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1023 The Fifth Question

Cheng Lingfei composed herself, and her eyes once again grew cold. "Detective Zhao," she said, "you must be thinking that there can't be just one reason for me to kill Wu Fangfang! I surely didn't kill her just because she was annoying!"

In fact, Zhao Yu had really wanted to ask that, but he didn't want to make such a bold move.

Cheng Lingfei answered her own question. "Yes, before Wu Fangfang poured the wine on me, you caught had Jiang Ke. Jiang Ke's arrest worried me a great deal! Although I was sure that he wouldn't give me up, in order to stabilize my people, I had to help him."

"You should know how hard it was. We had no people in the prison. I thought for a long time, then I found you. Your presence was my greatest anxiety. I'm not boasting. Jiang Ke's robbery in Yaoming was flawless. I firmly believed that even if the police had finally figured out our robbery plans, they couldn't catch Jiang Ke."

"However, such a perfect robbery became Jiang Ke's Waterloo," Cheng Lingfei continued. "I never understood how Jiang Ke was arrested just because you found out about the robbed cigarettes. Because of the time difference, it was impossible to catch him!"

Cheng Lingfei stared at Zhao Yu seriously. She said, "So, for a long time, I thought that there must be an undercover agent amongst Jiang Ke's people. But later, my investigation showed that that was not the case! If the police had known Jiang Ke's plan, Jiang Ke would have been caught when he started, and the chase wouldn't have happened later!"

"So I shifted my focus to you, huh!" she snorted coldly. "Around that time, you solved the Devil Case and became a hero! This increased my curiosity, so I began to find out everything I could about you! But after my research, I found that you were really a very peculiar talent. If I wanted to help Jiang Ke escape, you would have been my biggest obstacle!"

"That's why I came up with such a perfect escape plan. If I succeed, I can use you to save Jiang Ke and also take this opportunity to destroy you. I will be killing two birds with one stone!"

Zhao Yu sighed. Division Chief Jiao was right. He should pull back somewhat.

Cheng Lingfei then said, "Of course, you have a sharp mind. I needed to carry out my plan slowly, and I needed to divert your attention first! If I wanted to divert a detective's attention, of course, there needed to be a case! And this case needed to be of your rank!"

Cheng Lingfei showed a proud smile. She said, "So when Wu Fangfang insulted me with the wine, she also brought me inspiration! Her death would get your attention. If she died, you'd definitely come to investigate the case, and fall into my trap!"

Hearing this, Zhao Yu and Miao Ying looked at each other helplessly.

Cheng Lingfei continued, "Since Shi Hai died, Wu Fangfang has gone mad. Since she dared to pour wine on me and curse me, it meant that she didn't care much about the photos that I had used to threaten her! She was a senior police officer in the criminal department. If she didn't care about her reputation, she posed a big threat to me! Therefore, she had to die, either for personal reasons or for my overall interests."

"So a complete and exciting escape plan came to me, and then it was all about how I implemented it."

Maybe because Cheng Lingfei had restrained herself for a very long time, she appeared so animated while she was speaking. "I knew that the fifth day of the first lunar month was Shi Hai's birthday, and Wu Fangfang was bound to go to the cemetery, so I asked the killer to wait for her there, and he killed her!"

Cheng Lingfei continued, "At the same time, I also arranged for someone to go to Wu Fangfang's house and rummage through her things. Hers and Jiang Ke's photos were left in her drawer. When the police saw the mess, they would have thought that someone was looking for something in her house, but I just wanted to put the photos back."

"At the beginning, everything went well," Cheng Lingfei said with excitement in her eyes, "You showed up and acted as I expected. When you saw the photos, you went to Yaoming to talk Jiang Ke! We had been waiting in Yaoming for a long time. Then you came, and you know what happened then."

"But you are really smart! You had the police protect your family in advance, which caught us by surprise! But..." Cheng Lingfei sneered and said, "I'm still better than you. I found another target."

Cheng Lingfei asked Zhao Yu, "You might ask if it was midnight when you interrogated Jiang Ke, would the girl's video become useless? Don't worry. I have a video of the Qinshan hospital!"

Zhao Yu and Miao Ying looked at each other in confusion.

Cheng Lingfei said coldly, "Head nurse Yao Jia is working the night shift at the nurse station, and there is a bomb there. If you don't do what I ask you, Yao will be blown up on the spot!"

Zhao Yu was shocked. He remembered the photos of his friends sent by the mysterious person. It seemed that she had done a lot of work to study him.

Cheng Lingfei was no longer the dark princess in Zhao Yu's eyes, but a real devil.

Cheng Lingfei looked gloomy. She said, "Since I wanted to defeat you, of course, I needed to make sure that my plan is safe! Although I won at the beginning, I still admire you very much. You are a brave man who is willing to die for others. However, I didn't know that you jumped because you knew that you wouldn't die. That is a bit disappointing."

Looking at the proud devil before him, Zhao Yu thought of more than 70 ways to satirize and stimulate her, but he chose to endure her for a while longer due to the situation he was in.

"Well, the fourth question is over," Cheng Lingfei said, playing with her pistol. "There's only one question left, Detective Zhao. You need to think about it carefully!"

Zhao Yu pretended that he couldn't wait and said, "I only want to talk about the unsolved case. That's what I'm famous for."

"What?" Cheng Lingfei was confused.

Miao Ying also raised her eyebrows.

Zhao Yu said seriously, "I am known as the master of unsolved cases. You know, you haven't told me the main reason why you tried to kill me as you helped Jiang Ke escape from prison. Miss Cheng, it's time to talk about the Ziliu Town Rural Cooperatives Homicide Case and Yang Zebiao."

Listening to Zhao Yu, Cheng Lingfei suddenly showed a gloomy expression.

"Yang Zebiao is an important wanted criminal in the Ziliu case. Since his DNA was found underneath Wu Fangfang's fingernails, you can't deny knowledge of Yang Zebiao."

Miao Ying took a breath and said, "Just now... I saw Yang Zebiao just now. He and the child…"

"Huh? There is a child?" Zhao Yu was stunned.

"Yes, the kid who plays the piano," Miao Ying told Zhao Yu.

Zhao Yu stared at Cheng Lingfei in shock and said, "This is getting more interesting! Miss Cheng, I know you are very busy. Hurry up. As long as you answer my last question, I will be able to close my eyes, OK?"