but she was still so enigmatic that I was subdued instantly even though my divine sense equals to that of a cultivator at middle stage of Foundation Establishment. If not for the gold seal, I’m afraid that I would have been trampled upon at will. Judging from this, I can tell that this woman definitely is at or even above the Gold Core!” Shiao Chen looked serious, swept through this courtyard with his divine sense and moments later walked directly into the inner yard.


The old woman looked extremely surly. Facing over ten ferocious ghosts, she looked really vicious and venomous.

“Just go die!”

Right at this moment, her hands as dry and rough as the bark of a one-hundred-year-old tree suddenly came to life, moved swiftly and flexibly like dancing butterflies, and cast one abstruse incantation after another.

Her obscure and mighty spirit power became better controlled and steadier as the old woman kept changing her hand movements; meantime, a formidable power was building up gradually.

When an evil spirit turned into a ferocious ghost, it almost owned the power of a cultivator at Foundation Establishment. Although it had feeble intellect, it also knew that now was the life-or-death moment.


All evil spirits raised their heads and roared in a voice so low that couldn’t even be heard by human beings, but the old woman became much more solemn and said hurriedly, “Brother Liu, please lend me a hand. After I finish this trick, I can take these evil spirits down with ease.”

“Ok!” The plump Taoist was kind of short of breath and had some wired redness on face, but he knew it was definitely not the right time to retreat. Therefore, he took out a total shineless black gourd from his storage bag. The gourd was just a little bit more than 3cm long with a short verdant vine. This was not a man-made magic weapon but one created by nature.

Almost all such magic weapons had formidable magic power, but the pity was they could only be used once, which meant once used, they lost all their power.

Reluctantly, the plump Taoist gnashed his teeth and threw the gourd up while murmuring something. Then he pointed at a certain place with one finger and growled, “Go!”

Then a strand of spirit power came out from his finger and got into the black gourd, which enlarged abruptly to from 3cm to about over 3m long in no time after absorbing the spirit power.


One crisp sound was heard. The mouth of the gourd and that short verdant vine shed off, revealing its black mouth with strands of black smoke overflowing. And the black smoke gradually surrounded the two of them.

“Magic creation of the nature – Black-gold Soul-protecting Gourd!” The old woman was first shocked and then said gladly, “I have never expected you have such a good stuff. With it, if you and I work together, we really stand a good chance of getting through more doors even if they are guarded by Ghost Kings.”

“Sister, please take them down as soon as possible. The Black-gold Soul-protecting Gourd can only fend off part of the divine sense attack, so we should try our best to avoid consuming too much power by these low-level ghosts,” said the plump Taoist with a solemn expression. He looked through these ferocious ghosts and couldn’t help showing some of his worries.

Hearing these words, the old woman became serious and nodded slowly. From the plain ghosts of the lowest level to the ferocious ghosts with the power of cultivators at Foundation Establishment, who knew what the hell they would come across later.

The Ghost King with the power of a cultivator at Gold Core? Or the Ghost Emperor at Nascent Soul?

If it was the former, they mighty defeat it with the help of the Black-gold Soul-protecting Gourd, but if it was the latter, they’d better flee as far and as quickly as possible.

With increasingly fast hand movements, the old woman finished her incantation and strands of pure Yin Qi were circling around her in a fast speed.


After finishing the incantation, her spirit power poured out like the breaching of the dyke and her face abruptly became as pale as sheet.

Nobody knew what kind of skill the old woman had been practicing, but her actions made the surroundings so ghostly and chilly that it seemed like she was the Ghost King at Gold Core.

With the shout of the old woman, a black huge ghosty claw of about tens or even hundreds of meters just appeared out of blue and dashed straight forward. And along the way all ghosts getting in touch with it instantly broke into pieces, turning into strands of pure Yin Qi. On contrast, that ghosty claw turned so black and shiny which kept moving forwards with overwhelming power.

It was surely a magic move of Gold Core that deserved to take so much time because the black ghosty claw had already killed over ten ferocious ghosts in front of them and was still raging forward deep into the cave overwhelmingly.

“The Road to Death full of stone puppets has been cleared by that little bloke; the other slave of mine is about to arrive and the Road to Survival has been half opened by those two humans at Gold Core. Now let me lend you guys a hand to break the Spirit and Divine Sense Exterminating Formation with Three Deadly Roads which has been constraining me, as soon as possible. But before that, I have to make some troubles to stop the puppets from coming here in case they may disrupt my grand plan.” Deep underground, in a spacious palace, the mysterious woman Shiao Chen had met before was sitting on a jade plate with legs crossed. And the jade plate was inscribed with wired bloody-red stripes that were twisting, wiggling and sometimes even pulsing just like veins in the human body.

“Bah, although I fell prey to your vicious plot that year and gave you the chance to seal me here, you definitely didn’t expect that I could finger out how to break your restriction. My body is still constrained here by your seal, but my divine sense has already broken free. Now the restrictions and spells in this formation used to prevent me from getting away are helping free me.” The woman wore a cold expression and closed her eyes gradually. But suddenly she frowned tightly like suffering from great pain. And gradually a shadowy figure was separated from her body and solidified slowly just like a real person who looked exactly the same like the woman on the jade plate!

“Hahaha, the show is about to start!” The woman gurgled with an enchanting face and disappeared with just one move.
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