Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 7: Yellow Talisman
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 7: Yellow Talisman

Translator: Flying Lines
"Hu!" Exhaling a mouthful of foul air gradually, Shiao Chen opened his eyes while trying to hold back his smile. He could feel a strand of true force thin as hair was travelling along his meridians! Without sleeping for the whole night, he still felt vigorous and the numbness of the legs was relieved by the magical true force which though small, had encouraged him a lot.

It was the first step that cost troublesome. After feeling the existence of the nimbus, Shiao Chen was immersed in meditation crazily besides having meals. Though things ticked over, the nimbus within his body was enlarged bit by bit.

Like usual, Shiao Chen revolved the nimbus around his body for a circle before opening his eyes. Then an akustisch talisman emerged out of the void in his room and blazed up, coming out the voice of Alchemy Taoist, "Shiao Chen, come to my room now."

A touch of admiration appeared in Shiao Chen's eyes, because only at the Foundation Establishment Realm could one use this kind of talisman. After greeting a few acquaintances along the way, he rushed to his Master's room without delay.

"Master, I'm here to see you." Shiao Chen spoke with great respect outside Alchemy Taoist's room.

"Just come in." Alchemy Taoist answered mildly.

Pushing the door open and walking into the room, Shiao Chen found his Master sitting cross-legged on the cattail hassock with his eyes closed. However, there was an intangible majesty coming out of him, which awed Shiao Chen and made him a little nervous while standing by.

Disclosing his eyes and looking at Shiao Chen, a flicker of surprise flashed by in Alchemy Taoist's eyes. He then inquired, "Have you gained anything from the practice of the Tricks of Plants Refining these days?"

Hearing this, Shiao Chen was a little embarrassed and whispered, "Sorry Master, stupid and without any spiritual root, I could only manage to perceive the nimbus outside and absorb some into the body with a dozen days' cultivation."

Nodding to show he got it and looking at Shiao Chen again, Alchemy Taoist sighed in the heart. Understanding the Tricks of Plants Refining and forming a wisp of true force within such a short period indicated Shiao Chen's ability of comprehension was excellent. However, it was really a pity for there wasn't any spiritual root in him. He became a little anxious with the thought of it, so he waved and said, "This is your ID token. Take it and register at the lay affairs department. Then collect two Wind Walking Talismans and go home with your senior brothers. Remember, return within five days or you will be punished based on the disciplines."

Shiao Chen nearly couldn't control his excitement while hearing it. He took over the ID token gingerly and then turned around to leave.

"How's father doing? Is he bullied by the Shiao Family?" With worries in the heart, Shiao Chen lowered his head and trotted down the road. When a patch of white clothes came into his eyes at the corner, Shiao Chen was a little surprised and hurried to get out of the way. However, the white shadow reacted fast and went a few steps back agilely, with an angry face.

"Oh, sister." Seeing it was Ji Yuewu, Shiao Chen was a little embarrassed. Just now he was too hurried to notice anyone. However, when they ran into each other, he seemed to have touched something soft while lowering his head. Seeing Ji Yuewu in anger with a red face, Shiao Chen set his eyes on her bosom.

"Hum!" Seeing the boy's eyes were wandering about on her, Ji Yuewu became more irritated and then snorted.

"Ah, I'm so sorry, sister. Master told me to do the registration and go home with senior brothers just now. Then I was just thinking about my family and acted a little abruptly. Please forgive me if I offended you unwittingly." Being aware of his impoliteness, Shiao Chen stepped back and apologized.

"Never mind." Hearing this, Ji Yuewu changed her expression a little, though still cold.

"Em…thank you. Then please allow me to leave now." Smiling embarrassedly, Shiao Chen ran away after saying it.

Not until a long while later, did Shiao Chen got a bit relieved. Thinking of the mistake a moment ago, he felt bitter in the heart. If he offended Ji Yuewu who was a cultivator with excellent spiritual root just now, could he sleep tight at night from now on? However, judging from Ji's expression, things couldn't be that bad, right? Shiao Chen comforted himself while going straight to the lay affairs department.

On the way, he met many lay disciples who worked busily in order to spare more time for cultivation, so that they could become a direct disciple of the sect one day.

"Is brother Liu here? Shiao Chen wants to see you." Liu Tao who was in charge of the lay affairs department had reached the sixth level of Qi Refining Realm. His cultivation ranked in the top three among all lay disciples which granted him this position.

Although nominal disciples were superior to lay disciples in status, Shiao Chen acted humbly when facing Liu Tao since he knew he was far behind Liu Tao.

"Shiao Chen? Oh, you are a disciple of the fifth master Yao Daozi in Herb Valley. Please come in." While speaking, an enthusiastic man around 30 years old came out.

"Hello, senior brother," Shiao Chen saluted.

"No, no, you are now a disciple of the fifth master, your cultivation will surely soar up in the future, then how can I be your senior brother? If you don't mind, just call me Liu Tao." Looking affectionate, Liu Tao invited Shiao Chen to his room.

"Is there anything I can help you today? Just tell me and I will do my best." Liu Tao inquired while patting his chest. In a few words, they seemed to have known each other for many years with intimate relationship.

" Brother, you are so kind. I just come here to record my first return home with other senior brothers. After all, if I miss this chance, I will have to wait for another year to go home." Shiao Chen understood Liu Tao's enthusiasm was built upon his Master Yao Daozi' renown, so he kept acting modestly without any arrogance.

Liu Tao praised Shiao Chen in the heart. If he was indeed an uppity boy, Liu would look down upon him with apparent reverence. However, seeing Shiao Chen act so politely, he'd like to fawn on him and get along well with him. After all, Yao Daozi supplied the medical pills and elixirs for the whole Luoyun Valley. If he kept well connection with his disciples, he would benefit from it someday.

"Haha, so it is. No problem. Then how long do you need? I can give you at most 10 days."

"Not that long. I just need five days as my Master has requested it. Brother, please do me another favor and give me two Wind Walking Talismans for coming back." Waving his hands, Shiao Chen answered with smile.

"No problem. Please wait a second." Liu Tao replied quickly and went into his bedroom then. Soon he went back with five yellow talismans on his hands which should be the Wind Walking Talismans.

"I'm not sure how far it is from your home to our valley, so I prepare three more than you have asked. With one Wind Walking Talisman on the leg, you can walk one hundred kilometers, so these should be enough for your return." Saying this, Liu Tao foisted the five Wind Walking Talismans on Shiao Chen's hands and then brought out another talisman from his chest, "This is a first level Fireball Talisman which can be used for ten times. You can launch it with little spiritual energy. Every fireball contains the power of an attack at the fifth level of Qi Refining Realm. Take it as a gift for our first meeting to defend yourself in case of any risks and dangers on the way." Though Liu Tao said it easily, there was distressed feeling behind it. Obviously, the Fireball Talisman was also precious to him.

"No, no, no, this is too much." Shiao Chen refused that immediately with his face changing.

"Please, I insist. It'll be much appreciated if you remember it and give me a hand when you can in the future. You're despising me if you don't take it." Liu Tao said it pretending to be unhappy.

Hearing this, Shiao Chen wore a wry smile. It seemed his Master really enjoyed a high position in the Luoyun Valley, or how could a senior brother with cultivation at the sixth level of Qi Refining Realm act so humbly in front of him? Looking at the exquisite and complicated talisman in his hands, Shiao Chen could feel the obscure and terrifying energy undulation within it.

Collecting the talismans into his storing bag, Shiao Chen saluted to express his gratitude.

Then Shiao Chen left and rushed towards the valley where they were tested for spiritual roots, finding more than ten disciples having waited there.

"Sorry, brothers. Please forgive me.I had something to deal with just now." Shiao Chen walked towards them and apologized sincerely.

"Ho ho, it doesn't matter. We just got here a few minutes ago. Now you are here, let's set off." The head of the disciples waved his hands after hearing it and then continued, "I came here four years earlier than you did, if you don't mind, just call me senior brother Wang. I'll be sending you back home later, is it ok?"

"All right, thank you a lot, senior brother Wang." Shiao Chen answered with a smile, feeling inured to the unusual respect he got because of his Master.

Meanwhile, the candidates who didn't pass the test stared at Shiao Chen with jealousy. They were all treated the same before the test, however, now Shiao Chen could talk with the divine envoys freely. For the ten teenagers from the Shiao Family, they were full of more complicated and mixed feelings seeing Shiao Chen talk with senior brother Wang happily.

Shiao Lin, at the same time, clenched his hands tightly. Although they were both nominal disciples in Luoyun Valley, the status of their masters varied a lot. He never thought he, the heir of the family, would be inferior to Shiao Chen. However, he dared not show any discontent on the face though no matter how much he hated Shiao Chen inwardly. A presentiment emerged in his heart that there would be a huge transformation in the family with Shiao Chen's rise.
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