Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 20: All-embracing Palm Attacks
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 20: All-embracing Palm Attacks

Translator: Flying Lines
“I also bid 200 spirit stones, plus 2 Spirit-gathering Pills.” The other bidder hesitated for a while and said slowly. This price was also the highest he could give. If his rival kept marking it up, he had no choice but to give up.

“Hey, does this junior sister want to keep bidding? If not, this spirit tool will be his.” The owner of the spirit tool said with a smile on face. What he could get from this exchange made him very fulfilled.

“I will add one Spirit-refining Pill. If this senior brother marks it up, then this spirit tool will be his.” The girl said this while biting her teeth.

“Meh, it seems that I do not have the luck to own this spirit tool. It’s yours, junior sister.” The other competitor forced a smile and stepped aside.

The girl joyfully exchanged with the owner. She played with it for a while, then put it into her storage bag and left in a hurry.

Shiao Chen looked at the shadow of another leaving figure, frowned slightly and hesitated for a while. But then he kept still with a vacant expression.

During the quarter followed, many people took out their goods to exchange with others. But Shiao Chen kept frowning until now he didn’t get any information about attacking incantation. Did he have to go back empty-handed?

At this time, a man in the corner who had been silent said suddenly, “I have some remaining chapters of a book. I found it accidently in an ancient cave but couldn’t read and understand the words on it. But I can guarantee that these remaining chapters are quite something. If any one of you could decode its content, it will definitely make your life different. For exchanging this book, only elixirs are accepted.”

Shiao Chen raised his head and saw some faint yellow pieces of paper in that man’s hand. His body stiffened a little bit but returned to normal instantly. However, instantaneously his face hidden under the black gown was no longer vacant but full of joy.

All-embracing Palm Attacks!

The words on these remaining chapters were the same as those in Soul Muddling Scripture inscribed on the gold seal. Although the words were like tadpoles, they were ancient and elegant as if they were made by the nature. With just one glance, one would know that it was by no means ordinary.

Shiao Chen was determined to get these remaining chapters. Judging from the cover, the book should have certain incantation in it. And since he got the Soul Muddling Scripture, Shiao Chen knew deeply that books written in such ancient words were all marvelous without exception.

These remaining chapters seemed extraordinary, but no one could identify the words in it and only elixirs were accepted for exchange. So, if it couldn’t be decoded, then it was a big loss.

So, the crowd looked at each other and for a while no one bid for it.

“10 Spirits-gathering Pills and these remaining chapters are mine!” Just at this point, these words were suddenly heard from the entrance.

“Senior Brother, Chu Kuang!”

“It is said that Brother Chu Kuang has reached the eighth level of Qi Refining. He doesn’t take the Foundation Establishment Pill to establish his foundation for the sake of dealing with the competition in half a year. However, it is said that Brother Chu Kuang is so powerful that even cultivators at the preliminary level of Foundation Establishment can barely defeat him.”

“Why does Brother Chu Kuang come here? He bids 10 Spirits-gathering Pills for these remaining chapters. It seems that they are really something.”

Shiao Chen lifted up his head and looked at the man who walked in from the entrance. Even though he seldom went out, he also had heard of this so called strongest young man among Luoyun Valley.

Chu Kuang was about 22 or 23, in clothes of coarse linen and with a huge sword on back, having a domineering imposing manner. As he walked towards the crowd, there was a strong visual impact for all.

Although he didn’t wear the black gown, no one seemed surprised. Obviously, this was not the first time he had done so.

“Brother Chu Kuang!” Everyone cupped his hands and saluted to him except Shiao Chen and a few others who didn’t make a move but just gave him a glance.

“10 Spirits-gathering Pills for these remaining chapters.” Chu Kuang ignored the crowd, went straightly to that disciple of Luoyungu and said this to him.

Shiao Chen frowned slightly. The best choice for him at this moment was to keep a low profile. The more attention he attracted, the more likely it was to expose his identity. If it was known that he, a person without spiritual root, could reach the seventh level of Qi Refining in just half a year, his good days would come to an end. However, intuition told Shiao Chen that All-embracing Palm Attacks was extremely important. If he missed it, he must be really regretful.

With frowned eyebrows, he slowly stepped forward and lowered his voice, "Wait a moment. I bid 20 Spirits-gathering Pills for these remaining chapters."

A total silence ensued. Even those who ignored Chu Kuang before looked at Shiao Chen with surprise.

How dare he compete with Brother Chu Kuang! Was he courting death?

At this point, the crowd all looked at Shiao Chen with gird, thinking where this stupid and reckless guy came from and how dare him show off here.

Chu Kuang turned around after hearing these words, suddenly gave off great power and stared at Shiao Chen without a blink. Although he didn’t say a word, it was enough to terrify those who were mentally unstable and with low levels of cultivation.

Shiao Chen remained expressionless. Since he decided to compete for it, he would not back off. He looked straight at Chu Kuang like an island in the sea, standing erect and unshakable without even the slightest change of his breath.

Chu Kuang was surprised and gradually became more serious. He originally thought that Shiao Chen was just a reckless boy. However, after this trial, he understood that the person in front of him was definitely a master, otherwise he had no way to keep his calm under the power he imposed.

“35 Spirits-gathering Pills!” Chu Kuang opened his slightly thick lips and said in a depressed voice.


Shiao Chen showed no sign of giving up. During the past half a year, what he had refined most was Spirits-gathering Pills. Even if he ate them every day when mediating, there were still hundreds of pills left in his storage bag.

As for the number of elixirs, there was no one in Luoyun Valley could compete with him except his Master, Alchemy Taoist.

Chu Kuang looked sullen. Hesitating for a while, he said with hands folded in front, “I don’t who you are, but since you can take out so many elixirs, I guess you must be a disciple of the Elixir Valley. I’m on friendly terms with your senior brother Duan Huaming. Besides, these remaining chapters are useful to me. I bid one Small-restoration Pill and 30 Spirits-gathering Pills. Junior brother, please give it up and stop competing with me.”

If it were some ordinary people, Chu Kuang might have already been impatient and beaten him down. But now he couldn’t see Shiao Chen through and had some scruples. That was why he still pleaded with tactful words.

“I’m sorry but these remining chapters are also very useful to me, so I can’t give them up.” Shiao Chen snorted in his heart. If Chu Kuang mentioned another person, Shiao Chen would have some scruples. But he would deal with Duan Huaming sooner or later, so there was no need to save face for him.

“One Spirit-nourishing Pill and 50 Spirits-gathering Pills.” Spirit-nourishing Pills were used for restoring spirit power for cultivators at Foundation Establishment. Even for Shiao Chen, he had only refined over 10 pills.

Hearing this, the crowd couldn’t help gasping in astonishment and looked at Shiao Chen differently.

In Luoyun Valley, he dared not to give face to senior brother Chu Kuang and Duan Huaming. This kind of things had never happened before. Who this guy was? How dare he act so arrogantly?

Chu Kuang knitted his eyebrows tightly, suddenly turned around and walked out of the fair. Soon he disappeared from their sight.

After Chu Kuang left, everyone stared at Shiao Chen bluntly which kind of exhausted Shiao Chen’s patience. He said in a cold voice, “Since there is no one competing with me, let’s exchange.”

“You bid the highest price, then this is yours.” The owner of the remining chapters said lightly.

Touching the remining chapters of All-embracing Palm Attacks, Shiao Chen felt happy in his heart. But it was not time to read it and the current priority was to leave here immediately. Shiao Chen put these remining chapters into his storage bag and scanned around secretly only to find that many of their eyes flickered greed when looking at him. He sneered in the heart and turned away directly.

Meantime, another five or six people left just after him.

After getting out of the Sect Fair, Shiao Chen swept behind him with his divine sense. Then he laughed grimly and walked in a really fast speed towards one direction.

“Ahem, where is he? I saw clearly that he was here.”

“How could he disappear all of a sudden? He can’t just fly away!”

“Be quick to search the way ahead and don’t let him escape.”

The five or six of them seemed utterly discomfited and went forward in a fast speed.

Behind a cluster of grass a dozen miles away from where these people were, Shiao Chen smiled complacently. With the help of the concealing function of Soul Muddling Scripture, how could these small potatoes find him.

He stood up, inadvertently glancing at a certain place behind him, and then flew away in a fast speed.

Right after he left, the air of the place where he glanced at jittered. Then a person walked out of the air. That was Chu Kuang.

“Could he see through my tricks of Invisibility?” The glance Shiao Chen gave before he left seemed to gain an insight into his heart, which made Chu Kuang really shocked. But after hesitating for a while, he still leapt into the air and tailed behind Shiao Chen prudently.

During his flying, Shiao Chen sensed someone was following him. He couldn’t hep but sneer and abruptly changed his direction towards the deserted mountain behind Luoyun Valley.

“Ok, there should be on one here. I can finish him here.” Shiao Chen’s gaze looked sharp and cold but that disappeared transiently. Right at this moment, sounds of fighting were suddenly heard from the ground.

“Aha, where could you hide now? This spirit tool has been marked by me, so no matter how far you run, I can always catch you!”

“What do you want? We are all disciples of Luoyun Valley. If you dare to hurt me, the sect will not let you go easily.” A woman reproached, but there were obvious panic and frailness in her voice.

“Oh, I’m so scared! Actually, this place is deserted and even if I kill you here, who knows I’m the murderer. But don’t worry. Before killing you, I will give you an unforgettable sexual experience.”

Shiao Chen frowned. He never expected to run into such kind of things. While he was thinking about it, those on the ground discovered him.

“Brother, please save me! This man disregards the fraternity of the same sect and wants to kill me.”

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