Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 35: The Demon Behind
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 35: The Demon Behind

Translator: Flying Lines
Shiao Chen opened his eyes, pretending to be vigilant but relaxed after he recognized it was Wu Wanli. Then he said bitterly, “I thought that with my cultivation I was able to get away from those two puppets, and I never expected that I would end up like this. Although I managed to kill them, my spirit power has been consumed by 80% or 90%. With the left spirit power and the wound, I’m afraid that I can’t continue this treasure hunt with you guys. Now my spirit power is exhausted, but I can restore it with some meditation and then heal my injuries. So, Brother Wu, please don’t bother.”

Shiao Chen looked really tired, which seemed like that these words consumed the few energies left.

“Oh, are you really ok? I think I’ll just lend you a hand to end your suffering.” Wu Wanli felt assured, wore a spurious smile, and showed his murderous intention.

“What do you mean?” Shiao Chen fumed furiously.

Wu Wanli seemed rather fervent and answered excitedly, “Maybe you haven’t realized that we have met before, at that exchange meeting. I traded some remaining chapters for some elixirs with you.”

“And your elixirs are really something, which helped me break through my bottlenecks and reach the eighth level of Qi Refining. So, now how about letting me keep your storage bag for you?”

“You…you are with Chu Kuang! What is this place? What are you up to? Why do you bring us here?” Shiao Chen smiled coldly in his heart, thinking that Wu Wanli and Chu Kuang had planned it all out, and probably what Chu Kuang said before about the adobe of this ancient cultivator was also just some excuse. Even though he had puzzled this out, Shiao Chen still pretended to be very terrified, an excellent actor.

Wu Wanli seemed to feel that Shiao Chen could no longer cause any threats to him, and he couldn’t help becoming complacent and said with a laugh, “Hahaha, since you are dying and your soul will be pulled away and refined by me, leaving you no afterlife, it’s not a big deal to tell you something in case you die with an everlasting regret.”

“Three years ago, Chu Kuang and I were just two plain ordinary direct disciples in the sect. With low-grade spirit roots, I’m afraid we have to hover over the third or fourth level of Qi Refining for our whole life. But we refused to accept it, so we applied for a chance to go out and gain more experiences. We were just two neglected direct disciples and who cared about whether we lived or died. However, during that year, we made a narrow escape, ran into this cave and met our master.” Wu Wanli seemed obsessed, with admiration and respect in his eyes.

And he continued, “Master is so perfect and invincible. It is with the help of master that we get the power we have now. In the past three years, we kept using the treasures given by master to lure cultivators here to break the restriction and weaken its power. And now, the power of the restriction is very weak and master can break free very soon.”

“Since you have known so much, I think you can die willingly and peacefully now.” Wu Wanli said with a cold smile. With his patience frittering away, he channeled his spirit power to his hand and swatted the head of Shiao Chen without any warning.

“You’re right. Since I have known so much, you surely must die, willingly and peacefully.” After this, Shiao Chen’s eyes burst out a dazing divine light. Then a formidable spirit power burst forth from inside his body, which targeted Wu Wanli with its icy cold murderous intention.

“You are not wounded! You cheated me!” Wu Wanli was so frightened. Under the murderous intention of Shiao Chen, he even felt that his spirit power was frozen.

“Mater, save me!” In the moment of life and death, Wu Wanli shouted loudly all of a sudden.

A weird turbulence happened and Shiao Chen was alerted to the highest point instantly. Then a sudden pain was felt in his brain.

Divine sense attack!

Shiao Chen was shocked. However, before he could make any reaction, the Gold Seal which had kept still since it got into Shiao Chen’s divine sense suddenly gave off faint golden light. And with a miserable groan, Shiao Chen restored his sanity.

That was close!

The divine sense intruding into Shiao Chen’s brain was not very mighty but stiffened Shiao Chen’s whole body and numbed his will to defy it. If not for the sudden outbreak of the Gold Seal, he probably had died on the spot.

But right now it was not the proper time to probe into it. Shiao Chen looked at Wu Wanli who was still and dull. It seemed that he still couldn’t understand how Shiao Chen could survive the attack of his invincible master because master had even put so many cultivators at Foundation Establishment to death with ease.

“One Finger Devourer!” Almost losing life enraged Shiao Chen so badly that he used his most powerful trick, which could also kill Wu Wanli at the soonest to avoid causing any other dangers.

With this trick, the spirit power in Shiao Chen’s body ran madly to the veins in his wrist and rotated crazily there. Then a virtual hand of pure spirit power gave off chilling power and came down on Wu Wanli.


When he perceived the power of Shiao Chen’s One Finger Devour, Wu Wanli’s face abruptly turned pale and he dared not to have any thought to fight back. Spitting out some blood, he just multiplied several times his escaping speed, trying madly to get away.

Shiao Chen smiled coldly by lifting one corner of his mouth. Although his face was pale, Shiao Chen still had adequate spirit power. The trick One Finger Devour indeed consumed lots of spirit power, but he was at the fifteenth level of Qi Refining, so it was still in his acceptable range. Therefore, although he saw Wu Wanli trying to escape with some secret tricks, he was not even a little bit worried.

“You really think you could escape?”

Seemingly to verify these murmurs, there was a weird suction coming from the virtual finger of spirit power which forcefully sucked in the spirit power in the outside world. This made Shiao Chen’s trick even more overwhelming and chased Wu Wanli in an increasingly fast speed.

“It’s impossible to run away!” Wu Wanli was panic-stricken. He knew that if he used his secret tricks, his escaping speed was no slower than that of a cultivator at middle stage of Foundation Establishment. This was why he dared to come back to check what had happened between Shiao Chen and the two puppets for he was sure that even if those two puppets didn’t die, he could also get away safe and sound. However, as the One Finger Devour behind him kept increasing its power and speed, he felt that he had been targeted by Death.

Therefore, Wu Wanli suddenly turned around. He was a decisive person. Since he got no chance to escape, he knew the earlier he faced the situation, the better; otherwise, he would surely lose all chances to save his life after his enemy became strong enough.

“Demon’s Scripture of Moon Shouting!” Wu Wanli shouted abruptly. The next moment, his handsome face twisted, and the sounds of bones bursting could be heard. Clearly, he was in great pain.

“Ow!” “Ow!”

Shouting unhuman words, Wu Wanli, before the disbelieving eyes of Shiao Chen, grew millions of black flakes in no time and even got ferocious bone spurs on places like back, elbows and knees. At the same time, his power rose sharply, which was approximate to the preliminary stage of Foundation Establishment.


After the shape shifting, what stood in front of Shiao Chen was a demon covered with black flakes, having bone spurs on elbows and wearing a green face and ferocious fangs.
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