Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 34: Treasures in the Stone Wall
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 34: Treasures in the Stone Wall

Translator: Flying Lines
“Guys, the power of the two puppets equals to that of two cultivators at preliminary stage of Foundation Establishment. Although they don’t know any incantations, they are strong, do not fear death and feel no pain; therefore, it’s quite intractable to get rid of them. We must spare no efforts and kill them as soon as possible to avoid bringing up unexpected troubles,” said Chu Kuang with a solemn expression, showing his brutally murderous intentions.

“Do it!”

After this, Chua Kuang took out a huge sword of about half-meter long from his storage bag and slammed down forcefully accompanied with an incantation. The huge sword burst out millions of golden lights abruptly, its sword light shooting straight towards those two puppets.

Wu Wangli looked serious and unknowingly had a long and narrow flying sword in hand, which was almost as thin as the cicada's wings.


With a solemn shout, the flying sword suddenly went forward so quickly like a light.

As for Di brothers, because of practicing the same scripture, they took action at the same time and made joint attacks, bursting forth formidable power.

Shiao Chen blinked his eyes and a mighty force broke out. With a wave of hand, tens of densely packed red fireballs appeared, lining up like a chain of pearls. The scorching temperature instantly drew all of their attentions.

The pupils of Chu Kuang and others constricted violently, and they were shocked by the power of Shiao Chen.




The Fireball Incantation, as the preliminary incantation of Luoyun Valley, could be learned in Book Pavilion by almost all disciples. However, the one used by Shiao Chen had a destructive power no less than the full might of a small top-grade incantation.

The attacks of Chu Kuang and others did hurt the two puppets but were obviously no match with that of Shiao Chen. Consequently, the two puppets roared and shifted all their anger to the most menacing people – Shiao Chen.

“My friends, you go first. I’ll hold them back here.” Shiao Chen shouted in a low voice. In the meantime, he gave off a much stronger force and cast some incantations with his hand. Then over ten fireballs were formed and flew straightly towards the two puppets in a fast speed.

Hearing this, Chu Kuang and others were dazed for a second; and although shock flashed through his eyes, Chu Kuang said seemingly sincerely, “Brother Liu Yun, you only have to hold them back for minutes and do not confront the tough with toughness. We’ll go first, but we assure you that if we find any treasures, we’ll definitely keep your share aside for you.”

After this, the four of them looked at each other and rushed into the tunnel without hesitation.

Before leaving, the Di brothers gave a weird glance at Shiao Chen, thinking that this man had higher cultivation than them but knew nothing about scheming; and the most likely outcome of him confronting the two puppets was that even if by luck he could kill them, he would be badly wounded and had no choice but to withdraw from this treasure hunt.

Something unusual flashed through Shiao Chen’s eyes. After he made sure with his divine sense that those four people had walked far away enough, Shiao Chen abruptly stepped back for about tens of meters, took out a handful of talismans from his storage bag and threw them out.


Hundreds of fireballs appeared from nowhere. Although one single fireball had little power, hundreds of them could wound even puppet at the preliminary stage of Foundation Establishment.

After the Fireball Talismans, another idea crossed Shiao Chen’s mind. He again took out a bunch of light blue talismans from his storage bag.

With a rustling sound, a harsh cold wind blew across. Then over ten icy waterballs dashed forward, following the fireballs closely.




Red lights kept flashing in the eyes of the two puppets and the huge swords of them were placed in front of their bodies to protect themselves. Even so, they were still badly wounded under the attack of hundreds of fireballs, and moreover their stone bodies gradually became fiery red due to the scorching fire. Right at this time, over ten roaring waterballs came at the two puppets as sudden as lightning.

After the scorching fire, the temperature dropped abruptly. The rapid transition from extremely hot to extremely cold wounded the two stone puppets fatally.

“Go die!”

Shiao Chen’s eyes became cold and sharp, and with a wave of hand two huge swords made of spirit power brandished down.

One cracking sound!

And then another!

The already very fragile bodies of the two puppets had no power to defend under the attack of the two huge swords. Consequently, they instantly broke into pieces and fell on the ground with the red light in their eyes dimming gradually.

Shiao Chen was satisfied with the result. After using the Fireball Talisman, he got inspired and threw out Waterball Talismans. And the result was unexpectedly good.

The two puppets had turned into pieces. Shiao Chen stepped forward, gave off two strands of spirit power with a wave of hand to form swords and broke up their heads. Then two fist-sized spirit stones with soft halo appeared.

Could these be the high-grade spirit stones?

Shiao Chen’s eyes brightened up. Since they could provide spirit power for puppets at Gold Core, they were definitely high-grade spirit stones! Although these two spirit stones had clearly released most of their spirit power, their value was much higher than middle-grade ones. Shiao Chen took out a jade box from his storage bag and put the two high-grade spirit stones in it. He again rummaged through all pieces of the puppets carefully to make sure that nothing valuable was left behind. Then he sat down with legs crossed.

After swallowing two Spirit-nourishing Pills, he closed his eyes to meditate. After all, in the ancient cultivator's adobe, having sufficient spirit power at all time could gain more chances to safeguard himself.

One hour later, he absorbed all potency of the pills. Shiao Chen opened his eyes and some sharpness flashed through. At the moment, he was back at his peak and his spirit power was even enhanced under the potency of the pills.

Standing up and coming up to the remain of the cultivator at Gold Core, Shiao Chen, with some blinks of eyes, took out the spirit tool he just got, infused spirit power into it and waved it toward a certain place in the tunnel.

Once the spirit tool hit the stone wall, Shiao Chen’s face lit up. The stone wall seemed plain normal, but its texture was much softer. After about 15 minutes, feeling the resistance through his spirit tool, Shiao Chen was excited and tempted. He reached down and took out a storage bag.

Probing it with his divine sense, Shiao Chen couldn’t refrain himself from smiling.

There were over three hundred middle-grade spirit stones, over twenty thousand low-grade spirit stones, one top-grade spirit tool, two high-grade spirit tools and dozens of middle- and low-grade ones. But there were no traces of spirit pills and talismans.

With some thought, Shiao Chen got it that the senior must have used up all of them in fending against those two puppets in their heyday. He went through the storage bag for some more time and didn’t find any other good stuff except several unknown materials.

“How could it be not here?” Shiao Chen seemed puzzled. He gave another glance at the hole he had dug on the wall, put away the storage bag and continued digging with that spirit tool.

Gr, gr, k, k, grk…

The clear sound of digging resounded in the tunnel. The wall was made of an unknown but rather hard material. Even if Shiao Chen kept infusing spirit power into his spirit tool, his digging speed was incredibly slow.

“Could it be taken away by those who had been here before?” With this thought, Shiao Chen’s face became sullen.


A clang sound was heard.

The sullen face of Shiao Chen changed into a joyful one. And Shiao Chen sped up.

An hour later, looking at the small silver sword in his hand, Shiao Chen smiled satisfactorily although it had broken into parts.

Cultivators at Qi Refining could only use low-grade and middle-grade spirit tools and cultivators at Foundation Establishment could use high-grade or top-grade spirit tool, but cultivators at Gold Core would use magic weapon.

Magic weapon was one level higher than spirit tool. Except in extreme cases, even the power of lowest grade magic weapon was well above that of a top-grade spirit tool. This was the difference between levels. And what Shiao Chen found was the magic weapon belonging to the owner of the skeleton.

Although it broke into parts, its valuable was still immeasurable.

Though he still didn’t find any way to break through into Foundation Establishment, judging from what he had gained now, this journey had not been made in vain. Shiao Chen took out several pills from his storage bag, swallowed them, closed his eyes and started to meditate. With a cold smile at the corner of his mouth, he thought that since there were people willing to carve out a way for him, he surely had his chance to reap the harvest at the end.

In a fabulous garden far away from this tunnel, Chu Kuang and other three people were meditating with eyes closed.

“The restriction here is so mighty that I’m afraid, if triggered, even cultivators at Gold Core have to take time and energy to cope with it, which has already taken into consideration that the power of the restriction has been reduced by 90% or more over all these years. If in its heyday, the restriction could even kill cultivators at Nascent Soul with ease.” Although as pale as sheet, Di brothers seemed very excited because the more dangerous it was, the more treasures they would find at last.

“Please rest assured, brothers. The restriction here is kind of mighty, but with your cultivations in restrictions handed down in your family, as long as we take care, we will surely get out of here safe and sound. I just worry about brother Liu Yun and don’t know how he’s doing,” said Chu Kuang with something complicated flashing through his eyes.

“Well, Brother Chu Kuang, you are surely a true man. But in my view, Brother Liu Yun should be fine; otherwise, he wouldn’t volunteer to deal with those two puppets by himself. Therefore, what we should do now is to help reserve his share if we find any treasures.” Di Shuai said with a smile on face and cunning in eyes.

“Hope so.” Chu Kuang nodded and said no more.

Moments later, they stood up and continued to break the restrictions at other places. At this time, Wu Wanli opened his eyes and said with a rather pale face, “My friends, please go first, I will surely catch up after my wound is under control and in a stable situation.”

Wu Wanli was badly wounded when they broke the restriction, so they didn’t doubt it. Instead, they just hesitated for a while, told him to take care and went on with their expedition.

After a short time when Chu Kuang and Di brothers could no longer be seen in the restricted area, Wu Wanli abruptly opened his eyes and some icy coldness was exposed via the lifted corner of his mouth.

In the tunnel.

Shiao Chen was sitting and meditating with eyes closed, but suddenly he opened his eyes, wearing a rather mocking expression. With some hesitation, he forced himself to spit out some blood and his face became pale instantly. Meantime, his spirit power was brought down so quickly that in no time it was at its lowest point. Acting like he was badly wounded, Shiao Chen sat on the ground shabbily with legs crossed, pretending he was healing his wounds.

Minutes later, sounds of footsteps were heard and then Wu Wanli appeared and swept Shiao Chen’s condition with divine sense. Although there were delight and excitement in his eyes, Wu Wanli asked with a deeply concerned face, “Brother Liu Yun, are you ok? I’m so anxious and worried about leaving you here to fend against those two puppets at the risk of your own life. Are you badly hurt? Do you need my help in healing your wounds?”
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