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Using the Invisible Signal Jammer and Invisible Night Vision, plus the Invisible Odor Bomb and Invisible Breathing Device was Zhao Yu's favorite combination. After the lights went out, he ran over, grabbed the pistol from Mr. Five, and kicked him down. Although Mr. Five spoke ruthlessly, he had not intended to shoot Zhao Yu. He just wanted him to explain everything. So, when the lights went out, he was more confused than anyone else and Zhao Yu grabbed the pistol from him smoothly.

To make the tension mount, Zhao Yu had not spared any bullets. He fired immediately and attacked the strong bodyguards first. Zhao Yu had shot them in the legs. To his surprise, although the pistol was fitted with a muffler, the muffler had not been attached properly. The pistol made a loud noise and exploded with terrible sparks.

Darkness was the best weapon. When people couldn't see anything, they lost their fighting ability. Also, when the pistol was fired, they became a mess. They knocked each other down and had been desperate to find the door to escape. Zhao Yu's Invisible Odor Bomb also played a vital role. The room was not big. To enhance the effect of the gas, Zhao Yu used three bombs in a row! Although invisible, the power of the bomb had been huge. In less than a minute, the investors and their bodyguards had lost consciousness due to the gas.

When Zhao Yu saw someone pulling the curtains, he wanted to shoot them. However, Mr. Five's pistol contained only four bullets, and they had all been used. Therefore, he had to do it himself. By this time, the curtain-pulling bodyguard was shaking all over because of the bombs' gas. Even if Zhao Yu had not come to stop him, he would not have been able to stand for long.

Seeing that all the enemies were stunned by the bombs, Zhao Yu turned off the Invisible Signal Jammer and restored the lighting. He now needed to check that the important investors hadn't escaped. Zhao Yu searched for his targets from the group of passed out people and made sure that all of them were there. Zhao Yu clapped his hands and nodded satisfactorily. One bomb would take them a long time to recover. With the effect of three, they wouldn't wake up quickly. Zhao Yu could put an end to his adventure now.

With that in mind, he turned and walked towards the door of the meeting room to retrieve his cell phone and the stun gun. Unexpectedly, just as he came to the door, a man suddenly stood up from the ground and violently grabbed his legs. Zhao Yu was shocked and was ready to fight.

"It's me, Boss" the man said. When Zhao Yu looked down, he relaxed his stance. Big Bear Zhang was the one holding his legs! He had fainted before Zhao Yu used the bombs, so the bomb gas hadn't affected him much. Now he had woken up.

Zhao Yu looked at him and raised his fists. He needed to knock him out again. However, Tongqi and the ponytail man unexpectedly made a sound, as if they had also woken up. Only then did Zhao Yu realize that the bombs' effectiveness near the door had been much worse than he expected.

Big Bear Zhang held Zhao Yu's legs. "Boss, you're unbelievable. I thought you were crazy just now!" he said, praising him. The ponytail man had not even gotten up from the ground when he said to Zhao Yu with a shiver, "Boss, no wonder they say you always use your brain to play." Zhao Yu shook his head and thought. How much energy would it waste if I had to knock them out again?

Outside the door there was the sudden sound of rapid footsteps and shouting. "Quick... Quick... Mr. Five had an accident... Quick..." they shouted. Big Bear Zhang was shocked and looked at Zhao Yu, imploring him to do something. The ponytail man was so frightened that he simply laid on the ground and faked death. Tongqi wanted to say something, but could not utter a word. At that moment, Zhao Yu's heroism impulse broke out again. He clapped his chest. "Your boss is here. Rest assured, you will be completely safe!" he said to them.

After that, Zhao Yu jokingly pointed his buttocks at them, and used another Invisible Odor Bomb. They started to cough violently, then they all passed out. To make sure no one was spared this time, he used one more bomb. Then, he quickly ran into the small hall and retrieved his mobile phone and stun gun. As for the mask, he was no longer interested in wearing it! Now, his plan was completed. He did not need to hide his face anymore.

When Zhao Yu saw the mobile phones and valuable golden watches in the metal box next to him, he thought there was no reason for him to not take them. He justified stealing them by telling himself he might find some important secrets hidden in them. After Zhao Yu took the items, Mr. Five's men arrived at the door!

Zhao Yu did not act frightened. He pointed to the meeting room and shouted at them, "Quick! Quick! Go in! Hurry up..." They were totally unaware of the situation. As soon as they heard what Zhao Yu said, they rushed into the meeting room. Zhao Yu wore the electric stun gun on his wrist as he calmly stepped out. When all the men rushed into the meeting room, he raised his hand and shut the door!

When the people inside saw the door closed, they realized they had made a mistake. They rushed back to push the door open. Unexpectedly, the door's lock was on the inside. Zhao Yu had no key and could not lock the door. He tried to hold the door closed with his body. How could he do this alone against so many people inside?

At that time, the distant elevator door opened, and several people dressed in security uniforms came out. They seemed to be the investors' men. When he saw them coming, he didn't panic, but instead waved his hand, shouting, "Come on! Hold it closed for me, I can't hold it!" The security guards had no idea what Zhao Yu was doing. "Quick! Come on!" Zhao Yu scolded again as was about to give up.

People tended towards blind obedience. Although these people didn't know what was happening, they rushed to the front of the door and helped Zhao Yu push it closed! At that moment, the bomb in the room was emitting the odorous gas. The people inside banged on the door. However, their voices were getting quieter. Zhao Yu quietly left while security helped him push the door closed. He picked up his cell phone and faked calling someone, then approached the elevator.

The elevator was just about to open when the men pushing the door closed had realized that there was no sound inside. They opened the door and saw that their bosses were in the room. The security finally realized that Zhao Yu, the man who asked them for help, had been the real bad guy. The elevator door opened, and Zhao Yu was ready to leave.

After the elevator door opened, more than a dozen people holding pool cues emerged. These people were obviously also the investors' men. Zhao Yu pretended to be talking on his phone. "Lin, my five-billion-yuan project can be started. Ask the accountant to prepare some red envelopes..." he said. He stepped into the elevator as he spoke.

Finally, the security who had helped to hold the door shouted, "It's him! Don't let him run!"