Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 11: A Dog-eat-dog Figh
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 11: A Dog-eat-dog Figh

Translator: Flying Lines
The wagon train of the Shiao Family soon set out on the return journey. Shiao Chen was walking in the front of the line. From time to time, he heard his mother saying good-bye to others in a proud tone.

Shiao Chen smiled, but suddenly his face changed. Sullenly looking at the mountain behind, he ordered the wagon train to move on after a moment of hesitation, then quietly walked alone toward the mountain after telling his mother.

With a Wind Walking Talisman on his leg, Shiao Chen suddenly felt as light as a swallow, treading through the weedy and thorny mountains as if walking on a flat ground.

As he approached, the intense nimbus fluctuation in the distance became more and more conspicuous. Shiao Chen carefully slowed down and quietly moved forward.

The reason why he suddenly left the wagon train was that he felt vaguely the nimbus fluctuation was coming from here, and had been curious for a while, so he decided to take a look.

The closer Shiao Chen got, the paler his face became. The nimbus fluctuation seemed so terrifyingly formidable like a stormy sea that any little bit of it could kill him. But since he already got here, he wouldn't want to leave without taking a look. Hesitating for a little while, he continued to move forward, but with great caution. Should any danger occur, he would immediately turn away and leave.

Hiding behind a big tree, Shiao Chen popped his head out carefully to get a better view. The scene immediately drove him dumbfounded with an incredible expression.

Only a hundred meters away, dozens of big trees were snapped off from the middle, some of them burning continuously. The ground was scabbed with potholes as if being hit by heavy objects. At the moment, there were four people confronting in a two-vs-two situation in the clearing, but one party of them had been at a disadvantage obviously.

"Hey, I advise you to hand it over as soon as possible; otherwise, don't blame me for relentlessly draining and refining your souls, and you shall never be reincarnated after death." An old man in black looked bleak and shouted coldly to the two men opposite him. A beautiful woman was standing next to him with peach blossom eyes that were very captivating while her clothes were extremely revealing, exposing a large white skin on her chest.

"You old fart, don't fool us. You two would really let us go if we hand in the treasure?" snorted a middle-aged man, looking pale and short of breath. It was evident that he was seriously injured.

A trace of malignity flashed by in her eyes when the woman heard his words. Then she said with a charming smile, "Brother, these two are being unappreciative. Let's just kill them directly. Then naturally we will get that thing, so as not to get tangled up and bring about new troubles unexpectedly."

"My dear, you're right. You two can go to hell!" The Black Ghost laughed sinisterly and shot dozens of black fireballs which were extremely powerful that the two brothers dared not to make light of and hurriedly shaded themselves with nimbus shield around the body.

The woman giggled, raised her hand and wielded a spirit sword, which burst out a dazzling light that shot right towards those two men.

Shiao Chen was in a bit of a daze, then he realized that it must be a spirit tool!

In the cultivation world, all cultivation treasures were divided into different levels, namely spirit tools, magic weapon, Daoist implements and the legendary spirit treasure. Although it was only a spirit tool of the lowest level, Shiao Chen drooled over it. In Luoyun Valley, even a disciple at the fifth or sixth level of Qi Refining might not be able to get a spirit tool. It was indeed precious!

"Bro, get out of here with that thing now! I will delay them for a while." A burst of shouts came, while one of the two buddies suddenly turned back and rushed away.

Expressions of the Black Ghost and the woman altered all of a sudden, eyes gluing to the only man left behind.

"Big bro, how could you turn your back on me like this? Why did you frame me? The treasure is in your hands." The man shouted angrily and flew back at the same time.

"Let's separate. We must not allow them to escape." Saying that, the Old Ghost suddenly turned into a black shadow and shot to the person who escaped first, while the woman went after the other with a seducing smile.



Soon there came two short yet miserable cries. And two figures flew back to the ground quickly.

"Brother, did you get it?" The woman asked him hurriedly and looked exited.

After hearing this, the Old Ghost beamed with amazement. He took out a brocade box from the storage bag, eyes full of fervent greed.

"Ha ha. I got it. I didn't expect the gossip to be true. As long as I get this treasure, I will surely make rapid progress in my future cultivation. If I am lucky enough to advance to the Nascent Soul, I may also be able to set up a sect and become a giant in the world of cultivation."

"Congratulations! I wish you every success in cultivation and achieve great causes in the future!" Smiling seductively, the woman threw herself into the man's arms.

The Old Ghost felt extremely complacent and cuddled the woman, his hands moving erotically around.

Seeing this, Shiao Chen knew that he must leave immediately although he was really eager to know what kind of treasure was in the box, otherwise he would be killed if these two found him.

However, the situation changed dramatically before he could leave.

"Ah! You…You slut. How dare you!" The Black Ghost raged and struck violently at the woman with his hand, throwing her far away.

"Pu!" The woman fell to the ground and vomited blood, her face suddenly getting pale yet her eyes full of excitement.

"Don't blame me for being cruel, big bro. Although I can get benefits from it if you possess this treasure, but it'll be better if I can have it myself. Don't worry, I smeared Qianji Powder (a lethal poison) on the dagger. It will be over soon."

"You slut, I will kill you!" Spitting out a mouthful of black blood, the Black Ghost ran two steps forward but then fell straight to the ground. He stopped moving after several twitches.

"I know that you ate a strange fruit years ago, making you extremely resistant to toxicity. You can definitely support for some time. Brother, you shouldn't die so quickly, how can you delude your little sister?" The woman had a sneer at the corners of her mouth, keeping quite a distance from the Old Ghost as if fearing something.

Nothing happened after some time. The woman frowned slightly and then walked carefully to the old man.

She reached out for the brocade box on the ground, her face beaming with ecstasy. But just at this moment, a flash of dark light shot out from the Black Ghost on the ground and flew straight to the woman.


Although the woman had been on the alert, she got a bit relaxed just now, and it was too late to react. So she could only slightly deflect her body, and the black light penetrated into her shoulder.

"Death Awl!" Face changing suddenly, the woman immediately flew back and tapped her injured shoulder. Only when she swallowed several elixirs from a storage bag did she stop the unholy and lethal aura on her face.

This final attack exhausted all the strength of the Black Ghost. As the toxicity of Qianji Powder spread to his heart vessels, he died soon and collapsed to the ground.

"You damn old ghost." The woman gnashed her teeth and cursed in rage. Not until she looked at the jade box in her hand did her face show some excitement.

Carefully putting the jade box into the storage bag, the woman walked to the corpse of the Black Ghost. Taking off the two storage bags from him, she staggered toward the mountains.

Behind a big tree, Shiao Chen looked thoughtful. The treasure in this box must be extremely precious; otherwise, the brothers would not be against each other and the couple would not fall out. But what attracted Shiao Chen most was that the Black Ghost said it seemed to be quite beneficial to cultivation. Being an ordinary man without spiritual root, it was already something of a fluke that he could be accepted by his master this time. For future cultivation, however, he was completely on his own.

Shiao Chen couldn't help but feel excited at the thought that if he could get this treasure... Narrowing his eyes, Shiao Chen softened his footsteps and chased after the woman. Although the woman was seriously injured, she was able to drive the spirit tool. Even if she was not a master of Foundation Establishment, she must have reached the seventh or eighth level of Qi Refining. He dared not to go off the deep end to rush forward.

After moving on a few hundred meters ahead, the woman who was advancing suddenly turned around and smiled seductively, "Who is following me all the way? Please show up."

Face changing suddenly, Shiao Chen immediately held his breath and hid behind the trees.

But he did not know how the woman detected him. His heart was thumping rapidly out of tension, and just as he was about to ran away, he uttered "eh" out of confusion and decided to hide again.

Because at this point, the woman looked relaxed after getting no reply.

She raised a small ancient flag in her hand and whispered spells at a stone wall in front of her. A moment later, the stonewall shook like a water wave, revealing a hole large enough for a person in and out.


Shiao Chen was astonished. It seemed there was a cave.

As the woman went in, the entrance of the cave changed irregularly and returned to its original state.

After waiting for a moment, Shiao Chen walked carefully towards the stonewall. Knitting his eyebrows, he channeled the spirit power in his body to his eyes and immediately saw a mass of lingering mist above the stonewall. Presumably it was the force of sorcery. He stretched out his hand into the white fog subconsciously. It was empty as he expected. Shiao Chen was pleased and he stepped in directly when he saw there was no danger.

Shiao Chen was very cautious and afraid of making any sound after entering the cavern. Not until he moved on prudently for dozens of meters ahead and reached the depths of the cavern did he see a small adobe.

Inside it the woman looked painful at the moment. The Death Awl on her shoulder had been taken out.

Shiao Chen ground his teeth and made a decision. This woman seemed to have reached a critical point that if she successfully forced out the toxin in her body and recovered cultivation, he would not only lose his chance to get the brocade box, but also his life here.

Walking out of the hiding place with great caution and staring at the woman with her eyes closed, Shiao Chen still dared not to relax even a little. She was in the weakest state at the moment, but a lean camel is still bigger than a horse (meaning when the mighty fall, they continue to command more influence than the ordinary). Any carelessness would plunge him into a life-and-death crisis.

Suddenly, the woman opened her eyes and looked up at Shiao Chen. She was panicked. Shiao Chen was alarmed suddenly and quickly took a few steps back. Only when he saw that she did not plan to launch an attack did he feel relieved.

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