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1022 Never Offend Me!

Suddenly, Zhao Yu had a bad feeling. If Cheng Lingfei continued to talk about these matters, his change of face might be discovered.

After hearing Miao Ying's question, Cheng Lingfei said, "Yes, there was no other choice! Yu Fusheng was useless to me. If I had not thought that he had performed meritorious deeds in the past, and that I could use him as my scapegoat someday, I would have got rid of him much earlier!

Cheng Lingfei's eyes sparkled with ferocity. "Jiang Ke had caused too much trouble for me. How could I spare him? In fact, at the last moment, Yu Fusheng was slightly aware of what was going on. He planned to escape. However, I had bought his men over. He could go nowhere!"

Cheng Lingfei gave Zhao Yu a playful smile. "So, do you want to know what happened to the cattle farm before the fire?"

Zhao Yu immediately understood her intention. His expression suggested that he would rather die than surrender, and he said indifferently, "Tell me or don't tell me! Anyway, this is my third question!"

Cheng Lingfei nodded in surprise. She said, "You really don't play by my rules! OK, I will give you this answer as a special gift!"

Zhao Yu was worried, and his forehead was sweating. He felt quite awkward as, on the one hand, he wanted to know more about the fire, but on the other hand, he didn't want his change of face to be noticed.

However, Cheng Lingfei seemed so eager to continue. She said, "We caught the traitor who disclosed the information, and this information also allowed us to catch Cao Sifen!" She looked at Zhao Yu. "Do you want to know who the traitor is?" she asked.

Without hesitation, Zhao Yu replied, "Yao Wenming, the bomber!"

Cheng Lingfei's eyes were wide open. She looked very surprised. She asked, "Didn't you say that you only found Cao Sifen's body? How did you know that?"

Zhao Yu blinked and said, "So, my guess is right?"

With admiration, Cheng Lingfei said, "Big detective, tell me about more about your guesses!" 

Zhao Yu smiled awkwardly and said, "It's just a blind guess. Cao Sifen found the van with the bomb in it. Yao Wenming was a bomber and he and Cao Sifen were both from Hailongjiang. So, I'm just guessing!"

Cheng Lingfei exclaimed, "Oh, you are really different! No wonder you have solved such difficult cases! Well, you guessed right. The traitor is Yao Wenming! He had been with Yu Fusheng for a long time, so his brain got rusty. He dared to betray us!"

"Cao Sifen was also disgusting," Cheng Lingfei said. "He disturbed my plan. Of course, Yu Fusheng was hopeless. Since his son died, he was mad! In the fire, Yao Wenming and Cao Sifen were shot, and Yu Fusheng was strangled!"

Zhao Yu thought that this woman was really cruel! In addition to the other three people, Yu Shunfeng and Tu Lekai had also died. She had killed five people at once! However, he didn't know if Cheng Lingfei was hiding something. She didn't say who had shot them and who had strangled Yu Fusheng.

In his current situation, Zhao Yu was certainly not going to ask her that. However, he had a chance to cover up his secret and so asked Cheng Lingfei in a loud voice, "So, after killing these three people, you set the place on fire to burn Yu Shunfeng and Tu Lekai's bodies? Did you want to burn all the evidence? Do you think you can use that to cleanse yourself from sin?"

Zhao Yu cunning changed the subject with another question. In this way, Jiang Ke's part in this whole thing was skipped over.

As he had expected, Cheng Lingfei said with a sneer, "Detective Zhao, it seems that I'm done with your third question!"

Zhao Yu turned to look at Miao Ying. Although Miao Ying didn't know what Zhao Yu was planning, she gave Zhao Yu a nod, which was a sign of support.

"All right!" Zhao Yu changed the subject once again. "Ok then, my fourth question. Wu Fangfang is your good friend. Why did you..."

Zhao Yu had not finished before Cheng Lingfei suddenly roared excitedly, "She asked for it!" This startled Zhao Yu and Miao Ying.

"Things won't end well for anyone who offends me!" Cheng Lingfei gritted her teeth. "Even those bosses have to show me respect. Wu Fangfang was so arrogant that I couldn't endure her for another second. She deserved that!" Cheng Lingfei's white dress seemed to shake because of her anger.

Zhao Yu pretended to comfort her by saying, "You need to calm down, and speak slowly!"

Cheng Lingfei breathed heavily and excitedly. After a long time, she said, "She fought with me over everything since we were little. It did not matter it was a fur doll or Shihai! In order to prevent me from getting close to Shihai, she bad-mouthed me to him."

Cheng Lingfei said, "She thought I didn't know. I just didn't want to talk about it. I cherished our friendship! In fact, if I wanted to be with Shihai, she would not have been a match for me at all! I always forced myself to show restraint to her! But what did I get for that?"

Cheng Lingfei was excited again. "When I was abandoned by my family, I hoped that I could have a friend to care for me, but she didn't show up until I decided to get revenge. What she brought me was not care, but ridicule, and the news that she and Shihai had become a couple! She hurt me deeply, so..."

Cheng Lingfei trembled and said, "So I asked Jiang Ke to get Wu Fangfang drunk and take photos of her naked. I just wanted to use them to make Shihai break up with Wu Fangfang! But when I saw his charming smile, I couldn't do it! I didn't want to hurt him... Besides, at that time, Jiang Ke had a criminal record, Wu Fangfang was a cop, and I was at the critical moment of my revenge, so I thought about it again, and finally hid the photos."

"However, a year later, when I had succeeded in getting revenge and recaptured my father's property, Wu Fangfang came to me. She criticizing me for being cruel and threatened me with her police authority, saying that if I didn't return the property, she would fight me to the end!"

"I was so angry that I took out the photos, and in turn told her that she had to stay away from me. Otherwise, I would make the photos public!" Cheng Lingfei took a long breath and said, "After that, we had completely broken up with each other and had no contact with each other since!"

After she finished, she became so quiet and restored her calm.

However, the silence lasted less than ten seconds, and her angry voice rang out once again. "At that time, I warned Wu Fangfang not to mess with me anymore! I really warned her, but... but she didn't listen at all. At the school reunion a year ago, she poured wine on me in front of so many people, and even cursed me, saying that I'm a b*stard!"

Cheng Lingfei's looked terrifying. She said, "Since I was little, there was nothing that I hated to hear more. Wu Fangfang knew that, and she did it on purpose! She had severely offended me, so I had no need to be merciful to her anymore..."