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1041 The Genius Detective Without a Hexagram

Zhao Yu exited the police car. He was so tired he felt as though he could collapse at any moment. The Invisible Recovery Agent was slowly losing its effectiveness because of the side effects of the Energy Booster. His ears began to ring and he was so dizzy that even walking was difficult. Miao Ying had to help him up the last few steps to the ambulance. Worried about his injuries, she accompanied him inside.

Miao Ying had recorded Cheng Lingfei's testimony with her phone, so she passed the recording on to the central criminal division. She had also reported the details of Zhao Yu's prison break to Chief Jiao. Of course, Miao Ying was concerned about Zhao Yu. She tried her best to present solid evidence to back up Zhao Yu's sob story in an attempt to convince Chief Jiao. She wanted the Chief to understand that Zhao Yu was backed into a corner and had been forced to do what he did.

Jiao Guofeng comforted Miao Ying and told her not to worry. She would explain the situation to the higherups and do her best to protect him. After all, Zhao Yu had been a top tier detective who had solved many huge cases since he began. He was also on good terms with the Chief.

Miao Ying had expected that outcome. Even though Zhao Yu helping Jiang Ke escape prison was a serious offense, Jiang Ke had ultimately been caught by the police, and Zhao Yu had managed to solve a series of huge cases because of it. Because of this, not only would the higherups decide not to pursue the matter, they would give Zhao Yu an award!

Next, Miao Ying reported on details of Cheng Lingfei's case. After listening to everything, Chief Jiao was at a loss for words. She had never seen a case this complicated – from Wu Fangfang's murder to Jiang Ke's prison break, the barn fire, the Rural Homicide case, Cheng Lingfei's revenge murders, and even her crime syndicate. This was simply case-ception! Chief Jiao immediately activated the Emergency Team and escalated the case to a national crime.

Because Zhao Yu and Miao Ying were the first people involved, Chief Jiao decided that the post mortem investigations should be conducted by Zhao Yu and his team. But seeing Zhao Yu's current condition, the responsibility was ultimately passed on to Miao Ying. After that, Chief Jiao gave orders to several other units and requested they provide sufficient manpower to Miao Ying.

Miao Ying knew how serious this case was. Arresting Cheng Lingfei and her companions was only the beginning! There were many things to do from here on out. First, she had to cordon off Cheng Lingfei's residences and collect all evidence of her crimes. They also had to thoroughly investigate the secret chamber in the study room and everyone involved in the cases. Cheng Lingfei's companies had to be searched as well. Miao Ying would need to send in people to put a stop to her businesses and the people who had close working relations with her.

The investigations didn't stop with just people in the country. Cheng Lingfei's mother, who was overseas, would have to be brought back in for questioning. All of the funds she had stashed overseas would need to be settled as well to avoid repercussions in the future. All of this had to be done as soon as possible, yet her hands were tied…

Miao Ying glanced at Zhao Yu lying on the stretcher, only to find him fast asleep. He was even snoring! The medic told Miao Ying that Zhao Yu was simply exhausted and there was nothing wrong with him. She heaved a deep sigh and looked at him fast asleep, a wave of affection and pity washing over her. Lightly caressing his forehead, she removed her uniform and covered him.

This guy…She thought, complaining to herself. Why do you always have to scare me so badly? Can't you consider my feelings? Do you know that when you jumped off the plane, my heart almost dropped? I thought I was going to lose you! You jerk! I know we need to solve cases, but do you have to play with your life to do so? We are about to get engaged, take some responsibility next time! Do you hear me? Tsk!

Looking at Zhao Yu sound asleep, she couldn't help but smile as she mentally scolded him. Wiping her tears, she left the ambulance and got to work. Just to be safe, she ordered six armed officers to stand guard for Zhao Yu.

When Zhao Yu opened his eyes again, it was late at night and he was lying on a hospital bed. "Urgh…" Zhao Yu groaned, startling someone.

"Sh*t! Boss, boss! He's awake!" Ran Tao was the one who had spoken. He clapped excitedly and switched the lights on. "This is great! Boss, boss! It's me, Ran Tao!" Ran Tao teared up uncontrollably. "It's okay, you're okay!"

"Hey Ran Tao…" Zhao Yu rubbed his eyes and attempted to stretch but was immediately met with a wave of soreness. His back was in pain.

"Boss!" Ran Tao hugged Zhao Yu, crying. "You're truly lucky! You managed to survive after jumping off of the bridge! You deserve to be in the Guinness Book of World Records! Did you know I took a boat out to sea just to find you? It's really great you're alive!"

"Uhm…" Zhao Yu was obviously embarrassed by being hugged by such a big man. He tried to push Ran Tao away but he didn't budge.

"Stupid Jiang Ke, he actually dared to push you off the bridge! When I see him, I swear I'm going to beat him to a pulp!" Ran Tao sniffled, letting out a tear. "You really scared me… I thought you…"

"Alright, enough!" Zhao Yu pushed with all his might. "I won't die that easily, now get me some water. I'm about to die of thirst!"

"Oh, oh, oh!" Ran Tao hurriedly poured a glass of water. Zhao Yu felt much better after gulping down the water. He looked at his watch out of habit. It was already half-past two in the morning.

"Ran Tao, how was the case concluded?" Zhao Yu asked in a hurry.

"Leader Miao is fully in charge!" Ran Tao answered. "Wu Xiumin and Zeng Ke are also back and interrogating the criminals as we speak! This case is simply too big, I don't think two months is enough to finish all of it!"

After that, Ran Tao briefly updated Zhao Yu on the progress of the investigation. Zhao Yu nodded, agreeing with Miao Ying's actions. He was satisfied with her delegation of the work to be done. "Oh, right! I brought you this…" As he finished his sentence, Ran Tao brought Zhao Yu's luggage over. It was filled with his personal belongings.

Phew… Zhao Yu inhaled deeply and reached for his notebook. Lightly flipping it open, he used a black marker and drew a large checkmark next to the Rural Homicide case page. Yet another case solved!

Zhao Yu was happy. Even though the system was frozen and he couldn't open a new hexagram, he was still able to crack the Rural Homicide case and this gave him an unbelievable boost in confidence!

He felt that through this case, he had personally leveled up. As long as he had his perseverance and tenacity, even without a hexagram, he could still crack cases and be a genius detective!