Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 38: Something Weird
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 38: Something Weird

Translator: Flying Lines

At this moment, the Gold Seal in Shiao Chen’s Soul suddenly trembled, humming. The sound was extremely slight, almost inaudible by others, but for Shiao Chen, it was no less than that of ear-deafening bells and drums. The sound, as if coming down from mountain peaks, waked his dormant Soul in a second. Boundless terror sprawled out from Shiao Chen’s eyes and his speed of flying skyrocketed.

“Um?” The mysterious woman was apparently caught by surprise that Shiao Chen had been able to resist her charm.

“Hem, I planned to play with you for longer. Since you’re so reluctant and unappreciative, don’t blame me for being ruthless. I shall so absorb and torture your Soul that it will never be able to enter the Reincarnation.” The woman’s temperament changed from that of a meek girl next door to that of a callous overbearing queen. Her eyes were frosty and murderous, under the impact of which the entire space was rampant with bitter wind and intention to kill.

A mature beauty, next-door sister or domineering queen, this mysterious woman didn’t just have a heavenly beautiful face but also a fickle temperament. However, Shiao Chen was not a bit attracted to her. Rather, targeted by this cold murderous intention, what he could feel was creaking and cracking of his Soul as if he was to be frozen in a minute. The murderous intent was so far from fake that Shiao Chen would never doubt that what awaited him was a lethal blow. By the spirit pressure from the woman, there was no way he might survive it.

Shiao Chen forced a bitter smile but his eyes displayed determination. Even if knowing he was sure to die, he would never give up!

Try best and let heaven determine life-or-death!

Suddenly, Shiao Chen’s spirit surged—his full potential was triggered in the moment between life and death. The fifteenth level of Qi-Refining was released unsparingly. The spiritual power unleashed almost reached that of a middle stage of Foundation-Establishment cultivator.

Again, surprise shimmered in the eyes of the mysterious woman who then managed to recover the cold face quickly. The killing intention didn’t reduce a bit. She raised her slim hands and an invisible power was condensed. Exposed in the horrible power, Shiao Chen’s face became pale and bloodless in an instant.

“Hem!” Suddenly, the mysterious woman frowned and snorted. Her face darkened all of a sudden.

“Damn it. I’ve been sealed for so many years. How will I allow you to stop me from leaving here?” The sound was as cold as ice frozen for thousands of years, emitting undissipated climate of massacre.

Her icy eyes swept over to Shiao Chen and then she waved a black light straight to him. The black light was something unknown, but it broke through Shiao Chen’s spirit shield and plunged into his body in a blink.

Shiao Chen felt a darkness in front of him and instantly lost all consciousness before falling to the ground.

The woman still put on an expressionless face, and as she waved her slender hand, Shiao Chen’s body flew up by a strong power, hit the wall behind, and completely immerged into it after stirring a wave of ripples.

After doing this, the woman looked up and the coldness in eyes nearly oozed out. In a snort, she disappeared.

“This is the last restriction, the breakthrough of which will furnish the key to entering the next floor.” Everyone displayed excitement, though something strange were in their eyes.

“Chu Kuang my younger brother, is it true that, as you said, after breaking the restriction here, we can directly reach the core of the Ancient Cultivator Adobe?” Di Qiu asked slowly, something flashing in his eyes.

Chu Kuang sneered indiscernibly and nodded poker-faced, “Of course it’s true. All will be clear after we break the last restriction.”

The Di brothers looked at each other, something abnormal shimmering in their eyes, and nodded slightly without being noticed. Di Qiu sat cross-legged to restore the divine sense he had used while Di Shuai was vigilantly poised to protect his brother.

Chu Kuang could not help sneering at them but wasn’t much irritated. He too sat in the meditating position to restore spiritual power.

After four hours, the Di brothers returned to their peak strength and continued to break the restriction. Chu Kuang was standing dozens of meters away behind the two. The heavenly magnificent yard seduced ecstasy crawling from the depth of his eyes.

"Break!" An hour later, the Di brothers growled and continually carried out spirit spells on the illusive yard created by the restriction. The spells, like stones throwing into water, generated waves of round ripples on the illusion of the yard. As they increased, the ripples continually extended and the illusion of the yard turned more and more obscure. Finally, merely an isolated door was left in front of the three.

In the door was a greyish space leading to somewhere they didn’t know.

The Di brothers exchanged a glance and, as their faces changed, simultaneously drew back their hands and turned around.

The restriction had been completely cleared up. Supposedly, the last door left required not much spiritual power to break. Chu Kuang was able to tell it though he knew little about restriction.

“Why do you stop?” Chu Kuang put on a cold face and asked in a low voice.

Di Qiu, lifting the corners of his mouth, sneered, “Nothing. It’s just we think it’s sure better the treasure is divided by two rather than three. What do you think?”

As the words were delivered, the murderous intention of the Di brothers undisguisedly broke out and closely locked Chu Kuang up.

Chu Kuang could not hold back his mocking anymore and nodded approvingly. “You are right. Dividing by three is of course not better than I take over them all by myself. You can die now.”

On the words, endless demonic spirit exploded out of Chu Kuang’s body. His eyes were full of ruthlessness, and dozens of spirit spells were carried out in one wave.

“You asked for it!” The Di brothers fulminated ragingly. Both of their cultivation reached the eighth level of Qi-Refining, so they were more than confident to kill Chu Kuang right here.

“How come a tiny firefly think it’s more brilliant than the moon. Hah, and how dare you two try to combat with me?” Blood thirst flashed by in Chu Kuang’s eyes. Two beams of dark light flew toward the Di brothers before they noticed.



Two surprised screams of anger came over. It turned out that the Di brothers were now closely packed up by two ditch-black light. Upon the touching between their spiritual shield and the light, erosion took place madly.

“Demonic technique. You are a demonic cultivator!” The Di brothers’ faces turned pale and their eyes were swarmed with terror.

“Please show your mercy on us. We promise never to tell anyone about what happened today. Please take into account our effort in breaking the restriction. Please spare our lives.”

Chu Kuang’s face was cold, and he mocked, “Who do you think I am? A three-year old kid? But since I do have to owe the credit of breaking the restriction to you, I will allow your Souls to enter the Reincarnation.”

At the triggering of Chu Kuang’s divine sense, the black light overwhelmed the Di brothers in an instant and their spirit shields were immediately broken into pieces. In extreme terror, the light touched their bodies, immediately eroding their bodies into two dark skeletons.

Chu Kuang sneered and waved his hand. The two dark lights got back and immersed into his body like they were living things.

Picking up the two brothers’ storage bags, Chu Kuang waved out spiritual power and the door disappeared immediately. A drawing scroll swayed down slowly from midair.

In the scroll, there was a heavenly magnificent yard, in the front of which was a tailed monster with black scales all over and jarring bones at its legs. Under the monster lay two pitch-dark dead bodies.

Chu Kuang showed no surprise and held the scroll in hand, watching it turn into a black jade bead. Passion flickered in his eyes, Chu Kuang put the jade bead into the Transport Formation before him without hesitation. Dark light flashed by and he disappeared in a wink.

“Damn it. What the hell is this place? So many ghosts haunt here.” The old woman looked gloomy and a bit scared. The creation of so many ghosts suggested a raging massacre by the host of the place.

The plump man also looked depressed. No action could be observed but any ghost that came near him less than three meters had all been killed. Close examination would reveal faint but dense gold light shining around his body, easily piercing through any ghost that dared to approach him.

“Jin Hua, my friend, we need to speed up in order to save spiritual power.”

The old woman slowly nodded and the two finally began to take action. Once Gold-Core cultivators carried out techniques, it was indeed earthshaking. The hundreds of ghosts surrounding them were killed in an instant.

“Let’s go!”

Light of Flying exploded over them and their speed soared several times all of a sudden, heading straight forward.

However, after only a moment, the two were once again surrounded by numerous ghosts, and their speed was also sharply dragged down. Even more dreadful was that high-level ghosts were among them. The cultivation of these high-level ghosts were equal to that of a Foundation-Establishment cultivator — though not enough to hurt the two people, they must be discreet.



The plump cultivator displayed harshness, and the three-meter-long gold lights surrounding him spread out in a second, sweeping over to the space within thirty meters like a furious storm.

In a while, the gold light returned to him, but its gold color faded a bit. The plump man’s face turned pale, obviously the attack had consumed much of his spiritual power. He took out an elixir from his storage bag and swallowed, then he got a little better.



All demons and ghosts within hundreds of meters that were ferociously waving their claws and paws froze. At the center between their eyebrows appeared a golden slim hole. Gradually, their bodies disappeared.

“I’m intrigued to figure out what secret is hidden here that so many ghosts are needed to guard this place.” Having killed all the demons and ghosts, the plump man snorted and rushed forward by light.

The old woman thoughtfully blinked, and then followed up in silence.


The next moment after being controlled by the mysterious woman, Shiao Chen recovered to consciousness; but since the woman was too powerful to escape from and at the moment there was no risk of losing his life, he decided to let the mysterious woman send him into the restriction. Then he could buy some time to find a way to escape.

Lying on the ground, Shiao Chen suspended his breath, and after quite a while when he was sure no danger lurked, he slowly opened his eyes. Presented before him was a heavenly magnificent yard fully sealed-off with no doors, and at the moment, he stood right within the yard.

Shiao Chen looked vigilant, standing still and careful not to take any step. He convened into a line his divine sense which was powerful enough to equate with that in middle stage of Foundation-Establishment period. Scanning the whole place for a while, he frowned because not a bit vibration of spiritual power was detected. Wasn’t it a place created by the Illusive Restriction?
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