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1027 High Speed Chase

Cheng Lingfei's helicopter was much bigger than the one which Zhao Yu had taken last time.

The airflow caused by the propellers blew away most of the stuff on the rooftop, and the sound was tremendous. When Zhao Yu climbed up the ladder to the top of the building, he could hear nothing but the roar of the propeller.

Cheng Lingfei was climbing into the helicopter, and Liu Guangxing, the hacker was helping her.

The front of the helicopter was facing Zhao Yu, and he could clearly see clearly that the pilot was a woman. Even though she was wearing sunglasses, Zhao Yu recognized that the female pilot was He Yubing, the killer.

Cheng Lingfei had been careful to come up with a strong back-up plan. No wonder she was so confident just now! Even if the police surrounded the house, she could fly away.

After Cheng Lingfei got in the helicopter, Liu Guangxing took the copilot's seat to prepare for take-off. The propellers began to accelerate, and the helicopter was about to take off.

If it took off, Zhao Yu would have to use an Invisible Aircraft to catch up with it.

Zhao Yu ran in the direction of the helicopter in a hurry. Just then, the people in the helicopter noticed him for the first time. He Yubing, the female pilot, gently tilted her head, as if his sudden appearance had greatly surprised her. 

Liu Guangxing had gotten into the helicopter and was speaking to He Yubing. His anxious look suggested that he was urging her to start the helicopter as soon as possible.

However, He Yubing smiled slightly and then lowered the side window.

Zhao Yu felt something bad was about to happen when he saw He Yubing begin to lower the window. As he ran, he looked around and picked up a broken umbrella. He was right. He Yubing quickly took out a pistol and shot at Zhao Yu.



Zhao Yu immediately opened the broken umbrella to protect himself and then rushed forward. His Invisible Bullet Proof Suit would still last for 30 seconds, so he was not afraid of bullets! However, he needed to pretend that he was.

At first, He Yubing thought that Zhao Yu was some kind of idiot when she saw him using an umbrella to dodge the bullets. However, despite facing several shots, Zhao Yu didn't get hurt at all! Her bullets all hit the umbrella. Zhao Yu ran faster and was about to reach the helicopter.

Liu Guangxing turned pale with shock at the sight of Zhao Yu coming and shouted loudly, "I told you to start quickly, but you would not listen!"

He Yubing was stubborn. She fired two more shots at Zhao Yu. An instant later, she realized that all of the bullets had missed Zhao Yu. Zhao Yu picked up a short shovel from the rooftop and rushed over to her.

This time, He Yubing was scared. She pushed the button and started the helicopter.

Zhao Yu didn't know what to do with the shovel. In a hurry, he didn't even think about it and threw the shovel at the propeller. He instinctively thought that he could destroy the propeller with the shovel. However, immediately, Zhao Yu regretted doing it. This was going to kill him.

After the shovel hit the propeller, sparks exploded. The shovel was cut into pieces and flew in all directions

Zhao Yu was scared and hid under the helicopter. He saw a piece cut into the cement ground. If Zhao Yu was hit by one piece, he would die immediately.

How could he be so stupid?

Zhao Yu blamed himself for making such a bold move. But it had all happened in a blink of an eye. It seemed that he couldn't come up with a better solution in such a situation.

The helicopter was not affected. It took off from the rooftop and prepared to leave.

Just as the helicopter turned to the side, Zhao Yu was surprised to see that, in addition to Cheng Lingfei, there was an adult man and a little boy in the back!

Zhao Yu immediately realized that the man was Yang Zebiao. He was the criminal wanted for the Ziliu Case. Yang Zebiao waved at Zhao Yu as if he was laughing at him!

Zhao Yu looked up at the helicopter. He definitely wouldn't allow it to leave. He took a deep breath then quickly ran to the helicopter again.

Miao Ying had also come onto the roof. When she saw Zhao Yu chasing after the helicopter, she was really scared. However, it looked like Zhao Yu was about to catch up with the helicopter. She did not dare call out to him in case that distracted him and put him in danger.

The helicopter was about to leave the roof.

At such a critical moment, Zhao Yu jumped up on the steps on the edge of the roof and went straight to the helicopter.

Miao Ying was so nervous that she closed her eyes.

When she opened her eyes again, she could see Zhao Yu's hands holding tightly onto the landing gear at the bottom of the helicopter. He flew off with it.

Miao Ying stamped her foot in anger and shouted, "Zhao Yu, you idiot!"

Then, she climbed down the roof and looked for support as fast as she could.

When Zhao Yu grabbed the landing gear, the helicopter was pulled down slightly and this attracted the attention of the people inside. Zhao Yu could even hear Liu Guangxing's scream.

The landing gear was in the opposite direction of the cab. He Yubing wanted to shoot Zhao Yu again, but Zhao Yu hid behind the window. She had to focus on flying first.

Zhao Yu first extended the duration of Invisible Bullet Proof Suit and Energy Booster with his adventure points, then he slowly climbed up the landing gear.

He Yubing flew the helicopter up to a height of more than 50 meters. She was an experienced pilot. When she saw Zhao Yu climbing up, she immediately allowed the helicopter to spin in the air and shake violently.

Zhao Yu felt dizzy and faint as if the sky and the earth were spinning around. His left hand almost lost its grip, but fortunately, his right hand managed to take a firm hold.

Just when Zhao Yu was really struggling, there was a sudden clicking sound under the propeller. Then, Zhao Yu saw several parts of the mechanism under the propeller begin to fall.

Zhao Yu was stunned as he had no idea why they would suddenly fall apart. Then, he remembered that when he hit the propeller with the shovel, his Energy Booster was still working. Maybe the helicopter was damaged.

As he thought about this, the helicopter suddenly shook violently, then fell down.