Crazy Detective
1154 Truth Serum
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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1154 Truth Serum

Other than the incident where Zhao Yu's pants were ripped off, there were two other things that happened that were not within his plans.

The first could be considered a rookie-level mistake. Zhao Yu had known that there was a total of four criminals within Guan Qing Hall, including the mole. However, he had only left one taser behind the screen.

Zhao Yu couldn't begin to fathom what his thought process had been at that moment. There were only two bullets inside the taser, how could he use it against all four scoundrels? He should have at least gotten another gun!

Because of this, when the strong criminal had charged towards Zhao Yu with a knife, Zhao Yu was flustered.

However, the courageous hostages who believed in justice turned the situation around with their trusty iron shovels!

The second issue was something Zhao Yu had not foreseen. The masked man had a truth serum with him and had intended to get some information out of him with the serum.

Thus, when Zhao Yu saw the truth serum, he came up with an impromptu plan and purposely allowed the masked man to inject him with it.

The purpose of this shot was not only to catch the other party off guard. It was also because Zhao Yu wanted to see how the truth serum worked.

Zhao Yu wanted to see how to draw out the medicine with the syringe, how to inject it, and also how to ask the right questions in order to extract information from the other party.

Beginning at that moment, the idea of giving the masked man a taste of his own medicine began to form in Zhao Yu's mind. He wanted to make use of the truth serum and get some information out of him.

The order of events flowed just as Zhao Yu predicted. After getting rid of the four criminals, he dragged the masked man to a wall in the corner of the room and injected him with the truth serum.

Even a determined person like the masked man eventually fell to the effects of the truth serum. Not long after the shot had been administered, he began to spill the truth...

After that, the situation developed like the old saying. If you don't ask, you don't know. But once you asked, you'd be in for a surprise.

Zhao Yu's jaw dropped once the masked man revealed the truth about everything that had happened.

Even though he had already figured out the gist of the matter in regard to this Treasure case, he realized that the case was more complicated than he thought after the masked man revealed the truth. Not only had he been too careless with his thoughts, but his thinking had also steered him further from the truth!

How… how could this be…?!

In Guan Qing Hall, Zhao Yu had already asked everything that he had wanted to know. Facing the wall, he let out a sigh of exhaustion.


After that, he once again thought of a few other questions. However, the effects of the truth serum were wearing off, and once that happened, the masked man stopped talking.

A few seconds passed and the masked man showed signs of awakening from his slumber.

Zhao Yu knew that the masked man was not to be trifled with, and he quickly called Xiao Hang to let the professionals handle the rest.

"Be careful…" Zhao Yu ordered as he faced the agents arresting the masked man. "This guy is different from the other terrorists. He may not have hidden any poison in his teeth, but he still knows about a hundred ways to kill himself.

"Wrap him up like a dumpling and don't let him move even an inch!" Zhao Yu urged. "This guy is basically a living treasure. He knows a lot of information that could be beneficial to us, so no matter what, we have to keep him alive!"

"Rest assured!" Xiao Hang said. "This is just a usual day in Secret Services!"

Following Xiao Hang's gestures, the Secret Service agents worked together and quickly subdued the masked man using professional equipment. It really looked like they were wrapping a dumpling...

"Boss! Boss!" Cui Lizhu could no longer contain her feelings of excitement and rushed toward Zhao Yu to hug him. "That was so awesome, so exciting too...." she said, lifting her head up. Tears were welling up in her eyes. "How did you manage to survive? How is that possible?"

"Hahaha...! Nothing is impossible!" Zhao Yu said, grinning. "I have said this before, but your boss has a resolution made of steel! Trying to kill me with these little snobs? Ha! They're in over their heads!"

"Hmm… hehe…" Xiao Hang said, standing in front of Zhao Yu. Despite her eagerness, she calmed herself and politely asked, "Leader Zhao, did you manage to use the truth serum on that guy? How was it? Did you manage to get information?"

"F…" Zhao Yu began to mutter a phrase. "Fa… ni…"

"Huh? What are you saying?" Xiao Hang asked. He thought Zhao Yu was cursing and the expression on his face became awkward.

"F-I-O-N-A!" Zhao Yu read out the English letters one by one. "Fa Luo! That's the guy's name! His dad is from Guam and his mum is from Japan, so he's mixed!"

"Huh!?" Xiao Hang's eyes widened. "So… so… he really said that? Zhao Yu! Mm… Leader Zhao… Godly Detective Zhao!" At this point, Xiao Hang was almost on his knees. "Quick, tell me! Who was the mastermind behind this group? Was it Seraph? Or Daniel?"

"Hmm..." Zhao Yu said, frowning slightly. "Leader Xiao, I'm not picking on you! But… as for the identity of the mastermind… I really can't say! If I do, this matter would become a big deal! So... I need to find some free time and see the head of the Secret Service..."

"This..." Xiao Hang's expression became grim. "What about Li Jing? Not even Leader Li?"

"I'll put a stop to this conversation now! Not even my father-in-law!" Zhao Yu said solemnly. "You are an understanding person, so please, quickly make the arrangements!"

"Hmm..." Seeing how serious Zhao Yu looked, Xiao Hang softened his expression. He viewed Zhao Yu as a living God, so how could he be disrespectful?

"Come..." Zhao Yu said, wrapping his arms around Cui Lizhu and walking toward the dragon seat in the Guan Qing Hall. "Come here for a moment, I'll show you guys something good. Move this!"

Xiao Hang saw that Zhao Yu pointed toward the dragon seat, and hurriedly gestured toward his men.

When the dragon seat moved, a secret passageway was revealed...

"What?!" Xiao Hang and Cui Lizhu frowned at the same time. "How can there be an underground passage here?"

"The passage here is connected to many places in the Imperial Palace. In the early days, this palace was built together with the palace by the ancient people!" Zhao Yu explained. "Afterwards, when this place was occupied by the Japanese, they repaired and cleared the passageways. The passage's exit is located outside of the palace, at the Tian Wang Temple! Fa Luo and the rest snuck in from there!"

"Ah, how cunning!" Cui Lizhu said. She quickly came to a realization and hurriedly pointed towards the newly dug pit in the distance. "The pit there was made to deceive us?"

"Below that is a sewer that has long been abandoned. But it goes on for quite a long way..." Zhao Yu said, "Fa Luo intended to open the sewers and let the hostages jump in there in order to attract the police's attention, while they themselves would escape from the real exit!"

"Oh..." Xiao Hang nodded. "I see… so the hostages here at Guan Qing Hall were part of the plan, and their ultimate motive was still the treasure!"

"Oh sh*t! I almost forgot about something important!" Zhao Yu's eyes widened and he hurriedly pulled out his phone. "Miao Ying! Has Miao Ying sent you any messages? How's the situation with the treasure?"

"Oh, rest assured!" Cui Lizhu replied quickly. "Sister Miao said that they have already gained control of the criminals and the explosives. They also saw the door to the treasure and are in the midst of opening it!"

"No! No! Definitely not!!!" Upon hearing what Cui Lizhu said, Zhao Yu almost hit the ceiling and shouted urgently, "Hurry up and tell them that nobody is to open that door! What's in there is something special. It's the treasure!!!"
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