Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Chapter 2: Shiao Family
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Dao: Journey to the Top of the Universe
Author :Shi Tang Bao Zi 食堂包子
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Chapter 2: Shiao Family

Translator: Flying Lines
Shiao Town, Shiao Family.

As its name suggested, the status of Shiao Family in the town could be seen clearly. However, the defiant guardians of Shiao Family at ordinary times were now full of respect and caution. Though dressed well, they behaved very humbly in an ingratiating manner. With the gate of Shiao Family opened now, a row of beautiful maidservants lined at each side of the road and red lanterns hung high under the eaves. It was so ceremonious and seemed someone special was coming.

"Father, are the envoys from Luoyun Valley so unattainable? Do we really need to be so prudent considering our strength?" At the hall, haughty Shiao Lin asked his father. As the eldest childe of Shiao Family, he had been praised and respected by whoever knew him, which leaded to his arrogant character.

"Shut up!" Hearing this, Shiao Wenting changed the expression suddenly and berated him seriously. Looking around carefully for a while and finding nothing abnormal, he was a bit relieved, though still grim-faced. Then he continued, "Stop it, if you say anything annoying the envoys, wait and see how I will punish you."

Shiao Lin's face turned gray. He never thought his affectionate father would be so furious to him because of this. However, he was not that stupid to argue with him, so he didn't say a word any more.

"Now, in case any of you offend the envoys and spell disaster for this family, I need to remind you something beforehand." Shiao Wenting stated with a solemn face. All other principals of Shiao's branches were listening seriously.

"Luoyun Valley doesn't belong to any secular power, or we won't need to act so cautiously and humbly to flatter them. It is a sect full of high and powerful cultivators who can topple the mountains and overturn the seas. Even a disciple can destroy our family easily." There were awe and longing in the eyes of Shiao Wenting while he talked about it. He had seen it by himself. Notorious thieves and the best martial art experts became ashes with nothing left of them under the attack of a small fireball from one of Luoyun Valley's cultivators.

"Fortunately, our ancestors had history with Luoyun Valley, so every twenty years, there will be a chance for us to send age-appropriate boys to have a test. If they are gifted for being a cultivator, they will be the disciples and have a chance to be immortal."

"What? Do immortals really exist?"

"So we are here to have a test? Really?"

"Ah, great, I have a chance to be immortal."

"Immortal! I will become an immortal."

Dozens of young boys from Shiao Family in the hall turned excited immediately.

"So all of you remember to act respectfully and cautiously when the envoys are here. If there are any mistakes and our family suffers due to that, it will not be atoned for even you die one hundred times." Shiao Wenting said the last sentence with loud voice and stern expression.

"Yes, clan leader." Hearing this, all teenagers became serious, eyes full of revere and expectation.

Shao Wenting nodded with satisfaction. Actually he was too cautious. The divine envoys were usually cold and prideful and cared nothing about the flatter of ordinary people. They wouldn't even take a sip of the tea provided and would leave as soon as they found potential disciples. So there would hardly be any chance to offend them even if someone wanted to.

At the moment, a servant in green clothes ran in and kneeled down with a pained look, saying cautiously, "Master, there's a man and a boy outside claiming they belong to a branch of Shiao Family and intend to attend the selection today. They look unfamiliar and I haven't seen them before, however, what they wear…are the clan costumes, so I'm here to ask for your instruction before allowing them in."

He said this with scrupulousness while feeling perturbed in the heart. Today was the most important day in twenty years, if the guests belonged to this family, everything would be all right; if not, he would definitely be punished…however, the man outside presented a gentle aura, so he couldn't be a cheater, right?

Hearing this, Shiao Wenting sneered with cold expression, and then waved his hand and said, "I have known it, just bring them in."

While the servant left, the second man on the left side frowned and asked, " Brother, three branches with eight households of our family are all here. The two people outside are obviously lying, so why do you let them in? If they deliberately cause troubles and offend the divine envoys, won't it be a problem?"

"Ho ho, brother, you are wrong. Technically, there are three branches with nine households in total. Have you forgotten one of our brothers was expelled from the family?" Full of squib, he continued, "Yesterday, he invited me and your other two elder brothers out and begged for a chance to let his son take part in the test of Treading Divine Gate. I agreed seeing he's so pitiful."

"Oh, it's him! When he left, he said he would never set foot in this family, now what? Come here so eagerly. Hum, just see how I will make him ashamed." The fifth son of the Shiao, Shiao Wenbin, looked at the entrance of the hall with ruthless eyes when speaking of this.

Meanwhile, two figures showed up and came into the hall. They were of course Shiao Wenshan and Shiao Chen.

"Hey, you may not know that. In front of us is an awful man who was favored by the previous master. However, later he planned to take over the property in confidence, which was discovered and so he was expelled by our master's mother. Now how dare he come back?"

"Hum, of course for the coming test of Treading Divine Gate. Knowing our elder brother is lenient, he just comes here to beg for mercy. For me, I will throw them out. Really annoying!"

"Look at his son, so weak with that pale face. How can he dream to be chosen by the divine envoys."

For a moment, the hall resounded with satire and cynicism while Shiao Wenting just looked at everyone with a cold smile on his face.

Shiao Wenshan clasped Shiao Chen's shoulder with full strength and stopped his intention to refute with stringent eyes.

After a while, Shiao Wenting waved his hands to stop all the sneers, then he began to talk, "I will stick to my promiseto give you the chance. But remember, this is your last chance. After this, no matter you live or die, never step into this family again."

"Now step aside and don't offend the divine envoys."

"Yes." Regardless of how others thought of them, Shiao Wenshan pulled Shiao Chen to the corner.

"My son, don't ask why I'm doing this and never regard it as a burden. Now just remember one thing. After you leave with the divine envoys, try everything to stay there."

Hearing this, Shiao Chen nodded violently. Although his eyes were red, he didn't let one drop of tear fall down because his father had always taught him that a real man could bleed but never drop tears.
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