Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 22: The Tenth Level of Qi Refining
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 22: The Tenth Level of Qi Refining

Translator: Flying Lines
After hearing this, Shiao Chen was shocked. A treasure map in tadpole words was definitely extraordinary. Thinking for a while, he said slowly, “You’re right. I do know something about this type of words. Are you asking me to explore the adobe of an ancient immortal with you?”

“Yeah, otherwise with my cultivation, I have no way to get the treasure inside it. I just hope you Master could leave some stuff to me when we make it.” Chu Kuang’s face was so pale, but he insisted on finishing this.

Shiao Chen kept silent for a while and then responded slowly, “I have to consider it for some time. If you will, wait me here five months later and I will give you my answer.”

“Ok, five months later, I will wait for you here, Uncle Master.” Chu Kuang said reverently with his face lit up slightly.

Shiao Chen nodded, then got off the ground and flew to the distance.

Watching the disappearing shadow of Shiao Chen, Chu Kuang kept changing his expressions, and murmured, “This man can attack with his divine sense, so he should be a cultivator at Foundation Establishment. One suspected cultivator at Foundation Establishment and two cultivators at the eighth level of Qi Refining should be enough…Demon Lord…” His voice kept decreasing and finally became obscure.

After quite some time, Chu Kuang left by riding his light shield.

Shiao Chen swept behind him with his divine sense for several times to make sure no one was following him, and then he landed in a forest. He got off that black gown, put it into his storage bag and then went directly to the herbal garden by riding his light shield.

With the right incarnation and gestures, a road appeared among the fog outside of the valley. And after Shiao Chen walked in, the road disappeared like nothing had ever happened.

Shiao Chen checked carefully and after seeing those intact dead leaves on the ground, he nodded satisfactorily and picked them up. It seemed that no one had entered this valley while he was out.

Hesitating for a while, Shiao Chen gave up the idea of casting a defensive spell in the valley; otherwise, as a nominal disciple, he took so much trouble to protect himself, which might be counterproductive to bring too much unnecessary attention.

After entering the herbal garden, Shiao Chen took out a Soul-nourishing Elixir from his storage bag and ate it to help restore his divine sense. Then he sat down, closed his eyes and started to meditate.

Every two hours, he would open his eyes, ate another elixir and then kept meditating.

After 10 hours, Shiao Chen restored all divine sense consumed with the help of large quantities of elixirs. It was only he who could ate so many elixirs so freely. It would be impossible for anyone else to restore the divine sense without sitting and meditating for three to five days.

“The tadpole words mentioned an adobe of an ancient cultivator! Aha, I’m afraid it won’t be that simple. But five months later, I stand a good chance of establishing my foundation successfully. By that time, I have the say about going or not. The top priority now is to practice the All-embracing Palm Attacks so as to have more means of saving my life when in danger.”

The fight today made Shiao Chen realize his deficiency. If he hadn’t overawed Chu Kuang with his imposing manner, he would probably get into a deadly combat.

Shiao Chen took out the remining chapters of All-embracing Palm Attacks. It was silky but its texture was neither silk nor paper. He tried to rip it but failed even though he really had put forth some strength. Shiao Chen couldn’t help but marvel at the miraculous technique of ancient cultivators.

Shiao Chen Opened the book and studied it with all his hearts. He rose his head slowly after 4 hours with joyful expression on his face.

Although these were only some remining chapters of All-embracing Palm Attacks, the content was extremely magical. If he could master it, Shiao Chen had faith in defeating cultivators at the preliminary stage of Foundation Establishment, and in escaping successfully from fights with a cultivator at middle stage of Foundation Establishment. As for cultivators at latter stage of Foundation Establishment and those who had reached the Complete, he’d better stay far away from them.

After pondering it in mind for several times and making sure there were no mistakes, Shiao Chen started to practice the first magical realm of All-embracing Palm Attacks.



Several days later, behind a forest about over 150 kilometers away from Luoyun Valley.

“One Finger Devourer!”

Shiao Chen looked solemnly and shouted in a low voice. The spirit power in his body ran quickly to his arm, flowed in his meridians and gave off an air of danger. A finger of his left hand pointed up to the sky and a bright black light suddenly burst out of it like a sharp sword pointing at the sky, so arrogant and domineering.


A bright black light shot out; it was so powerful that even the space fluctuated wherever it passed through. Like a dull thunder, it hit a huge green rock about 10 meters in diameter over 33 meters away and cracked it into pieces, causing debris splashing and snapping old trees nearby. Its power was quite formidable.

The face of Shiao Chen was slightly pale and he took out several Spirit-gathering Pills from his storage bag and swallowed them. With the help of these pills, he looked much better. Although the One Finger Devourer consumed lots of spirit power, its strike force was so mighty that it could equate to the full-might hit of a cultivator at preliminary stage of Foundation Establishment.

“One Finger Devourer almost consumed half of my spirit power. In matter of life or death, I can use it. The double attack’s strike force could be equal to that of a cultivator at middle stage of Foundation Establishment. But afterwards, I’m afraid that my spirit power should be exhausted and I will be trampled upon at will. Therefore, I can’t use it until the most critical moment.”

Half a day later, a bright rainbow-like light flew out of the forest and towards Luoyun Valley in a fast speed.

The first realm of All-embracing Palm Attacks –One Finger Devourer – was preliminarily mastered. If he wanted to reach the second realm – Clouds and Rains Creator, his cultivation had to be at least above Gold Core. As for the third realm –Sky Ripper, there were only part of it left. So, the second realm was the zenith of these remining chapters of All-embracing Palm Attacks.

After returning to Luoyun Valley, Shiao Chen devoted himself fully into meditating, hoping to establish his foundation as early as possible.

In accordance with conventions in the cultivation world, anyone, with cultivation above the eighth level of Qi Refining and with spiritual root above average, could establish his foundation by taking Foundation Establishment Pills. But Shiao Chen knew himself well. As an ordinary person without spiritual root, the reason that he could reach the seventh level of Qi Refining in such a short time was that he could eat large numbers of elixirs to forcefully build up his power. Therefore, compared with others, it was much harder for him to establish foundation successfully. That was why he didn’t plan to establish his foundation at eighth level of Qi Refining but waited until he reached the tenth level!

In the view of cultivators, they could establish foundation at the eighth level of Qi Refining. In this case, the ninth level was rare and as for the tenth level, it hadn’t appeared for thousands of years.

And Shiao Chen’s goal was to reach the tenth level!

Swallowing pills, meditating, swallowing pills again, and then meditating…

Shiao Chen’s life was extremely dull. Apart from the occasional suspension of cultivation to refine elixirs when he ran out of them, he had never left the futon. But cultivating so crazily really paid off. His speed of cultivating was shocking. He only took half a month to reach the eighth level of Qi Refining, about a month to the ninth level and just two months to the tenth level!

He only took three and a half months to upgrade from the seventh level of Qi Refining to the tenth level, a speed that, if spread away, would definitely drive all cultivators crazy.
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