Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 29: Exchange for Talisman
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 29: Exchange for Talisman

Translator: Flying Lines
“The tendon of the first-class spirit beast – Qing Feng Snake. Essential in refining a magical bow. Only three low grade spirit stones are needed. Guys, do come and have a look!”

“All kinds of storage bags with novel and elegant designs and huge space. Just one low grade spirit stone each.”

“Looking for someone to tutor me in cultivation! If I can make breakthroughs and reach the third level of Qi Refining in a month, I will pay five low grade spirit stones.”

Shiao Chen was kind of taken by surprise and then shook his head. This was the first time he came to the market for cultivators only, but he never thought that it almost had no difference with the secular one. Since he was already here, then he planned to stroll around and, perhaps, could find himself some good stuff. With this thought, Shiao Chen began to wander slowly around various booths.

“Senior, wanna buy some Purple-golden Grass? It’s the main ingredient for making Spirit-refining Pills. It’s what you need now. Besides, they are cheap – 20 grass for a set and one low grade spirit stone per set.”

“Night Fragrant Grass! It can soothe the nerve and repel insects. Scatter some of its dry powder over your residence, and you will surely yield twice the result with half the effort when cultivating.”

At this one booth, a young man about over 20 years old was flatteringly recommending various “precious” spirit grass to Shiao Chen, like that if he didn’t buy some, he would surely suffer a significant loss. This really amused Shiao Chen. Even the unattended spirit grass growing in the deserted herbal garden were much better than these on the booth, let along those growing in the hidden cave.

Shiao Chen walked leisurely and took about over one hour to travel through the whole market, but he was still empty-handed. He smiled bitterly, shook his head and walked directly to the end of the market.

“Senior, what can I do for you?” The guy in charge of accounting asked tensely and cautiously since he had already perceived how mighty Shiao Chen’s power was.

Although Shiao Chen had concealed some of his power, his visible power was equal to that of the seventh level of Qi Refining. Otherwise, he would have been scolded and called names since he had looked for so long but bought nothing.

“I’m wondering how many spirit stones I should pay if I want to get a booth here.” Shiao Chen asked directly without beating around the bush.

“One low grade spirit stone for every eight hours. Any time less than eight hours will be viewed as eight hours when calculating the price. But senior, if you want to rent a booth here, I can give you a 70% discount.” answered the guy reverently with an expression saying that I was doing you a great favor.

Shiao Chen shook his head, casually threw a spirit stone to him and walked out with his number plate. There was no need for him to take such a small advantage since he not only had a great many elixirs, but also was very rich because he got hundreds of spirit stones from those dead people.

Since the market had been open for a long time and booths at great locations were all taken, Shiao Chen just chose a booth at the corner and he didn’t really care about the location. He just casually placed seven or eight jade bottles on his booth and then closed his eyes to have some rest without peddling his stuff.

An hour later, a young man with a perplexed look came to Shiao Chen’s booth and inquired, “Senior, what are these pills?”

“Spirit-gathering Pills, Soul-refining Pills, Spirit-guarding Pills, Small-restoration Pills, Big-restoration Pills and Top Blood Jasper Cream.” Shiao Chen said these seven names in one breath even without raising his head.

The young man took a deep breath, dared not to believe it and seemed startled by Shiao Chen’s words. After some time, he inquired prudently, “Senior, may I take a look?”


Hearing this, the young man looked so forward to it and opened one jade bottle cautiously. And right at the moment he lifted the lid a refreshing aroma of pills spread around rapidly.

“It’s true! These really are Soul-refining Pills!” The young man was so excited. He put down the jade bottle reluctantly and inquired prudently, “Senior, what’s the price of this bottle of Soul-refining Pills?”

“Five low grade spirit stones per pill.” answered Shiao Chen without looking up.

To be frank, the price was quite reasonable and even a little bit lower than the market price. Besides, pills were always hard-to-get but sold well. They were rare in low level markets and once they made their appearance on markets, people would rush to buy and late-comers had to go back empty-handed. Therefore, their price normally would be 30% higher than market price.

Hearing this, the young man looked so delighted and said without hesitation, “I want three!”

Fifteen low grade spirit stones were all he had, but buying three Spirit-refining Pills with them would definitely wake him up from his dream laughing. After all, with their assist, he stood a great chance in breaking through the bottleneck he was facing.

After he put fifteen spirit stones on the booth, Shiao Chen put them into his storage bag and said casually, “Help yourself.”

The young man was shocked. There seemed to be hundreds of pills in the bottle, if he took more than three…However, thinking about the power Shiao Chen showed, he gave up the thought instantly and completely, just took three Spirit-refining Pills and left in a hurry.

After fifteen minutes, a girl discovered Shiao Chen’s booth, got two Spirit-gathering Pills and left wild with joy.

Gradually, all people at the market knew that a senior set up a booth at the east corner of the market selling elixirs in really low prices. Instantly, the whole market was invigorated and millions of low-level cultivators rushed to him.

At this moment, Shiao Chen’s booth had been surrounded by so many people who all looked at those big elixir bottles fervently.

“Senior, I want to buy three Small-restoration Pills.”

“I want to buy two Spirit-refreshing Pills.”

“Senior, I do not have any money. However, could you award me two pills if I keep you companied tonight?”

All kinds of inquiries just kept coming.

Shiao Chen frowned slightly. With his aim achieved, he wasted no more time and coughed with spirit power to silence all those around.

“From now on, all elixirs are not for sale but for exchange. Anyone wanting elixirs should use talismans to exchange for them.”

Talismans, lots of talismans, were the aim of Shiao Chen’s journey. Since he couldn’t improve his power enormously in a short time, talismans, which could have relatively strong attacking power whenever a little spirit power was infused, of course became a short-cut in enhancing his combat capabilities. In addition, the elixirs he sold out were those left behind from his former cultivation, which were almost useless for him now. And it was fairly cost-effective to use them in exchange of things to guard his life.

After Shiao Chen’s words, a weak voice was heard from the crowd, “Senior, do you have any requirements for the talisman? Does talisman of any grade work for you?”

“There is no requirement and talismans of all grade work for me.” Hearing this, a young man about 17 or 18 years old came forward from the crowd.

“Senior, I have one hundred Fireball Talismans, all refined by myself. I want to exchange for two Spirit-refining Pills with you.”

A gale of laughter burst out after the young man’s words.

“Hahaha, Fireball Talisman is the lowest talisman, which could only attack with power of the third level of Qi Refining. How could you suggest using such crap in exchange?”

“One low grade spirit stone could exchange for ten Fireball Talismans; accordingly, one hundred Fireball Talismans are worth ten low grade spirit stones. But in my view, one hundred Fireball Talismans can’t even exchange for half of a Spirit-refining Pill!”

“That’s right. Low grade Fireball Talisman is easy to make but elixirs are hard to get.”

“You are too reckless. You can’t bear the consequences if you annoy the senior!”
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