Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 12: Snatch Treasure
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 12: Snatch Treasure

Translator: Flying Lines
"You followed me all the way. I guess you will definitely kill me and snatch the treasure. I do not dare to ask for anything from you, but only hope to be killed without suffering for a long time before death." The woman was weeping and looked delicate and touching, so that Shiao Chen couldn't help but feel sorry.

Shiao Chen bit the tip of his tongue hard. He broke into a cold sweat on his back because there was a flashing idea in his mind to desperately protect the woman just now. If he hadn't been more determined, he would have already been under control now. As he assumed, a cultivator was definitely not easy to be defeated even though she was seriously injured.

Shiao Chen was vigilant inwardly, but he was expressionless and said, "Don't try any more tricks. Hand over the brocade box obediently, otherwise don't blame me for being ruthless!"

The woman looked unreconciled in her eyes which could hardly be perceived. "I am seriously injured and can't move, even a little," then she said pitifully. "The brocade box is in the storage bag at my waist. If you want it, come and fetch it yourself."

Shiao Chen's eyes flashed instantly and his face looked somewhat hesitant. Then he slowly approached her.

When he was less than three meters away from the woman, a trace of ecstasy flashed in by the woman's eyes. Shiao Chen raised the corners of his mouth slightly, turned over the Fireball Talisman already hidden in his sleeve without hesitation, and then put all his spiritual power into it. A burst of fiery red color broke out. Two fireballs suddenly appeared and rushed at the woman.

"Ah!" The unexpected change suddenly astonished the woman. She screamed loudly. The distance was so close that two fireballs hit her before she could have any reaction.

Green glow flickering from her body, the woman resisted for a while. But then as endless fright gathered in her eyes, the flame instantly covered her whole body and burned her into ashes.

So far, Shiao Chen was slightly relieved. In order to have the treasure all to herself, the woman even killed her cultivation partner without any hesitation. How could Shiao Chen not take precautions against such a malicious woman whose heart was like that of snakes and scorpions? Moments ago, Shiao Chen did not miss the woman's brightened eyes. Hesitating for a little while, he retreated a few meters, picked up a stone from the ground and threw it at the woman's place.

"Pah!" The stone fell to the ground and suddenly something started to rise.

Endless pale green flames burst forth on the originally smooth ground within three meters with the woman's body as the center. The flames constantly twisted to form ghost faces, and from time to time there were dreary cries and screams.

Looking at the green flames, Shiao Chen felt chilly in his heart. Fortunately, he was cautious. If he had rushed to hunt for treasure at the beginning, he might have already become a dead body at this moment. Although he didn't know what this flame was, the gust of cold air chilled his bones.

After a while, the green flames gradually weakened. In the end, it was like a tide sucked into a certain point. The space shook and a black gourd appeared in front of him.

Shiao Chen once again took out a few stones and threw them towards that place. Only when he found there was no any difference could he be a little relieved.

Quickly walking to where the woman was, he picked up four storage bags on the ground. Once opening, Shiao Chen suddenly felt pleasantly surprised. The former old black ghost and the pair of brothers definitely reached the Foundation Establishment Realm. Shiao Chen discovered five spirit tools from their storage bags unexpectedly. Although the grade was not high, it had already surprised him. Even some true disciples in Luoyun Valley had few spirit tools in the refining period. Shiao Chen put aside the spirit tools happily and successively pulled out dozens of low-order talismans, hundreds of low-order spars and dozens of unknown elixirs. Three of the talismans were obviously similar to the Fireball Talisman, but the patterns on them were several times more complex than those on the Fireball Talismans, and the spiritual power contained in them was incomparable. Shiao Chen carefully collected the talismans and it wouldn't be late to study their utility after he went back. As for the spars, they were good things and beneficial for cultivation. Therefore, they also should be kept well.

After completely cleaning up the four storage bags, Shiao Chen looked at the brocade box in his hand. He couldn't help but show a bit of excitation in his eyes. The treasure inside could lead to the life-and-death fighting among the four cultivators of the Foundation Establishment Realm, and even the woman killed her cultivation partner. Absolutely it was not an ordinary thing.

Slightly hesitant, Shiao Chen placed the box on the ground, stepped several meters back, and picked up a spirit sword next to him to open its lid carefully.


At the moment when the brocade box was opened, a cloud of white smoke suddenly erupted from the box and filled the space within three meters of the box. Shiao Chen was shocked, and immediately felt that his hand was slightly numb. As if losing all his strength, the spirit sword fell to the ground from his hand.

In the white mist, the glow of the spirit sword faded away and the spirituality was lost. In a moment, it became a useless sword.

Shiao Chen was startled and hurriedly looked at his hand. Three fingers had turned a strange black color at this moment. The black airflow was circling quickly, soon it spread to his wrist. The fingers even began to rot, dropping black blood. Feeling the strength in his body disappearing rapidly, he felt a bit of a trance.

Shiao Chen showed a wry face and muttered, "How come?! I would die here when I just stepped onto the road of cultivation?"

He then thought about his parents who had just got rid of the predicament on account of him. Would they be attacked back to their former situation due to his downfall?

There was endless unwillingness in Shiao Chen's heart. He was absent-minded and walked a few steps forward. Even if he was about to die, he had to see what on earth the cause of his death was!

The brocade box had already been opened. The cloud of white smoke had dissipated moments ago. There appeared a primitive, simple and golden-colored square seal.

Shiao Chen sneered, "It turns out to be such a thing. What a pity! Now I'm dying from it, yet I have no idea what sort of treasure it is." Shiao Chen lay on the ground and grasped the gold seal firmly in his hand, his eyes losing vitality gradually.

"Dear father and mother, I am not filial since I cannot continue to serve you anymore…"

Muttering to himself, Shiao Chen slowly closed his eyes. His energy became quickly weakened. At this moment, the black airflow already covered his entire arm and rushed towards his heart. There would be no way for him to escape from the desperate situation if he was completely occupied by it, then he would be gone for good!

Although Shiao Chen passed out, he was still holding the gold seal on his hand. Drops of black blood fell on the seal, and more and more, eventually the whole gold seal was wrapped by the black blood. Suddenly, the unresponsive gold seal flashed a glimmer of light. The black blood on it turned a bright red color like getting purified and was then inhaled into the seal instantly.
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