Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 19: Sect Fair
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 19: Sect Fair

Translator: Flying Lines
Through his continuous experiments, he found that with the power of his present divine sense he could at most refine elixirs for cultivators at Foundation Establishment. Decomposing effects of elixirs to improve their grade was beyond his capability. Besides, refining elixirs for cultivators at Foundation Establishment would consume too much power of his divine sense and it was much more cost-efficient to refine elixirs for Qi Refining, so Shiao Chen only refined over 10 elixirs for Foundation Establishment in case of need when he broke through and he used all time left to refine Spirits-gathering Pills and other elixirs for Qi Refining. With the increased times of refining elixirs, the divine sense and time used in refining elixirs kept decreasing, which also helped accelerate his speed of cultivating.

As a nominal disciple, Shiao Chen was appreciated by Alchemy Taoist to some extent due to his composed personality, but without spiritual root, plus long-time absence from others’ eyesight, gradually, he, a nominal disciple, seemed to have been forgotten by all.

But it was within this half a year that Shiao Chen remolded himself, just like a caterpillar broke the cocoon and became a butterfly. He officially stepped on the road of cultivation.

In the stone house, Shiao Chen, who was cultivating with eyes closed, suddenly opened his eyes. Some halo seemed to appear on his face but disappeared instantly. He sent off his divine sense in all directions. And taking the herb garden on the hillside as the center, nothing within a radius of over 330m could escape his perception.

“The seventh level of Qi Refining!” Shiao Chen clenched his fist forcefully with a slight smile on his face. During the half a year, he kept eating all kinds of elixirs for Qi Refining. His cultivation had been improving at high speed and finally reached the seventh level of Qi Refining!

Such a cultivation speed even surpassed that of those so-called genius of big sects.


Shiao Chen paralleled his fingers and shouted in a low voice. Suddenly a spiritual sword was up and flew around him for three times, and then slowly stopped in front of him. Shiao Chen nodded with satisfaction. This was a high-grade spirit tool, belonging to Black Ghost before. Now after being tempered for half a year, it finally could move as he wanted it to. Shiao Chen controlled the sword and played for some more time, and then he reluctantly put it into a storage bag. With his present cultivation, he could fly by steering his sword, but he didn’t want to expose his power, or big troubles would come to him.

“Although I’m at the seventh level of Qi Refining, I do not have any attacking incantations and can’t exploit my power to the full. So, it seems a good time to practice some attacking incantations.” Shiao Chen contemplated with a thoughtful look that the Plants Growing Scripture he was practicing had a threshold so low that it didn’t have any magical power.

After half a day, Shiao Chen walked out of the herb garden on the hillside and slowly went out of the valley after covering the entrance of the cave carefully. The Mirage Formation and the Forewarning Formation were still running and there were no traces of force entrance. Shiao Chen nodded satisfactorily, replaced two spiritual stones with little spirit power left and then went out of the valley.

Half a year before, when he joined Luoyun Valley, he was just a normal kid without any magical power.

Half a year later, he got the gold seal, with which he learnt the formidable techniques of refining medicine. From then on, he could do whatever he wanted to!

When thinking about the changes happened in the half a year, Shiao Chen couldn’t help but smile faintly.

Luoyun Valley was not very big but had a large number of disciples, so it was impossible for the sect to provide everyone all things needed for cultivation. In this case, a Sect Fair among disciples formed gradually.

On the first and fifteenth day of every month, disciples who wanted to attend the Sect Fair had to hand in one spirit stone as admission fee and then they could get a black gown which could block the perception of others’ divine sense. After all those present at the fair were not all acquaintances or good friends, and no one would like to be targeted secretly by others. Although they belonged to the same sect, there were fights among disciples for treasures on the sly.

Shiao Chen arrived at the Sect Fair, handed in a spirit stone to the disciple in charge with a vacant expression and walked in with a black gown.

This black gown was really magical for Shiao Chen tried to get his divine sense through it but failed. He was only at the seventh level of Qi Refining but with the power of the gold seal, his divine sense was no inferior than that of a cultivator at the preliminary level of Foundation Establishment. Therefore, he relaxed to some extent.

“Hey guys, it’s time. It seems that we are all that attend this Sect Fair today. So, I will throw a sprat and be the first one to introduce goods.” There came a husky voice. Clearly, he changed his voice for fear of being identified.

All people at the Sect Fair would do this so no one was surprised.

“I have five Fireball Talismans, one spirit stone each.” After this, he took out five deep yellow talismans from his storage bag. Shiao Chen raised his head and found that they were surely the same as the one given by Liu Tao.

This first grade Fireball Talisman being triggered by spirit power could give a strike like that of a cultivator at the fifth level of Qi Refining. Shiao Chen just gave it a glance and turned away. Now he was at the seventh level of Qi Refining and this kind of talisman was not attractive to him at all.

But not all disciples had the same cultivation as him. Cultivation at the fifth level of Qi Refining was powerful to some extent among disciples of Luoyun Valley, because after all the majority of them were at the second or third level. And even direct disciples who could reach the fifth level of Qi Refining should at least have talents above the average.

Therefore, lots of people wanted to exchange Fireball Talisman. However, there were many others like Shiao Chen who were not interested.

Not surprisingly, these people were real aces who turned their noses at it.

The exchange of the Fireball Talisman was finished very quickly. And then another person stepped forward.

“One low grade spirit tool. Only exchange for spirit stones and elixirs. The highest bidder gets it!”

A spirit tool!

It could only be widely used by cultivators at Foundation Establishment. And it was rare for one at Qi Refining to have a spirit tool.

After seeing clearly that a campilan tulwar like spirit tool was circling around the speaker slowly, disciples of Luoyun Valley were so excited that they started to bid and mark it up.

“15 low grade spirit stones!”

“20 low grade spirit stones!”

“I bid 30. Do not compete with me! This spirit tool is mine!”

“Bah, wanna use 30 spirit stones to exchange for a spirit tool? So inexperienced and ignorant! I bid 50!”

After bidding for some time, there were only 2 people still marking up the price.

“200! These are all I have.” Although the speaker spoke under her breath, judging from her petit figure, she was a woman for sure. Hesitating for a while, she added, “This spirit tool is very important to me and I will add three pieces of Heart-soothing Powder in order to exchange for it.”

Heart-soothing Powder was also a spirit herb for cultivators at Qi Refining. It could soothe the nerves and improve the effects of cultivation when used. But its grade was really low, even lower than Spirit-gathering Pills and could be barely classified into the first grade.
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