Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 13: Gold Seal
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 13: Gold Seal

Translator: Flying Lines
It was like some ritual having been initiated. A large amount of black blood, as if being pulled by some unknown force, quickly gushed out from Shiao Chen’s hand and landed on the gold seal and then was completely inhaled into it after being purified. As it absorbed blood, the gold seal gradually radiated a soft golden light. Under the shining of this golden light, the black gas that was spreading rapidly in the body of Shiao Chen seemed to have met its natural enemy and became thin in an instant. After a while, it disappeared completely. The rotten wound in Shiao Chen’s hand was also healing quickly. When the wound was completely healed, it seemed the gold seal also absorbed enough blood, suddenly retracting all its golden light. It became more and more illusory and eventually vanished into Shiao Chen’s body.

In a daze, Shiao Chen felt warm under the bathing of the golden light, his whole body feeling extremely refreshed. In the abode, Shiao Chen moved his fingers a little, and then opened his eyes with some confusion. After seeing clearly, he rejoiced with wild excitement, “I am alive, I am still alive!”

Lifting his hand to his eyes, he was surprised to find that his rotted fingers, originally haunted with black gas, were now intact. Everything was like an illusion.

“The gold seal is gone, so are the toxins in my body. Is there any correlation here?” Shiao Chen looked a bit confused. But then he sensed something unusual about his soul. He immediately closed his eyes and applied the method of internal vision that he had just learned.

The next moment, he suddenly opened his eyes, which were full of shock. The disappeared gold seal somehow ran into his soul. Shiao Chen tried to take it out. But no matter how hard he tried, the gold seal did not have any reaction. After some time, he had no choice but to give up. After a careful examination of his body and confirming that there was nothing wrong with him, he felt temporarily relieved. It wouldn’t be late to study it in detail after going out.

The things scattered on the ground were still there. Apparently, no one had ever entered here during his coma.

Shiao Chen picked an inconspicuous one, which was about a dozen square meters big, out of the four storage bags, to replace the original one of his which was only half a square meter big. Putting all the spiritual tools, talismans, spars and pills on the ground into it, he carefully cleaned up the traces. Not until he was sure that no one would find anything related to him, even if they found this place, did he nod with satisfaction.

Before he left, he hesitated for an instant, but then picked up the dark gourd on the ground and put it into the storage bag. It could spew out green fire. If applied well, it would be a good self-defense weapon.

Taking a last glimpse, Shiao Chen turned around and left. The stone wall rippled, then a young boy of 15 or 16 came out of it. He watched around carefully and patted a yellow talisman on his leg, turning into a plume of cyan smoke then disappearing into the jungle.

Shiao Town, Shiao's Hall.

“Brother, my nephew Shiao Chen should’ve returned four days ago. Do you know where he went? Today they will have to return to Luoyun Valley. If late, he will be punished according to the rules.” Sitting beside Shiao Chen’s father in the hall, Shiao Wenting asked carefully while reading his brother’s face.

Shiao Wenshan became worried as soon as he heard this. Shiao Chen left that day to pick up his mother. However, he left the wagon train on the way back and it was already four days without any news. Shiao Wenshan also sent many subordinates to look for him, only to find a heavily destructed place and three corpses but not a single trace of Shiao Chen.

These days, there were rumors spreading in the whole family that Shiao Chen fought with immortals and had already been killed. Hearing that, Shiao Chen’s mother was panic-stricken and cried for days on end. As for Shiao Chen’s father, calm as he behaved, he was also anxious in his heart. Shiao Wenshan did not believe that Shiao Chen was killed. However, he must have got into some trouble; otherwise, he would never be gone for such a long time.

Watching the uneasy expression on Shiao Wenshan’s face, Shiao Wenting was excited and thought, “If Shiao Chen died outside, then his parents will not be able to do anything influential. Shiao Lin will become the only divine cultivator of Luoyun Valley in the Shiao Family. And he, Shiao Wenting, will recover his solid position in the Shiao family!”

However, right at this moment, a voice came from outside the door, “Humph, it is none of your business. Just mind your own things!” As the voice fell, a figure strode in.

Shiao Chen scanned around the room. The whole family suddenly lowered their heads, and no one dared to look at him.

“Father, something delayed me for days outside. Sorry I have worried you.” Shiao Chen would never mention that he nearly lost his life because it would be useless and disquieting for his parents.

“Good good. It is okay as long as you come back safe.” Shiao Chen’s father felt so happy that he answered “good” several times when he saw his son unhurt.

“I will go back to the Sect today. Now I will say goodbye to mother.” Shiao Chen glanced at Shiao Wenting with chill flashing in his eyes, which sent shivers down Shiao Wenting’s spine. A layer of sweat appeared on his head. He then quickly lowered his head.

Shiao Chen nodded inwardly out of satisfaction. Then he turned around and walked out of the hall.

After two hours, under the gaze of the whole family, two figures quickly turned into two black dots and finally disappeared far into the distance.

“Brother, let’s go back.” Obsequiously, Shiao Wenting said to Shiao Wenshan with a smiling face. As long as Shiao Chen was alive, Shiao Wenting, the patriarch of the Shiao Family, would have to treat Shiao Chen’s parents with great respect.

Shiao Wenshan nodded and saw that the whole family all appeared to be fawning. He felt proud to some extent. It all thanks to the good son he raised—Shiao Chen, so that he could come back to The Shiao Family, revered by all.

With a Wind Walking Talisman on their legs, Shiao Chen and Shiao Lin’s speed reached a new high. It was not exaggerated to say that they two could cover a thousand li (one li equals half a kilometer) in a single day.

They two flew swiftly like wind or lightning on the way. Shiao Lin intended to curry favor with Shiao Chen to establish a closer relationship. However, he shut his mouth after a few words when he found Shiao Chen showed no intention to talk with him. By the time of twilight, they returned to Luoyun Valley after a long day.

Upon arriving, the two immediately separated, and Shiao Chen went straight to the Valley of Spirit Elixir.

Arriving at his residence, Shiao Chen washed and dressed up, then hurried out to the place where Master Alchemy Taoist was.

“Master, disciple Shiao Chen came to pay respects.” Standing outside the door, Shiao Chen said respectfully.

“Come in.” Alchemy Taoist’s placid voice came from the inside.

Shiao Chen pushed the door open and walked in. Being amazed by what he saw, he kneeled on the ground calmly.

“I went back home to stay for five days and returned as scheduled.”

Alchemy Taoist was sitting on the futon, with 3 male and 2 female disciples standing on either side. Ji Yuewu was among them standing at the end of one side.

Shiao Chen came in. Except for Ji Yuewu, the other four disciples all cast their eyes towards Shiao Chen. After a slight look, they showed a bit of disdain. They had also heard about the nominal disciple their master just accepted, an ordinary person with no spiritual root. Even he had entered the immortal sect, he would have no achievement in the future.

Taking a glance at Shiao Chen, Alchemy Taoist pointed at the five people and said, “Shiao Chen, these five are my direct disciples, that is, your senior fellow apprentices.”

“Master, I got it! Glad to meet you, brothers and sister!” Shiao Chen nodded and greeted the five people respectfully.

Only Ji Yuewu gave him a quick glance. The other four appeared as if they had heard nothing and didn’t give any response at all.

Shiao Chen noticed this but wasn’t affected and walked to the end of the line with no expression.

“Since you are all here today, I have something to tell you.” Alchemy Taoist glanced at them all, emotionless, then he said, “ I’m going to the back mountain for a Closed-Door Cultivation to break through to the Gold Core Realm. Do not bother me with trivial things. During this time, the elixirs needed by the Sect will be handed over to you.”

“Master, you’re ready to advance to the Gold Core Realm?” A man in front appeared to be surprised and asked.

“I got some inspiration during recent cultivation which made me more confident about forming the gold core.” Alchemy Taoist smiled. Successfully forming the core would not only greatly improve his power but also prolong his longevity to five hundred years. He could also enter the rank of advanced cultivators from then. Thinking of this, sophisticated and tactful as he usually was, Alchemy Taoist couldn’t help being a little excited.

“Congratulations, Master!” Duan Huaming congratulated him sincerely at the moment. If his Master became a Gold Core Cultivator, then all of their status in Luoyun Valley will naturally be improved.

“Master, please rest assured. The elixir supply will go smoothly as long as we are here.” The second young man standing on the left-side said reverently.

“Good then.” Alchemy Taoist nodded gently then pointed at Ji Yuewu and said, “Your junior sister just crossed the threshold. But I cannot afford the time to teach her due to the closed-door cultivation. It is easy in terms of cultivation; however, in terms of alchemy, she may need your help. Who would like to teach Yuewu for a period of time?”

“Master, as the eldest brother, it is duty-bound for me to do so. I would like to teach the fifth junior sister alchemy during this period.”

Duan Huaming lowered his head a little, then he looked at Ji Yuewu, some avidness flashing by in his eyes.

Hardly had Duan Huaming’s voice faded away, the young man standing behind him chuckled and stepped forward. “Master, our eldest brother is at the crucial point of breaking through the sixth level of Qi Refining. In my opinion, he’d better focus on cultivation and make a breakthrough early. Therefore, it is the same that I teach the fifth junior sister alchemy.”

Li Yuedu, the second disciple of Alchemy Taoist, looked like in his early twenties. He was graceful bearing and charming with brocade clothes, exhibiting the air of a noble childe.

Duan Huaming frowned slightly with a bit of dissatisfaction flashing in his eyes. But he smiled gently, “You are right, brother; however, according to your current alchemy level, I’m afraid that this task is beyond your capability.”

“I’m afraid you are wrong, my brother. Although I am at the first grade of alchemy, I laid a foundation which is solid enough to teach our fifth senior sister. Brother, you should spend more time cultivating to break through the bottleneck.” Shrewdness shining in his eyes, Li made no concessions, even a little bit.
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