Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 8: Return Home
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 8: Return Home

Translator: Flying Lines
Standing on the huge sword calmly, Shiao Chen felt pleased seeing the ingratiating expression on the faces of other boys in the Shiao Family.

"Go!" Senior brother Liu and other disciples shouted together, making the sword soar up into the sky and then fly quickly far away.

Squinting at the fleeting mountains and rivers under him, Shiao Chen swore secretly in the heart that he would become a strong and omnipotent cultivator who could go into heaven and earth as he'd like to someday.

Shiao Town, Shiao Family.

As usual, after half a month, the candidates of each family would be sent back home no matter they passed the Test or not.

At the Shiao's mansion, Shiao Wenting sat at the prominent seat with a steady face, though a little uneasy at heart. He wasn't sure whether the Iron Essence that he got by chance could help Shiao Lin get accepted by Luoyun Valley or not. Scanning around the others in the hall and setting his eyes on Shiao Wenshan at the corner, Shiao Wenting sneered coldly. Whatever, his son's chance to be a cultivator was the greatest among all. If he failed, no one would ever succeed. Shiao Chen, in particular, would never be chosen by the immortals with that weak physique.

"When will they come back? My son Shiao Li has some foundation of internal force, will he be favored by the immortals?" The sixth master of the family walked anxiously while murmuring.

"Haha, it's really hard to tell. The immortals will choose the ones with spiritual root. Without it, even the leader of martial arts will be disdained," another master with fair and clear face laughed.

"The daughter of our second brother is smart since young. Bright and beautiful, she must own the so called spiritual root and be chosen by Luoyun Valley."

"The son of the seventh brother is also great with tall and strong figure, and there should be a great chance for him to be chosen."

"In my opinion, only Shiao Lin stands a good chance to be a disciple. He has always been the best one in this generation. If there's a chance, it should fall on him."

"Yeah, yeah, I agree with you."

"If Shiao Lin got chosen by Luoyun Valley and became a cultivator, the status of our family will definitely rise."

"Aye, how dare the Wu Family swagger around in front of us when we get a cultivator in our Family? With a fireball, Shiao Lin will kill all of them."

Hearing the discussion below, Shiao Wenting was happy and inflatable, but he said humbly, "All our children are excellent and have the chance to be chosen."

"Patriarch's right. However, there is one person here who actually doesn't belong to our family. He was expelled by our master's mother when she was alive, and swore not to step into this family ever again. But now he stands here and begs our master shamelessly to send his son to attend the Test of Entering Divine Gate. Hm, even our master has promised him, how can his son be chosen by the immortals of Luoyun Valley? Think about that thin body of his which could easily be blown down by wind. He will definitely die young." Shiao Wenbin took a glance at Shiao Wenshan, sneered coldly with undisguised satire.

"That's right. Patriarch, I think maybe you are wrong to let Shiao Chen attend the Test. He will just bring shame to this family."

"They were expelled by our master's mother long ago and didn't belong here. Patriarch, you did them a favor this time, but I do suggest setting a boundary with them. With fame and prestige, how can we let some shameless people step into this family?"

"Enough! I already apologized in front of you. What do you want? Honestly, I will never walk into your door even I die if not for earning a chance for my son to stand out in the future." Shiao Wenshan yelled out with a sullen face.

Shiao Wenbin rolled his eyes and said with sarcasm, "Yo, look someone's showing off now. You are not invited here and if don't want to stay here, just leave! This is our family's mansion, how dare you act presumptuously here?"

"Shut up. When father was still alive, he intended to appoint me as the next patriarch. It was all of you here, who ganged up on my mother and me. Answer me with your conscientiousness, who on earth will be at that seat of honor if you didn't use all those low-leveled tricks?" Shiao Wenshan reproached with his eyes fixed on Shiao Wenbin.

"Enough!" Shiao Wenting interrupted him with a gloomy face. He knew everything well since his mother had plotted everything. "Shiao Wenshan, never challenge me here. Now get out of here, or you will pay the price."

"Get out of here? Haha, how can you say this? If not because of your dirty dogs, I will be the one sitting on your place now!" With the destiny of his son settled, Shiao Wenshan felt unencumbered. Turning prideful like before, he sneered and cursed out of rage.

"The first and second hidden guards, do your work and kick him out of here. Shiao Wenshan, rest assured, when your son's back, he will be treated just like you. Never show up in front of me again." Shiao Wenting stared at Shiao Wenshan arrogantly, like looking at a nonentity with an apathetic face.

"Yes, patriarch."

Two middle-aged men standing behind Shiao Wenting fleered and flew to Shiao Wenshan immediately.

The hidden guard was the most powerful force of the Shiao Family. As leaders, the first and second hidden guards' Kung Fu was transcendent, so the power within one move was impressive.

Although Shiao Wenshan's Kung Fu was beyond average, with a fractured arm, he was no match for these two strong opponents. Soon enough, he was slapped on the chest, spitting blood and then fell to the ground.

The hidden guards sneered and were about to catch Shiao Wenshan when a harsh noise came through the air.


Shiao Wenting's expression changed suddenly and then he waved his hands and commanded, "Just catch him and keep an eye on him. Don't offend the immortals." Then he sorted out his clothes and ran towards the immortals with other masters.

"Shiao Chen, is this your home? It's really majestic. No wonder you are so excellent." Senior brother Liu got familiar with Shiao Chen on the way, so he sounded quite friendly now.

Shiao Chen smiled without response when hearing it while the others' faces, especially Shiao Lin's, turned red immediately.

Glancing around the hall, Shiao Chen frowned when he couldn't find his father, which gave him a bad feeling.

"Thank you so much for sending our children back. Please come in and take a rest before leaving." With a humble smile, Shiao Wenting played up to the immortals.

"Ho ho, if you insist. Thank you." senior brother Liu replied, smiling gently.
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