Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 14: Passing the Duck
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 14: Passing the Duck

Translator: Flying Lines
Ostensibly, they were in a harmony, but secretly Duan Huaming and Li Yuedu looked ferocious at each other.

Liu Junru was one of the original four disciples of master Alchemy Taoist. She said with a smile, “Well, there is no need to quarrel. It would be better to give me a chance, and it’s more convenient for Ji Yuewu. As you see, I am at the initial level of alchemy with a good foundation, and I am not in a hurry to break through the bottleneck of cultivation. So, I will teach her. Ok?” She smiled and took Ji Yuewu’s arm, saying to her, “What do you think?”

Ji Yuewu took a glimpse of the two senior brothers, words coming from her delicate lips, “Thanks sister Liu for instructing me.”

Duan Huaming and Li Yuedu looked at each other and retreated at the same time as Ji Yuewu gave her answer.

“Alright. This is settled then. But you still have a junior brother. We Elixir Valley is renowned for alchemy. So even though Shiao Cheng is my nominal disciple, he must learn it. Does any one of you would like to take some time to teach him? Huaming, what about you?” asked Master Alchemy Taoist.

Duan Huaming showed a bit reluctant after hearing master’s words, replying in a reverent tone, “Master, I am busy with breaking through the late-stage bottleneck of Foundation Establishment. I am afraid I have no time to teach him. Please think twice, my dear master.”

Master Alchemy Taoist nodded slightly with a thoughtful glimpse on Duan Huaming, then he turned to Li Yuedu.

Li Yuedu declined rapidly, “As Brother Duan said, I am at the initial level of alchemy and not qualified for teaching him.”

A little bit of dissatisfaction flashed by in Alchemy Taoist’s eyes, and he was clear about what they thought. But both two had their reasons, and master Alchemy Taoist knew that he couldn’t force something that didn’t come naturally.

“Master Alchemy Taoist, please leave me alone.” Said Hei Shi, the third disciple who was always unapproachable in the daily life. There was no way that he would offer to help.

Liu Junru rolled her eyes, then smiled, "Master, I have already promised to teach Yuewu martial arts. If I have to take responsibility for teaching another person, it may delay my cultivation. You may not shove this on me."

Standing at the end of the line, Shiao Chen watched his senior sisters and brothers pushing back and forth, then he said with a wry smile, "Master, you don’t need to worry about be. What the senior brothers and sisters said are reasonable. Besides, I am dull in aptitude, so please don’t delay their cultivation for my sake. It’s all right for me to learn from ancient books and cultivate by myself."

Hearing what Shiao Chen had said, the Master meditated for a while, and nodded slowly in approval. Actually, he knew that with Shiao Chen’s qualifications of cultivating, it was difficult for him to make a difference in alchemy.

"All my disciples could get a herbal garden to cultivate in Luoyun Valley. Although you are only my nominal disciple, I will make an exception of giving this qualification to you today. You could follow your eldest brother to the Spirit Resources Loft and find one for yourself." The Master said so due to a little guilty.

"Thank you so much, Master!" Shiao Chen's face beamed out of delight, and he bowed hurriedly and respectfully.

"Well, I will go for a Closed-Door Cultivation from now on. And you all could leave now." The Master waved his hand with his eyes closed, and all disciples got out of the room slowly.

"Sister Yuewu, although I’ll be busy breaking through the bottleneck, if you have any difficulty in alchemy or cultivation, you could consult me. And I can certainly give you some help." Duan Huaming stood outside the Elixir Valley and said to Ji Yuewu with a warm smile.

When Li Yuedu heard that, she smiled and said, “Senior Brother is right. You can also ask me if you have difficulties.”

Ji Yuewu nodded slightly, looking indifferent. It seemed that she turned a blind eye to the enthusiasm of these two people. She suddenly turned to Shiao Chen, saying, "Shiao Chen, if you have any difficulties in the future, you could come to me."

Ji Yuewu spoke too suddenly that she drew everyone’s attention to Shiao Chen. Both Duan Huaming and Li Yuedu looked a bit jealous and surprised. So was Liu Junru. She didn’t understand why this junior sister who was beautiful with a high-level spiritual root would pay special regard to Shiao Chen, a man with no spiritual root.

"Thank you, Yuewu sister." Shiao Chen noticed the hostility in both Duan Huaming’s and Li Yuedu’s eyes. He couldn’t help smiling bitterly in his heart and thought he might be remembered by the two.

"Well, I have to hurry back to teach Yuewu, my junior sister to cultivate. Please pardon our leave, senior brothers." Liu Junru took a gloating glance at Shiao Chen then led Ji Yuewu away.

"Senior brother, I have to leave, too." Li Yuedu took an unnoticed glimpse of Shiao Chen, coldness flashing by his eyes. He then cupped his hand smilingly and left.

Duan Huaming looked at Shiao Chen with an expressionless face, an indiscernible chill flashing by in his eyes. He said quietly, "Now that the Master has granted you the right to own a garden, then come with me." And without looking at Shiao Chen, he turned and went out.

Shiao Chen forced a wry smile. Although he did not have spiritual root, his mind was excellent. He naturally understood the reason for this and cannot help but secretly sigh that beauty was beastly. The words of the ancients were indeed true!

Spirit Resources Loft was the place where Luoyun Valley allocated the cultivation resources. Such an important place was not to be neglected, but was guarded by three elders of Luoyun Valley who had reached the late period of Foundation Establishment. However, the three elders, who were bent on cultivation, seldom took care of ordinary affairs. Most of the affairs in the loft were left to several disciples.

"Junior Duan, it’s quite a surprise that you have time to come here today. Haha. We haven't seen each other for over ten days on end. You have reached the peak of the sixth level of Qi Refining, and it looks like your advancement to the seventh level is just around the corner!" Shiao Chen and Duan Yueming entered the Spirit Resources Loft. Far away, a chubby man came up with a warm smile. The strange thing was not only did he lack the nimbus aura that a cultivator usually had, but he also looked philistine like a worldly merchant.

"Senior Ma, you flatter me too much. I am busy in training these days. And it is hard to say whether I can break through the bottleneck." Duan Huaming smiled and cupped his hands rather politely. He did not dare to make light of Ma Yun who looked mediocre. After all, it was said that this person had already reached the eighth level of Qi Refining, and he might build the foundation successfully at any time.

They finally got to the point after exchanging several greetings at the door of Spirit Resources Loft.

"Senior Ma, I come here today to take the Junior Brother, Shiao Chen, to apply for a herbal garden. Although Shiao Chen is just a nominal disciple, the Master has made an exception to give him this right." Duan Huaming smiled and said.

Hearing this, Senior Ma was in a bit of a daze. His gaze fell on Shiao Chen , scrutinizing him for quite a while. Then he smiled, "So I see. It’s junior brother, Shiao Chen, the disciple newly accepted by the fifth Martial Uncle. In that case, come with me, and choose a herbal garden at the second floor."

Saying that, Senior Brother Ma led them up the stairs to the second floor.
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