Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 21: Killing the Enemy with Divine Sense
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 21: Killing the Enemy with Divine Sense

Translator: Flying Lines
Shiao Chen now had his own business to mind and didn’t want to meddle in others’ affairs. But when he was hesitating, a sudden surge of spirit power came behind him.


Shiao Chen snorted quietly and dodged to the side abruptly. Then a campilan tulwar like spirit tool appeared and slammed down from no where

“Hem, I didn’t expect you to be capable enough to get away from what I have set up for you. But since you have known my plan, then there is no way for you to leave here safe and sound.”

Shiao Chen looked down coldly, only to find that a man, in black gown and with a mole at the corner of his mouth, held a campilan tulwar like spirit tool and stared at him with a murderous look. This man clearly wanted to take his life with that hit; and Shiao Chen almost couldn’t constrain the thought of killing him. However, thinking about the person tailing him, he frowned slightly and kind of held that thought back.

“Well, young man, you can only blame your bad luck for coming to this place at this exact time!” Seeing the hesitation on Shiao Chen’s face, the man felt more assured and instantly rose from the ground with his spirit tool in hand. Although this place was deserted, there were still chances of being discovered by others; and if that happened, he would die a tragic death.

Sharpness and coldness flashed through Shiao Chen’s eyes. This man was at least at the seventh level of Qi Refining and had attacking incantations. If they fought, Shiao Chen wound be defeated before long. And by that time, he would be in big trouble.

“Just fight!” Shiao Chen made up his mind decisively and cruelly. His divine sense broke out, turning into a sharp cone that shot straight to the man in black.

Sense-stabbing Awl!

Included in Soul Muddling Scripture, it was a preliminary divine sense attacking method, with other two advanced forms—Sense-killing Awl and Destruction Wave. It was said that the latter one, if mastered fully, could wound immortal cultivators of None Descending heavily. But without enough power, Shiao Chen could only use Sense-killing Awl once per time. With his present divine sense, magnified five times by his gold seal, even cultivators at the preliminary stage of Foundation Establishment would be wounded heavily if attacked by surprise. He originally prepared to use this to deal with the man following him, but now he had to use it in advance. Otherwise if entangled with this man, he would have to face much bigger trouble.


Divine sense attack made no sound, but the body of the man in black shook abruptly and some light green light suddenly appeared, surrounding him. Meantime, Shiao Chen also felt that his divine sense seemed to have hit on the cotton, giving him a complicated feeling.

“Divine sense attack! Shiao Chen must a cultivator at Foundation Establishment!” the man in black suddenly looked horror-struck and kept begging, “I was as blind as a bat to offend you. Which Uncle Master are you? I’m the direct disciple of Kui Shuizi. Uncle Master, for the sake of my Master, please spare me this time.”

At the fifth level of Qi Refining, one could split the divine sense from his body. But if one wanted to attack with divine sense, he had to reach Foundation Establishment!

Shiao Chen’s eyes became sharp and cold, thinking that this man had to die or he had no way to intimidate the man following him; and, if so, he would be dangerous.

“Go to hell!”

A low shout came under the black gown. With the mad attacks of the Sense-stabbing Awl, the green shield of that man in black instantly gave off dense clacking sounds and was immediately covered with cracks.

“Ah, you can’t kill me, or my Master will definitely avenge for my death.” The man in black shouted with terror. Seeing Shiao Chen had no plan to stop the attack, he became brutal and malicious, “If you kill me today, what awaits you will be the ceaseless hunting down of Master Mo Li.”

Another cracking sound came!

A jade wore by the man in black broke abruptly and then the green shield. The Sense-stabbing Awl impaled his body. The terrifying look on the man’s face gradually disappeared. But when he was dying, a black light suddenly flew out of his body and shot into Shiao Chen’s body.

This accident made Shiao Chen sullen on the spot. Scanning his body with divine sense, he found a weird black rune in his soul. It must be a special mark that could be perceived by Mo Li so as to find who killed his disciple. This made Shiao Chen even more sullen.

“Thank you…Thank you for saving me, Uncle Master.” Lin Yao’er said with a terrified look. This Master in front of her was so brutal and killed the man in black in a blink of eyes. She was startled, worrying if he would kill her in order to button up her lips.

“All right, it’s over. You can leave now.” Shiao Chen said while waving his hand. He deliberately changed his voice into that of a middle-aged man about 30 years old.

Lin Yao’er felt so lucky and happy after hearing this and prepared to leave after saluted to him reverently.

“Wait!” Shiao Chen said all of a sudden.

Hearing this, Lin Yao’er was startled, but still turned around docilely and looked at the “Uncle Master” wretchedly.

Shiao Chen hesitated for a while. If he had extra power, he didn’t mind killing this girl. After all, letting her go would greatly increase the chances of exposing himself. But using Sense-stabbing Awl consumed too much of his divine sense and it was hard for him to accomplish such a mission now. Besides, if the man tailing him caught a glimpse of his real condition, he would really be in danger. So eventually, he decided to let this girl walk out of here.

“This spirt tool is what you have exchanged. Take it away with you.”

Lin Yao’er was in a trance and then felt so grateful. She again reverently saluted to Shiao Chen and put that campilan tulwar like spirit tool into her storage bag.

“Uncle Master, please rest assured. I swear to Internal Demon that I won’t tell what happened here to anyone else.”

Watching the girl left, Shiao Chen relaxed to some extent. The reason he was so gracious was that he wanted the girl to be so grateful that she would promise to keep this secret. But he didn’t expect this girl to directly swear to Internal Demon, which really relaxed him.

Internal Demon was very efficacious for cultivators. If one went back against his words, he would surely end up being obsessed and ruined.

Shiao Chen stood there for some time and until Lin Yao’er had walked far away enough, he turned around and said slightly to the vacant land about 10 meters from him, “How much longer will you keep watching, friend? Do you really want me to ask you to come out?”

After some airwaves, Chu Kuang came out with an awe-stricken face, reverently saluted and said, “Uncle Master, I’m Chu Kuang.”

Shiao Chen looked at Chu Kuang without saying a word and didn’t expose even a breath of his. But doing this only made him more inscrutable. Gradually, a layer of fine sweats emerged on Chu Kuang’s face.

“Uncle Master, please don’t blame me. I follow you out of good intentions. I can also swear to Internal Demon that I will never impart what happened today to anyone else. Uncle Master, please forgive me.”

Shiao Chen, with a vacant expression on his face, made no comments about what Chu Kuang said; instead, he just stared at him emotionlessly.

Chu Kuang kept sweating on his head and pleaded again, “Uncle Master, the reason I follow you is definitely not vicious. I’m just curious about these remining chapters, so please, please do spare me this time.”

“Oh, is that so?” Shiao Chen said in a plain voice, without any changes in his tone.

Chu Kuang’s face whitened. Seeing Shiao Chen did not seem to believe what he had said, he continued decisively, “I know a little about the words in the remining chapters of All-embracing Palm Attacks, but what I know is limited. Half a year ago, I accidently got an ancient map handed down from time immemorial and it was guessed that it could lead to the adobe of a certain cultivator in ancient times. I have tried to explore deep into it, but don’t have the power to get to its end. That’s why I care so much about these remining chapters and followed you here. I just want to make sure if you really can recognize and understand this type of words.”
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