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1002 Already Used to I

After her short meeting with Zhao Yu, Miao Ying drove towards the Gao Lanqi police station to investigate the case. She would return to the cottage that night.

Taking advantage of the free time, Zhao Yu finally used some the points he had earned and transferred the recordings from his Invisible Recorder to his laptop. Those recordings could be used as evidence to bring the investors to court. Not only had they benefitted from Jiang Ke's crimes, but some were even involved in murder, amongst other illegal activities. Those people were the scum of society and had to be locked away.

To reduce the chance of implicating himself, Zhao Yu erased parts of the recording containing things he had said when he was imitating Jiang Ke. If Jiang Ke woke up, he would definitely not admit to what happened in the night club and the words 'he' had said. As such, Zhao Yu tried to cut those parts of the audio out.

When he sent the final recording to Li Luoyun, Jiang Ke's hideout and the investor's case would finally come to an end. He could finally concentrate on the barn fire. The fire was so frightening! It not only burned a large part of the evidence, but it also destroyed Zhao Yu's train of thought. To make matters worse, Yu Fusheng's appearance, and then death, complicated everything. Zhao Yu's head was filled with suspicion and doubts.

Bad things happened all the time, but Wu Fangfang's case was a beast of its own. Zhao Yu even suspected that these were the doings of the Kun Qian hexagram, and he had not stopped wondering that if he had not transformed into Jiang Ke, would the Kun Qian hexagram have ended and stopped this mess?

No! He was quick to answer himself. Even though the hexagram might have played a part, these crimes were inevitable. There must be an underlying reason!

Thinking about what had happened in the past few days, Zhao Yu realized that becoming Jiang Ke was not a mistake. Logically speaking, the fire had been pre-planned and thus unavoidable. If he hadn't become Jiang Ke, then he wouldn't even know if Yu Fusheng had survived. Furthermore, if he hadn't been in the fire and escaped, no matter how big the fire had been, it would have been labeled as an ordinary case. From that point forward, the answer would have been a mystery.

Also, if Zhao Yu had not become Jiang Ke, then he wouldn't have been able to enter the thieves' den and gather so much evidence. Even if the evidence was unrelated to the mystery man, it would still prove useful for future cases.

Based on everything combined, Zhao Yu did not regret his actions. It had all been extreme measures for extreme situations, as things often happened that he was not expecting, and he had been a little unlucky!

Zhao Yu felt traumatized after the Kun Qian hexagram ended. He had yet to start a new hexagram. But this was a critical time and he knew he had to open one. The mystery man had overlooked two important things. Firstly, he didn't know Zhao Yu was alive. The second thing was that he didn't know if Jiang Ke was dead! This made it the best time to work the case. If he could properly make use of it these points, then the case might be solved soon!

Thinking about it, Zhao Yu finally opened the system with the plan to open a hexagram. But, when he was about to press the button, he suddenly realized the whole hexagram area was covered in a layer of grey and was visibly duller than the other areas. After clicking on it, a system message appeared saying that it had been frozen and required 70 hours for recovery!

What the h*ll… This was the first time Zhao Yu encountered a situation like this. Had the system been manipulated by the Kun Qian hexagram? How could it be frozen? And 70 hours?! The case would turn cold by the time that was done.

Zhao Yu felt depressed and unfulfilled. First, there was no backup, now even the hexagram screen wouldn't open. Fortunately, he had gone through h*llish training to get here and had built up a ton of self-confidence. Even without the system, he felt that he was closer to the truth! Thus, after sending the audio, Zhao Yu brought out the whiteboard that Miao Ying brought and began to jot down a detailed case analysis, recording all the new leads he had gained.

Besides Wu Fangfang, Shi Hai, Yang Zebiao, and Jiang Ke, there was a new name: Yu Fusheng. An additional suspect meant more data and more work, but Zhao Yu was used to this. While waiting for Miao Ying to return from the station, he had already filled the entire whiteboard! When he no longer had space, he resorted to using a blackboard he found. This house had originally been a classroom, so there were blackboards and chalk lying around in the storeroom.

"Darling, come! Gao Lanqi's nightlife is not fantastic so I had to get these from the supermarket. Let's eat!" Miao Ying said as she rushed into the house with a big bag of food. It was already 10:00 pm and Zhao Yu had barely eaten anything the whole day. Even so, he didn't feel hungry. He was more concerned about the new developments in the case. Without even reaching for the plastic bag, he asked, "Miaomiao, how was it? Did you find anything?"

"Darling, eat first! Don't go hungry!" Miao Ying said, shoving the plastic bag into his hands. "Now regarding the case…" She let out a sigh.

"Ah?" Zhao Yu was shocked by her response and placed the plastic bag down. "Why, what did you find?"

"Don't rush! There are too many things to cover in just a few sentences!" Miao Ying gestured for Zhao Yu to take a seat and took out her phone. "Listen to this first…" With that, Miao Ying played an audio clip. A low husky voice could be heard.

"Oh, f*ck!" Zhao Yu was just about to sit down but bolted up upon hearing the voice. His face was full of shock. "This… this… this is the mystery man's voice! I wouldn't forget it even if I died! The voice that I spoke with… how did you get this Miaomiao?"

"This audio clip was from the time you fought with the Red 8 troops in the boiler room beside the cake shop!" Miao Ying said calmly, seemingly having anticipated his reaction.

"Oh… then this is Yu Fusheng himself?" he asked.

"Yes!" Miao Ying replied. "Wu Shuang has already proved it. When Leader Qu was harmed, Yu Fusheng was always in contact with them, so they couldn't have heard incorrectly. And Red 8 heard that Yu Fusheng had many secret hideouts across Meng County, but nobody knew the exact locations."

"If what you say is true, that… that makes Yu Fusheng the mystery man?" Zhao Yu wondered.

Miao Ying turned the audio off and showed him some photos. "Look at these. As you would say, 'we're in the big leagues now!'" she said.

Zhao Yu calmed down. "That's fine, I'm already used to it!"