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"You need two things for revenge – money, and power!" Cheng Lingfei explained. "These two things complement each other, and you need one to get the other, so my goal was to find the money necessary for my revenge! If I tried to get it through regular jobs, my revenge would have remained a pipe dream. So, I decided I had to find another way out."

"Wang Xuejun was in charge of the Farmers Association and he was right at my doorstep… so that's naturally where I focused my attention," she continued. "If I robbed him, I would not only have money for my mission, I'd also be able to avenge my mother! Because of this, I started watching his routines and planned a robbery. But no matter what kind of plan I came up with, I realized I was missing one crucial detail that was needed to make it a success. What I needed was a spy. I needed to know how much there was, and I needed to do it without talking about the CCTV or breaking into the safe!"

"So, I quickly found Yang Zebiao. I realized Wang Xuejun trusted Yang Zebiao with many aspects of the Farmers Association. He had the keys, the passcodes, and he knew how to switch off the CCTV… making him the perfect person for my plans," she told them. "I did a little snooping and found out that he didn't have any relatives, wasn't married, and was ultimately alone. Naturally, a honey trap plan started to form in my head."

"From that point," she explained, "I started to approach him on purpose and I befriended him. I made use of the fact that he liked me and slowly made progress on our relationship, finding out more inside information about the Farmers Association as well. When we were dating, I was very careful about going out in public and only went out with him in secret. I also knew my mother would disapprove, so I made sure Yang Zebiao never revealed our relationship."

"Ah Biao…" she sighed softly. "Ah Biao is a good man. He's simple, honest, treats me really well, respects me, and listens to what I have to say! He is the only person other than my parents to have treated me well. Even though I was using him, I had never actually dated anybody. There were one or two occasions where I really wanted to give up because I began to develop feelings and wanted to live happily ever after with him, but Yusheng…"

Cheng Lingfei took a deep breath. "One day, I accidentally bumped into Xie Mengqin at my front door! Xie Mengqin was a really cunning woman. She stabbed my father in the back by getting a bunch of hooligans to make a mess at the cattle farm. This resulted in him becoming ill suddenly!"

"This woman was not just evil; she also had a foul mouth!" Cheng Lingfei continued. "I tried to keep my distance from her, but she still talked about me behind my back. At that time, Wang Xuejun was also present. He couldn't tell good from bad and still followed her around. I only found out later that Xie Mengqin was a huge client of the association and had close business relations with them. Almost every Monday, she would personally head down to the association to do paperwork!"

"Xie Mengqin's toxic words triggered my thirst for revenge. I wanted to take this chance to both rob the association and make Xie Mengqin and Wang Xuejun sacrificial pawns in my plan! I wanted them to pay for what they did!" she explained. "Shortly after, I got my opportunity. Through Ah Biao, I found out that Zhao Meng got a huge grant from the association and would pick up the money in person on one of the following Mondays."

"Hearing Zhao Meng's name, I felt like this had to be God's will! Zhao Meng used to be my father's business partner. There was one time where he drank too much and acted rudely towards my mother, going so far as calling me an illegitimate child. Even though my dad made him apologize, I could never forget the things he said to me! It was decided, with Wang Xuejun, Xie Mengqin, and Zhao Meng all present, the timing was right to execute my plan! As for the gun, it was assembled slowly over a few months. I bought the parts from an underground channel in Keli Erqi and assembled it myself," Cheng Lingfei told them.

While Cheng Lingfei talked about the gun, Zhao Yu and Miao Ying were both frowning. They were unable to understand how she managed to convince Yang Zebiao. Even if he loved her, he wouldn't simply betray his boss and rob a bank for her, right?

"Actually, even though this was my first time doing so, faking a kidnapping was not a difficult task for me," she explained. "With Ah Biao's help, I was able to make plans with him the night before to meet me at the condominium. When he got there, all he saw was my disheveled apartment. All of my personal belongings were a mess like my cellphone, shoes, and even a bottle of sake… Soon, he received a call to my phone from someone claiming to have kidnapped me. They wanted him to do exactly what he was told. If not, they would kill me. I got him to listen to me screaming and begging…"

"For my sake, Ah Biao had no choice but to agree to their demands. But what he didn't know was that everything was being done by me! I made sure to disguise my voice properly. It was all just a show. During the call, I told him the plans in detail and threatened him so he wouldn't call the police. If anything went wrong, he would never see 'me' alive again! Ah Biao really cared about me, so he cooperated and didn't call the police," Cheng Lingfei explained, gesturing excitedly. "The next day, the robbery took place. Ah Biao followed my instructions and after receiving the money from escorting the client, he secretly switched off the CCTV and used the chloroform to knock out Wang Xuejun. He left him between the gaps of the two doors so he wouldn't be noticed by customers in the hall."

"He then used Wang Xuejun's key and password to open the safe. He put 800,000 yuan into the bag and left in a hurry! Although the other customers found it suspicious, they didn't know what had happened, so they went about their lives. That was the point when I appeared!"