Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 37: Enchantmen
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 37: Enchantmen

Translator: Flying Lines
A scroll painting drifted down two steps away. In the painting, there was a pitch-black single-plank bridge which seemed to be neither made of gold nor wood. Limpid water gurgled under it. Right in front of it there stood a comely teenager around seventeen with his eyes closed. Beneath his feet was a giant ravine whose length and depth were beyond measurement, and piercing sense of sword constantly leaked from the ravine.

Though a little bit surprised, Shiao Chen caught the scroll painting. Suddenly, an unexpected beam of light burst and a warm white jade bead came to Shiao Chen's hand when the light faded away.

A teleporting site for one person appeared in the very place where the bridge disappeared with a hollow in the center.

Shiao Chen came to the site directly after a slight hesitation and put the bead into the hollow. After a slight discomfort of seeming to be torn apart, Shiao Chen opened his eyes and was astonished.

"Hehe, little boy, your elder sister, I, have waited here for you for long."


"My friends, I think we may have encountered a possible huge treasure this time," a plump middle aged was startled and said slowly after seeing skeletons everywhere in the lobby and the three uncanny doors on the opposite site.

The three glanced at one another and saw through the same excitement in the one another's eyes. From all that they had seen, this place was probably the abode of an ancient cultivator whose strength was way above them and beyond imagination. Treasures were highly probably lying ahead waiting for their further exploration.

Ancient treasures, medicinal pills, and cultivation methods were going to be readily available!

Even the old gloomy-faced woman couldn't resist the sense of excitement arising in her eyes.

After a green light flashed successively in his eyes, Corpse Rider was suddenly attracted by and then stared at the three doors.

Road to Death! Road to Impasse! Road to Ruin!

Red lights suddenly came out of the ancient words after the stare and into the eyes of the Corpse Rider as sudden as lightning.

All at once, the Qi circulation of the Corpse Rider became a total mess. The power and pressure of the Gold Core were released frantically without control and reservation. A killing intent inside the Corpse Rider featuring testiness, gloom, and cruelty desperately sought its way out and made it.

"Friend Corpse Rider!"

"Corpse Rider!"

With their faces becoming serious suddenly, the plump middle aged and the old woman quickly distanced themselves from Corpse Rider and stayed alert.

Corpse Rider roared and the green light in his eyes instantly brightened up, with some eerie bloody redness added. It was such a pair of eyes that at the sight of which one's inner violence could be easily brought out.

"Friend Jin Hua, take care! It seems that our friend Corpse Rider is occupied by something wicked," the plump one said with a sullen face. With a second thought, he became terrified. He just experienced a narrow escape. They three were all at Gold Core, but the Corpse Rider was occupied without a sign. Corpse Rider used to be a dead body of a cultivator which happened to be rested on a ley line of Yin and was lucky enough to get its own consciousness and intelligence with the nourishment of Yin Qi arising from it. The Corpse Rider therefore owned a strength much higher than his peers at the same stage. However, it was his power that the wicked was keen on and he was possessed without any sign.

The old woman nodded slowly and was somewhat disturbed.

Moving backwards slowly, the two released their complete power together, trying to suppress that of the Corpse Rider.

Sensing the pressure posed by the two, Corpse Rider growled subconsciously, took two steps back, ran into the door of Road to Impasse, and disappeared with billowing Yin Qi around him.

Seeing the Corpse Rider left with their own eyes, though relieved, the two were still with sullen faces.

"Friend Liu, shall we continue our exploration?" the old woman asked with a gloomy face. Though the Corpse Rider was away, feared of unknown, she still stayed alert by slowly circulating the Qi inside her body.

The plump cultivator indulged in thoughts for seconds and replied with a smile reappeared in his face, "If we leave now, can you say that you are leaving without regrets?"

Hearing the words, the old woman nodded slowly and said, "In this case, I suggest that we two continue the exploration together. However, just in case, we both have to swear that no betrayal before exit, otherwise, the betrayer would be haunted by Internal Demons."

"I agreed. It shall be done," the plump cultivator nodded with less alert.

After completing their oaths, they initiated guard shields separately with Qi and walked prudently towards the road to survival which was the only road not travelled by people.


Shiao Chen was stunned by the charm of a woman for the first time. Compared to what she had, even that of the top one beauty in Luoyun Valley, Ji Yuewu, was a world apart.

Her skin was like congealed ointment; her shoulders were shaped as if by carving; and her figure was tall and slim, and wonderfully enchanting. She was an extraordinary beauty by nature with a broad smile. A glance at her watery eyes was enough for one to indulge in without the willingness to wake up.

The gold seal in Shiao Chen’s divine sense trembled slightly. Shiao Chen stung a little bit, regained consciousness, and became alert all at once. It was super weird to have such a beauty here in this place now.

"You are confusing me with someone else. We haven't met before. Therefore, it's absurd for you to say that I am the one you are waiting here for long." Shiao Chen took several steps back stealthily and became more vigilant. He had scanned the beauty with his divine sense a moment ago, and only startled to find nothing.

To the beauty's surprise, Shiao Chen regained his consciousness in such a short time. She giggled and said, "You are such a heartless little devil! You've just beaten my little cutie, the demon slave, to death. And you are denying it now." With tears in eyes, she seemed to be aggrieved and pitiful.

Shiao Chen was stunned for a moment yet shocked later. He retreated swiftly. In the twinkling of an eye, he took plenty of talismans out of the storage bag and threw them to the beauty without hesitation.

Waving her sleeve at will, she changed the direction of the fire and water balls all at a sudden, and the balls exploded against the void. Shiao Chen was shocked and raised his speed dramatically again.

"Hee-hee, what a quick response! However, don't ever think you can run away. I planned to kill you for revenge since you killed my demon slave, but now I changed my mind. What about this, I show you mercy and you devote yourself and be my demon slave?" the mysterious beauty said with a tone of negotiation. Her eyes and brows were as beautiful as those painted in a picture. When she talked, her bright eyes looked right into you, which softened your heart. What she had done enchanted you and you couldn't help but indulging in.

Looking into her eyes, Shiao Chen's alert fell apart quickly, and his retreat speed therefore declined sharply.

"Be her demon slave and guard her with all my heart even at the expense of eternal suffering and reincarnation exclusion." A crazy thought occurred to his mind and grew strong quickly as time went by. Though Shiao Chen spared every effort to suppress it, but it just couldn't be controlled. Finally, Shiao Chen gradually accepted the thought subconsciously.

"Come here to your elder sister's side and follow my steps. I will bring you to much better places." The mysterious beauty suddenly became a soft sweet elder sister with a pure sense of simplicity. Shiao Chen was further indulged in with less struggle in his heart.
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