Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 6: Cultivation World
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 6: Cultivation World

Translator: Flying Lines
"Oh…" Shiao Chen was in a trance when hearing it, then rejoiced with wild excitement, kowtowing ceaselessly and saying, "Thanks, Master, thanks a lot."

Finally, he was collected by Luoyun Valley, so all his father had suffered was not in vain. In the future he would make his parents be proud of him and no one could ever humiliate them any more.

Shiao Lin, the patriarch Shiao Wenting's son, was the nominal disciple of Master Hu, and Shiao Chen was the nominal disciple of Master Alchemy Taoist whose identity was unsure. However, judging from the presence Master Alchemy Taoist owned, he should be superior to Master Hu at Luoyun Valley.

"Alright. You have slept for one day, now go back to your room. I've asked your senior sister disciple to send you some jade sheets which recorded the common sense of the cultivation world. Read them first and come to find me a few days later." Then Master Alchemy Taoist waved his hands and turned around to fiddle with his herbs.

Shiao Chen saluted politely and then couldn't wait to go back. Cultivation world! Here he came!

Three jade sheets were lying on the table when he returned to his room. However, the senior sister disciple, Ji Yuewu, was not there. Caring nothing about it, Shiao Chen picked up one of the sheets and attached it to his forehead when numerous contents appeared automatically in his mind.

Six hours later, Shiao Chen put down the jade sheet while kneading his head, with eyes full of astonishment.

Cultivation world! This was indeed the cultivation world.

Divided into eight realms, there were Qi Refining, Foundation Establishment, Gold Core, Nascent Soul, None Descending, Super Combination, Immortal Turning and Mastery in the cultivation world. Anyone who could reach the last realm would be immortal and live eternally like Heaven and Earth.

Each realm would then include early, middle, late and complete stages. But the gap in power among the four stages could be insurmountable, especially for the stage of complete.

When reaching the realm of Gold Core and going through a Heavenly Tribulation, one's cultivation would be booming and he could live for five hundred years, but if he failed, he would become ashes and vanish from the world forever.

At the realm of Nascent Soul, one needed to experience 27 Heavenly Tribulations. If he succeeded, he would be the master in Nascent Soul and live as long as one thousand years, or he would perish.

Then if entering the realm of None Descending after Nascent Soul, which was the highest realm in the cultivation world recorded, one had to break through to the Spiritual World to get further improvement. However, to get to the Spiritual World, he must pass the thunderclap disaster, or he would be doomed to die.

Above the None Descending Realm, there were no more records. However, what he learnt already shocked him, making his whole back soaked in cold sweat. The path of cultivation was indeed arduous, what's worse, one could easily lose his life with any carelessness. But the tyrannical power a cultivator could attain lured Shiao Chen more. Unfortunately, without spiritual root, all these seemed irrelevant to him.

After he calmed down, he picked up the second jade sheet.

Things like images, functions and collecting methods of countless spiritual herbs were recorded in it. With a glance of it, there were more than ten thousand types, so after scanning a while, Shiao Chen put it down. He couldn't remember all of it overnight, thus decided to learn it carefully when he had more time.

The color of the last jade sheet was a bit different from that of the other two. When he held it in his hand, a 1000-word article showed up in his mind, with the name of Tricks of Plants Refining.

Below it were some small characters that read, "Shiao Chen, my disciple, born without spiritual root doesn't mean you can't cultivate at all, but you will do it very slowly. The Tricks of Plants Refining isn't a precious manual, however, it requires little of cultivation talent. Now I give it to you, hoping you can practice assiduously and never give up."

It was really good news for Shiao Chen who was now excited and kept focusing on reading.

"During the formation of the universe, the Heaven and Earth appeared, with five elements namely gold, wood, water, fire and earth…"

Though Tricks of Plants Refining was a basic cultivation manual, the methods of cultivation it recorded were really obscure to understand for Shiao Chen at the first sight. However, he perceived there were some implicit Taoism laws behind it.

When he opened his eyes again, it was already dark outside. Looking exhausted, there was a touch of excitement on his face too. He finally remembered the manual in the heart hours after. Though there was still something vague to understand, he had done his best.

For the most time of the next few days, Shiao Chen kept digging into the Tricks of Plants Refining at his room. At other times, he just took a walk and got to know a few outside disciples accidentally.

After understanding all the contents of Tricks of Plants Refining, Shiao Chen decided to begin his cultivation.

Taking a deep breath, Shiao Chen sat on the bed crossing his legs and began to absorb the spirit in the universe using the way recorded on the manual.

Two hours, four hours, six hours…

Sitting cross-legged for the whole six hours, Shiao Chen could hardly feel his legs. What discouraged him more was the fact that he hadn't perceived the spirit mentioned in the Tricks of Plants Refining. It was said the manual was easy with low cultivation requirement and beginners could sense the spirit and absorb it within an hour. However, why didn't it work to him?

Spiritual root – that must be the cause.

Feeling bitter in the heart, Shiao Chen realized without a spiritual root, he may need to double the work on the road of cultivation. However, he had determined that if it wouldn't work with six hours, then he would try twelve hours, or even twenty-four hours. He wouldn't accept that he couldn't cultivate.

Forgetting about the time unconsciously, Shiao Chen suddenly felt something like light spots suspending around him. However, when he tried to see them through, everything became too vague.

The Tricks of Plants Refining was still running in his body while the floating light spots flied towards him slowly, which turned into a fresh and clear breath and integrated into his body.

"Hm?" Surprised by the cool breath, Shiao Chen withdrew from the fantastic feeling. Opening his eyes and finding he was still in the empty room, Shiao Chen was delighted secretly to perceive the cool breath like tiny silk in the body.

"Is this the spiritual power cultivators owned?" Collecting his mind and forcing himself to calm down, Shiao Chen felt those floating spots again after a while. Without neglect, he performed the Tricks of Plant Refining and absorbed those light spots gradually. With one more light spot, he could feel the cool breath from his genuine energy increased, so did its volume.
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