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Seeing the helicopter fall, Zhao Yu didn't know what to do. On the one hand, he couldn't let Cheng Lingfei escape; on the other hand, he didn't want the helicopter to crash. If Cheng Lingfei died, he might never know the truth of the case.

However, Zhao Yu's marvelous devices couldn't help him in such a situation. He could only watch the helicopter plummet to the ground.

Unexpectedly, when the helicopter was just ten meters above the ground, the front of it suddenly lowered, and it accelerated. Because of the strong impact force, it eventually stopped falling and kept flying close to the ground.

Zhao Yu felt dizzy because the helicopter was constantly shaking. It was flying so close to the ground that Zhao Yu was dragged through the high trees at the roadside, and he was scratched by the branches. If he hadn't been holding the landing gear tightly, he would surely have fallen.

The helicopter swooped through the trees then began to fly at a low altitude close to the road. The propeller set off a gust of strong air, which blew some cyclists to the ground. A man's hat was blown into the air and hit Zhao Yu.

The speed of the helicopter was fast, and Zhao Yu was suffering in the cold wind. However, he could not do anything but hold tightly onto the landing gear tightly and fly with the helicopter all the way.

He thought of using a Power Jamming Device to cut off the power to the helicopter, forcing it to land. However, the system told him that the device couldn't be used on a working vehicle, even if the device had been upgraded.

Zhao Yu remembered what it did say in the instructions for the use of the Power Jamming Device. This was a kind of protection measure of the system that could prevent bad people from using the device to cause an air crash if they wanted to use it on a large airliner.

Zhao Yu then thought about the Invisible Spring Launcher. If he used some points to upgrade this device, it might be able to disable the helicopter by making it bounce in the air.

However, Zhao Yu felt the helicopter get faster and did not dare to use it. Because using it Doing so on a vehicle of such a speed was too dangerous, and it would kill the people in the helicopter.

While Zhao Yu was thinking hard, the helicopter flew several kilometers. Fortunately, there were no high-rise buildings in Gaolanqi. Except for a few high flagpoles, he did not encounter too many obstacles.

In order to maintain their altitude, He Yubing made the helicopter accelerate to close to the maximum speed. After they came to the end of the road, they entered a park lake area and began to fly close to the lake.

The powerful propeller flapped the surface of the water, soaking Zhao Yu.

After a long time, Zhao Yu found that the helicopter remained a low altitude.

He thought that the shovel must have damaged the equipment connected to the engine. Now it couldn't support a high altitude so the helicopter could only use the forward thrust to maintain operating.

However, the speed of the helicopter was really fast. In a short time, it crossed the lake area and came to a prairie. It had left Gaolanqi. Even if Miao Ying found support, she couldn't catch up with the helicopter.

I have to find a way! Thinking of this, Zhao Yu quickly opened the device bar and looked for the right device. Soon, he found something called Invisible Suction Cup which could fix him to a wall. He used it immediately and climbed up slowly.

At this moment, the people in the helicopter were arguing. Liu Guangxing kept complaining about He Yubing. "What did I say? I told you to start quickly. You just don't listen! I feel like I'm taking the railway!"

"Shut up!" He Yubing roared at Liu Guangxing as she tried to make the helicopter stable.

In the back, Yang Zebiao clapped his hands and said, "It gives me so joy anyway. Jiang, look how fast we're going."

Jiang was pale with fear and rubbed his hands constantly.

Cheng Lingfei gently hugged the child and said, "Don't be afraid. We are safe. We'll get to grandma's soon."

Although the child nodded, his body could not stop shaking.

Suddenly, Yang Zebiao clapped and shouted happily, then pointed out of the window and said, "Look, look! There's a man outside…"

Liu Guangxing looked outside and almost bit his tongue. He saw Zhao Yu climb up from the window! He was even giving him the finger!

Seeing Zhao Yu, Cheng Lingfei was shocked. She had no idea how Zhao Yu had followed her here. To her, Zhao Yu was not a human being.

Zhao Yu tried to open the cab door first, then knocked on the window when he couldn't open it.

"Hello!" Yang Zebiao lifted his hand and greeted Zhao Yu. He laughed happily. 

Zhao Yu was agitated and pounded on the glass. This kind of glass was extremely hard, so he couldn't break it. Zhao Yu had to give up. He used the master key to open the cab door and pulled it hard. But unexpectedly, there was a latch inside the door, so he could not open it from the outside.

Zhao Yu felt frozen in the cold wind. He began to pull violently at the door, making the door rattle. Just as he was about to open it, Cheng Lingfei suddenly opened the latch.

What the hell! Zhao Yu had been pulling hard at the door and lost his balance when it was suddenly opened. Fortunately, he was quick to grab the side of the door side. However, he was affected by the strong airflow and was on the verge of falling.

Zhao Yu wanted to use an Invisible Aircraft, but he knew that the device couldn't reach the speed of a helicopter. If he used it, he would not be able to catch up with Cheng Lingfei.

What should I do? As Zhao Yu hesitated, Cheng Lingfei took the pistol from He Yubing and aimed at Zhao Yu.

Zhao Yu realized that his Invisible Bullet Proof Suit had stopped working after he had been in the air for so long. The worst thing was that he had run out of this device!

Cheng Lingfei didn't say a word this time. As soon as she aimed at Zhao Yu, she immediately pulled the trigger!