Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 10: Glorious Return
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 10: Glorious Return

Translator: Flying Lines
A cold glance darted at Shiao Wenting and made him so frightened that he dared not to finish his sentence. "Father, this man had always treated us like trash, and he even asked his dogs to hurt you today. Why do you still want to protect him?

"Chen, don't you listen to me now that you are an Immortal? I forbid you to touch your uncle!" Shiao Chen's father yelled at him.

"Fine. I will spare you for the sake of my father. If this happens again, you are a dead man!"

Then he returned to his father. "Why are you still standing there? Take my father to the room and treat his injuries."

The family members took actions all at once. They did not only offer the best yard for his father to stay but also sent for the best doctor in Shiao Town.

"Brother Shiao, I suppose you will stay at home for a few more days. I have orders so I can't stay here too long." After they were left alone, Brother Liu opened his mouth. "This is a Blood-activating and Stasis-eliminating Pill, nothing special. Please attend your father to take it. Then he will recover in one or two days.

Shiao Chen received it after he gave it a thought. He cupped one hand in another and said, "Thank you for your kindness. If you ever need any help after today, I will never refuse as long as it's in my power." Though he received the favor, he would not promise to do any unreasonable things.

"Then I am going now." Brother Liu was pleased with the answer. He nodded with a smile on his face. It was always delightful to deal with a clever man.

After he left, Shiao Chen hurried back to Flowing Glass, one of the courtyards in the Shiao family.

It used to be the residence of Shiao Wenting, but now it was given to Shan Wenshan to heal his wounds. Several renowned doctors in Shiao Town had been invited to treat the latter.

"Listen up. I don't care how much it'll cost, you must cure him, or you'll see what we are capable of. Do not mess it up!" Shiao Wenbin stood in the yard, urging the doctors to do their best. He was frightened to death by Shiao Chen who would dare to destroy the whole family if anything happened to his father.

Shiao Chen heard the threats when he entered the yard. He furrowed his brows and then went inside the room under the slightly ingratiatory staring.

Shiao Wenshan was lying on the bed, extremely delightful in spite of the pain all over his body. He was so proud that his son could rise and soar up to the sky.

"Father, how do you feel? Do you feel better?" Shiao Chen trotted to the bedside and asked with great care.

"Don't worry. I just need to rest for a while." Shiao Wenshan looked at his son with eyes filled with care and pride.

His father's high spirit eased his mind a bit. Then he took the Pellet from the storage bag.

"Father, Brother Liu gave it to me before he left. It should help you with your recover, please take it."

His father frowned. "It must be one of these Spiritual Pellets made by Immortals. I do not have internal injuries and time will cure me. Save it for yourself in case of emergency."

"I will have more of these pellets. You need it more than me now." Letting his father to argue no more, he fetched a cup of water and helped his father to swallow it.

"How do you feel? Any better?" His father looked well after the Pellet.

"I feel my whole body is warm and the broken arm itchy and tingling." The fast recovery made his father shocked with incredibility. "The Immortals' medicine is indeed miraculous!"

"That's a load off my mind. Father, please take some good rest. I will go and get Mother to Shiao Town tomorrow. She has suffered a lot these years. Now that I have achieved a little, she can enjoy her life now." He laughed, feeling relieved.

Watching him leaving, pride filled his father's eyes again. Raising a son like this was definitely the proudest thing in his father's life.

Darkness fell upon. The chaotic noises died away, only the watchman's cries were heard from afar.

Shiao Chen sat on the bed with his legs crossed and tried to absorb the Spiritual Qi through the method Plants Growing Scripture. The mortal world had much less Spiritual Qi, so it took him 6 hours to gather as much of it as he exhausted during the day.

The unstoppable power came along with his identity as a cultivator in Luoyun Valley was the very reason that he had been able to kill the two guards and intimidate the family members. He knew it, so he would never get light-headed or slackened in cultivation. The more powerful he got, the better his parents would live.

Later he practiced the method to absorb the Spiritual Qi again and again.

The next morning, he opened his eyes when the first light appeared in the sky. Glimmer flashed across his eyes and soon disappeared. He exhales a mouthful of foul air, content to find that the volume of the Spiritual Qi in his body grew bigger.

"Father, please rest at home. I am going to meet mother and bring her back in the afternoon." He told his father, who was now seated on the main chair in the great hall, to which not a single member had shown the slightest dissatisfaction.

He swept the family members and no one dared to meet his eyes.

Soon he led a group of people and marched to the small village where he used to live.

"Who are these people? Why do they come here?" The whole village boiled up and the villagers came to Shiao Chen's home one after another to see what on earth had happened.

"You don't know? See that sigil, the red one with silver signs on it? That's the sigil of the Shiao family in Shiao Town, so these are their people."

"Then why do they come to our small village? And the leader, doesn't he look like Shiao Chen?"

"You are not wrong. He is Shiao Chen. I came a little closer earlier, he even signaled to me. Who would have known they concealed so much? If I knew, I would have married my daughter to him, a concubine will do."


"Mother, we don't need all these things, just the valuable ones." Shiao Chen looked at his mother who wanted to take the broken loom and sadness rose in his heart. He stopped her and told her, "You son has made small achievements now. You don't need to suffer any more."

His mother gazed at him with loving eyes and then looked around the house she had lived for more than 10 years, nodding her head gently in approval.
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