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1035 The Root of the Problem

"In this world, there will always be people who don't know how hurtful their words can be even if they don't benefit from it," Cheng Lingfei said coldly. "They think that by hurting others, they will be better than them. But have they ever stopped to consider the feelings of those they've hurt?"

"When I was young, I had to endure those words. B*stard child, shameless, slut… Those words were sharper than knives and pierced my heart, hurting me deeply. It also made me remember who they were, so even if my dad was fine, I swore to make them pay!"

"You guys can go and look. Apart from my sister who's in a mental hospital, who else is still alive? Including… including…" Cheng Lingfei paused. "Including Wu Fangfang!"

Holy shit! Cheng Lingfei's words gave Zhao Yu the chills. Before this, he had already suspected that there were other motives behind the Rural Cooperatives Homicide Case. But now, all the cases seemed to revolve around Cheng Lingfei! Who would have expected that the root of all those cases was malicious words. Even Wu Fangfang's case was because of this.

"All those people either suffered from a sudden illness, met with accidents, or became bankrupt and committed suicide! Not one of them had a good ending!" Cheng Lingfei continued. "Even at the brink of their death, they didn't know what caused their undoing! Because they couldn't find a motive, the police never linked their deaths to me!"

Zhao Yu and Miao Ying looked at one another again. Miao Ying looked disturbed. She had never seen a criminal as coldblooded as Cheng Lingfei.

"Who are these people, and who killed them? Zhao Yu continued asking questions in spite of the shock he felt.

"Well, they are all connected to my family. Apart from my father's relatives, there are also some business partners and some… classmates. The majority of their deaths were arranged by Jiang Ke, some by Yu Fusheng and the others by my lackeys!"

"Oh my god! How many people did you kill?" Zhao Yu asked, his voice trembling.

"For that…" The corners of Cheng Lingfei's lips were raised, and she let out an eerie smile. "You have to give me some time."

Zhao Yu let out a breath of air and sat down on the car seat. He felt like reprimanding her, but the interrogations were still ongoing and he had to stay calm. "Cheng Lingfei! Since it's like this, then you can start with the Rural Cooperatives Homicide Case! Or you can tell us about the incidents in chronological order so we can understand!"

Cheng Lingfei glanced at Zhao Yu. "The Rural Cooperatives Homicide Case… chronological order… If that's the case, then you have to start from the time I was chased out of my house. If my dad hadn't died, then maybe, even if I wanted to, I wouldn't have had the ability to make this all possible! But you know what they say: desperate times call for desperate measures!"

"The seed of hatred is like a devil. Once buried, it can only grow and it's very difficult to remove. For so many years, I have read so many books, but none of them had the answer." Cheng Lingfei blinked from tiredness, resting her head on the backseat once again. "Before dad passed away, I was always his precious princess. Whatever I ate, used, or wore were all the best! Dad doted on me and let me do what I want. He didn't even hesitate to spend a large sum of money on my very own cello recital…"

"I could feel my siblings' jealousy towards me, but I never cared if they liked me or not. The feeling was mutual. But when my dad died, everything changed. The long-suppressed hatred from my siblings finally exploded and my mum and my world collapsed! Officers, regarding how we got chased out of the house, I won't go into more detail… After looking at my files you only need to know that they even refused to give me my precious cello. From that, you should be able to see how I must have felt…"

Even though Zhao Yu's face showed no emotion, deep down he agreed. When he had first read Cheng Lingfei's file, he had already felt she had been treated unjustly. 

"Is it wrong to be pretty?" Cheng Lingfei asked. "Mum was a member of the serving staff at the barn cafeteria. My dad liked her because she was pretty and could sing and dance. Then they had me! Tell me, did I do anything wrong? I couldn't control any of that, so why did they have to criticize me? Don't you find that ridiculous?"

"Also, my mum was innocent! She was kind and hardworking and only wanted to be happy. She never wanted any of the inheritance, nor did she want to harm anyone. If not, when my dad died, we wouldn't have suffered so much!" Despite her indifference, you could see the pain in Cheng Lingfei's eyes. "I was so pure then! I never thought about the future, only about reading and playing the cello!"

"When mum and I were chased out, I finally understood how evil this world could be. At that time, we had nothing. Desperate, my mum could only take me back to her old home to stay. My mum was from Ziliu Town and the house that we stayed in was in the alley behind the farmer's association."

Oh my god! Zhao Yu couldn't help but express shock. He never would have thought Cheng Lingfei was this closely linked to the Rural Cooperatives Homicide Case!

"At that time, I still had to complete my studies. Apart from my holidays, most of the time was spent in school," Cheng Lingfei continued. "To afford my education, my mum began distributing mushrooms. Mushroom harvesting required capital, and at that time, the association was giving out loans, so my mum would communicate with them, especially the chairperson Wang Xuejun."

"He was truly scum! He found reasons to reject my mum's loan requests and tried to cheat my mum in the contract. He even forced my mum to do unspeakable things. Mum started the business for my sake, so she couldn't tell me anything and quietly endured it, but that b*stard Wang Xuejun only got worse. He even dared to screw her in our house and made her get two abortions!"

"If it wasn't for me accidentally discovering this, I would have been kept in the dark!" Upon saying this, Cheng Lingfei clenched her fists so tightly that her knuckles popped. 

"You may not understand, but when I saw my mum below that man, my heart suddenly found peace. Because that was the point I decided!" Cheng Lingfei smirked. The hatred in her eyes had reached its peak. "I would get back all that I lost, and all those people who had bullied me would pay!"