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The fire in the cattle farm raged on and the sound of explosions continued without any sign of stopping. The sky was covered in a crimson blaze and smoke. The fire engine was the first to arrive on the scene and the firefighters worked out a plan to put out the fire and move the crowd to a safe location.

Although it was the middle of the night, the fire was raging and it had attracted the attention of the residents. The safety shelter was already packed to the brim with people as well as cows. The dairy cows that were rescued had no place to go and crowded together with the people, moving amongst them and continuously mooing.

"How intriguing!" said a young man, wearing a green military coat, as he filmed the scene with his cellphone. "Do you think it has something to do with the cow feed he's using? How did it cause such a huge fire?"

"Feed… can feed explode?" asked another man that was also holding his phone. "I remember Mute's house had many cars, so it should be the cars that are on fire, no?"

"Wait a minute… where is Mute? Did he come out?" asked the young man hurriedly.

"I didn't hear anything! I came much later so I didn't see anyone other than the livestock," the other man replied.

"Ah… well let's hope there won't be any lost lives this new year," the young man said worriedly. "Mute is a good person. He even helped my sister beat up some hooligans." As the two men conversed, a cow passed them. Something seemed to trigger the cow and it crashed into the two of them, sending them rolling to the ground.

"Ouch…" The two of them got up after rolling around in pain for a while. The young man in the green military coat was the first to speak. "What the fuck? Do you want to die? Or do you have mad cow disease?"

Of course, no matter how much he said, the cow did not respond and continued to move leisurely through the crowd as if nothing had happened. "That's enough…" the other man said. "Why find fault with a beast? These dairy cows are really pitiful, if they were not rescued on time, they would have become jerky!" 

"Well, that's true…" the young man said, nodding in agreement. Reaching into his pockets, he suddenly became anxious. "Where's my phone?"

"Oh? Wait… my phone too!" The two men exchanged glances and remembered when they fell. "It must have fallen onto the ground! Hurry, find it!"

"Ugh, that's my brand-new Huawei Mate! I hope it's not broken…" said the young man as he lowered his head and searched hurriedly. However, there were only humans and cows in the area with nothing else to be seen.

"I can't find mine either!" the other man said anxiously. "Mine's a Xiaomi Note. Look! There's a drain there. Please tell me it didn't fall in…" 

Just as the two men were looking for their phones, Zhao Yu, who had been holding the phones in his hand, left the scene. It was he who made the cow attack the men and used the diversion as an opportunity to take their phones. 

In fact, besides their phones, Zhao Yu had also picked up a cotton-padded coat. Even though the coat smelled like sheep, it would keep him warm. More importantly, the coat had a hood that could help him hide his face.

His Invisible Disguise Machine and voice changer had been used up despite him having just received them as part of the 40 new tools. At this point, Zhao Yu didn't have to change his face to Jiang Ke's. Whether or not Yu Fusheng was the mystery man, Jiang Ke would already have been dead under normal circumstances.

But the reality was… Zhao Yu sighed. The power of the Kun Qian hexagram was unexpectedly strong. It took only three days, but within these few days, Zhao Yu felt like he had been on a rollercoaster. If it continued for another few days, he probably would not have been able to hold on. Besides, who knew if there would be another such hexagram. If there was, it would be…

Zhao Yu did not dare to continue with that chain of thought. No matter how strong the hexagram was, no matter how long it lasted, at the very least it was now over and he could temporarily take a breather. Anyway, it seemed like the result wasn't that bad! 388%? What an odd number, was the record broken again?

Receiving 40 tools at once was something to be excited about. When Zhao Yu opened up his inventory, he was elated. There was equipment and items of all grades. Bullet Proof Suit, Aircraft, Counter-surveillance camera. What was most encouraging was the Emergency Evacuation Ball. This item was immensely useful. To put it simply, it was a life-saving talisman. There was no downside to it.

Also, there were many new equipment pieces, such as the Invisible Recording Camera, the magical Invisible Hair Growth product, and a rather formidable Invisible Space Suit! Zhao Yu couldn't believe his eyes. Perhaps he would get the chance to go to space to solve a case?

Aside from the equipment, the accumulated points made Zhao Yu happy as well. After the hexagram, he had actually achieved 3,880 points. That was 10 times the completion percentage! With these points in hand, he felt confident. The next time there was an emergency there would not be as many difficulties.

Of course, the thing was, even though the fearful Kun Qian hexagram had ended, the truth behind this case was still a huge mystery and only caused more confusion. Who would have thought that, after chasing leads from Yao Ming for thousands of kilometers, all he got was a fire that burnt everything to ashes?

At that moment he remembered that during the check, the alcohol was a burning agent that consisted of methanol, ethanol, propanol, and butanol. It had a low ignition point and would cause a huge fire, especially since it was both colorless and odorless. The arsonist must have set up the fuel ahead of time as a trap. As soon as Yu Fusheng's body moved, the fire would ignite! But…

Thinking about this made Zhao Yu feel overwhelmed. What was the point of all this? What role did Yu Fusheng have in this case? Was he the mystery man or was he someone the mystery man was using as cover?

The key question was, after Qu Ping's case, didn't Yu Fusheng leave the country? Why would he suddenly appear at a cattle farm? Also, who exactly were Zhu Sunfeng and Buzzcut Tu Lekai? What was their relationship with Yu Fusheng? The fire had started so suddenly that the two of them should be dead!

What's more… Zhao Yu looked up towards the burning flames. If the fire was burning at this rate, the three of them wouldn't just have been burnt to death, there would probably have been nothing left of them.

Whoa! Zhao Yu felt a sudden chill run through his spine. If he hadn't survived, who would have known that the people burnt to death were Yu Fusheng and his lackeys? And even Jiang Ke would have burned!