Crazy Detective
1021 Two Minor Mistakes
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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1021 Two Minor Mistakes

In fact, Zhao Yu was sure that Cheng Lingfei would tell the truth.

Cheng Lingfei had no idea that Zhao Yu had things with him that he could use to save his life. She naturally thought that she was in an invincible position. Since she could end Zhao Yu and Miao Ying's lives at any time, she wouldn't mind telling them the truth before she killed them.

Another thing was that Zhao Yu had realized was that Cheng Lingfei was a perfectionist when it came to Jiang Ke's robbery, prison break, and the subsequent fire. Even if she was doing something illegal, she would make sure that it was perfectly arranged. She was a paranoid person who was so eager to show off her cleverness. This was how she fell into Zhao Yu's trap.

This was exactly what Zhao Yu wanted. Criminals were often more willing to talk about their crimes when they felt superior than when they were arrested. She thought that Zhao Yu and Miao Ying were desperate, so she told them everything.

In fact, Zhao Yu was about to ask the third question straight away but after giving it a second thought, he chose to do it step by step. Instead, he asked her, "Next, please tell me about the whole thing from Jiang Ke's escape to the cattle fire!"

Hearing Zhao Yu's third question, Miao Ying seemed dissatisfied and sighed.

However, Zhao Yu was very firm in what he asked. He believed that the most important question must be asked at the end, so that Cheng Lingfei could answer them in a more carefree way.

Cheng Lingfei laughed again when she heard the question. She said, "Officer Zhao, it seems very impolite to ask questions with the tone of interrogating prisoners! What else do you know about the prison break?"

"Sorry, I'm used to finding out the truth!" Zhao Yu apologized. He shook his head and said, "I had a clear idea before, but the explosion in the seafood supermarket completely confused me!"

"Good! In that case, I won't bother sharing this with you!" Cheng Lingfei glanced at her watch, then said calmly, "I'm the sole architect of the entire escape plan. I'm also the one who called you. You heard Yu Fusheng's voice but that was me using a voice transformer. In this way, even if my plan failed, I would be able to use Yu Fusheng as my scapegoat. Anyway, those who helped me implement the plan are his people!"

Cheng Lingfei added, "The video of that little girl was recorded in advance, so that she wouldn't possibly leave the classroom in the video and you couldn't do anything to destroy my plan. Because it was recorded in advance, Yu Fusheng couldn't do it, so I had to call you myself. This prison break could have been one of my most satisfactory achievements if I hadn't made the two stupid mistakes. It was that which partly led to my failure today!"

Zhao Yu knew that one mistake was that the bomb's failure to explode. He didn't know what the second mistake was. He wanted to ask her more, but he was afraid that she would take this as the next question, so he didn't say anything and just waited quietly.

As he had expected, Cheng Lingfei continued to talk. "You should have known this. In the van refitted into a Skynet maintenance car, there was a remote control bomb that I left for you."

Hearing the word "bomb", Miao Ying was shocked. In order to pretend he knew nothing, Zhao Yu hastily put on a shocked expression too.

"Don't tell me you didn't know!" Cheng Lingfei said. "The car finally exploded in the seafood supermarket. You must have found it a long time ago!"

In fact, Zhao Yu had told Miao Ying about the van and asked her to trace it. Miao Ying also knew that the explosion in seafood supermarket was caused by this car. However, Miao Ying had only thought that the car bomb was to kill Jiang Ke and had not expected that the bomb had been prepared for Zhao Yu. How could she not be shocked?

Cheng Lingfei continued, "According to my original plan, when Jiang Ke descended from the van, it would have exploded on the bridge and killed you. Then, the bridge would have been blocked, which would have made it easier for Jiang Ke to escape. However, for some reason, the bomb didn't go off. Although I finally forced you to jump off the bridge, things didn't go according to plan!"

"At that time, the cattle truck driven by Tu Lekai was waiting in the unmonitored area north of the river. As long as Jiang Ke had caught the train, he would have left safely..."

The cattle truck and the sheep truck. Jiang Ke has really learned his tricks from this dark princess. Zhao Yu thought.

Cheng Lingfei added, "Since the car didn't explode, I couldn't have left it on the bridge. The police would have found many clues in the car. So I had no choice but to ask Jiang Ke to drive it away first!"

"The van needed to be destroyed, but it was too obvious. Jiang Ke and I had been adjusting our plan, but we couldn't find a perfect solution. Finally, Jiang Ke told me that he had someone who could take care of him in Yao Ming. He would send someone to deal with the car properly and he would avoid the police search! I had to agree with him since I had no better way. So, Jiang Ke planned to go back to his base in Jinbian first before he came to meet me."

"Unexpectedly, I then made my second mistake. Someone betrayed Yu Fusheng and told Cao Sifen about Jiang Ke's escape!"

Now Zhao Yu understood that there was a traitor. He remained silent because he didn't want to waste his questions and Cao Sifen was not on his list of people to ask about. 

However, Cheng Lingfei obviously wanted to talk more about this guy. She said, "Cao Sifen didn't work for me, and he had lost to Jiang Ke before. He and Jiang Ke hated each other. He wanted to kill Jiang Ke in person, so he had offered to reward anyone who could help him destroy Jiang Ke before Jiang Ke was imprisoned."

"One of Yu Fusheng's people betrayed him and revealed Jiang Ke's escape to Cao Sifen in order to get this reward. Fortunately, Cao Sifen only wanted to take Jiang Ke alive and didn't tell anyone else about Jiang Ke's whereabouts. Otherwise, my whole plan would have been f*cked!"

Zhao Yu now understood that Cao Sifen didn't work for Cheng Lingfei. No wonder his people broke into the seafood supermarket with weapons and looked so vicious. 

Cheng Lingfei shook her head and said, "Cao Sifen's people received the information that Jiang Ke was in the supermarket so they hijacked the van. However, they found that the man in the van was not Jiang Ke. So, they seized the driver then broke into the seafood supermarket! I don't know what happened in the supermarket. Maybe it was the fire that exploded the bomb. Anyway, the bomb was detonated there!"

She was right about that!! Zhao Yu thought.

"The explosion completely put things out of control," Cheng Lingfei added, "and I lost all contact with Jiang Ke. After that, everything became very strange. Jiang Ke didn't reply to my texts. I thought he must have been killed by the bomb or captured by the police."

"Although I knew how to find out about his situation, in that very special time, I wanted to be cautious and had others look for him for me. Unexpectedly, a source from Jinbian said that Jiang Ke had arranged a meeting with the investors in a nightclub. I immediately realized that Jiang Ke had either come over to the police side or was being deceived by the police."

"How could he be foolish enough to meet the investors at such a time?" Cheng Lingfei shook her head then said. "Then, when Yu Fusheng's two men got me the nightclub footage, and I found out that Jiang Ke had escaped from the police's encirclement, it confirmed my suspicions."

At this time, even Miao Ying could not help but ask, "So, that's why you set it on fire?"
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