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985 Where is the Door?

When Sanlong saw Zhao Yu, he rushed to him for help. A large man suddenly came and punched him fiercely. Sanlong bled and wailed in pain. Zhao Yu was facing Sanlong when a dangerous object unexpectedly appeared on his detection screen. It showed as a red mark in his brain. When he looked around, he saw that someone had handed a black pistol to Mr. Five.

After seeing the pistol, the other investors' expressions regained their previous arrogance. They looked at Jiang Ke indifferently, as if they were expecting to see him cower and tremble in front of them. Mr. Five calmly attached a muffler to the pistol, saying to Zhao Yu, "Jiang Ke! Kneel down! Originally, we felt compassion and wanted to save you! But what you just did greatly disappoints me!"

"You!" Zhao Yu gave him a look of annoyance and remorse. "I should have known that you were all mercenary villains!" he roared excitedly. Mr. Five raised his eyebrows. "Jiang Ke. You asked for it! Look at what you just did. Where is the cool-headed King of thieves? You've become a fool!" he scolded. "Don't you understand yet? You're nothing to us! Without you, we would easily find another replacement! Originally, we felt pity for you. But now you have made us lose all patience..." Mr. Five spat contemptuously.

Mr. Five raised his arm, pointed the gun at Zhao Yu, and shouted, "Jiang Ke, I'm not merciless! I'll give you one last chance! Tell me about your whole experience in Yaoming, including how you got into prison, how you escaped from prison, and how you met Cao Sifen." Mr. Five's face became gloomy. "We don't want to kill you. We won't unless you give us no other choice. So, if you tell us honestly, maybe we can have a peaceful talk. But, if you don't, you will see the consequences very clearly," he continued. He then pointed at Sanlong and others. He would kill them one by one if Jiang Ke refused to do as required.

Zhao Yu pondered over this. What just happened made him sure that the mysterious man who helped Jiang Ke escape from prison was not among the investors. These people and Jiang Ke took advantage of each other, but the investors wouldn't ever help Jiang Ke escape from prison. So, there was no need to waste time on them. As for the mysterious man, Zhao Yu had to think of other ways to find him.

Zhao Yu never fought a battle that he was not sure of winning. After making the decision, he had a new plan. He quickly raised his hands, saying to Mr. Five, "Mr. Five! I'll do anything you want! But I have a request. You must promise me!"

"What's that?" Mr. Five asked curiously. Zhao Yu pointed to the door. "My request is... Um... Please have someone lock the door!" he said. The investors didn't expect this. "Why do you want the door locked?" the man in the checked suit asked. Zhao Yu laughed, saying, "Of course we need to lock the door! I'm afraid that when I beat you all up later, some of you will slip away through the door!" Instantly, the whole room was quiet.

"I'm sorry, I made a mistake. You should be crawling out of the room like dogs! Watch my mouth..." Zhao Yu added quickly. He pointed to his mouth, exaggerating the movement, and said, "Like dogs…" Big Bear Zhang fell from his knees to the ground before any of the others spoke. He had passed out. He was not knocked unconscious but had passed out from fear.

Mr. Bao hit his crutch on the floor. "Now I get it. Jiang Ke is crazy!" he said. The man in the checked suit waved to Mr. Five with a reluctant look and said, "In that case... Mr. Five, we should end this quickly." Mr. Five hesitated. He was much more cautious than the others. Hearing what Zhao Yu had said, he whispered to a bodyguard next to him. It seemed that he was worried that Jiang Ke had something prepared as a last resort. After he finished, he pointed the gun at Zhao Yu again and shouted, "Jiang Ke, I know you are smart, but this time, you fail to find out the real situation. I will count to three. If you don't tell us what we want to know, you'll have no chance! One..."

Shockingly after Mr. Five said "one", the light in the room had gone out. Because the thick curtains were closed, the room had suddenly fallen into total darkness. There was total disorder in the room. While the investors and bodyguards were still in a panic, terrifying things happened. They suddenly smelled an irritating odor! The smell went straight to their brains, and they immediately choked. Next, the gun was fired! 

The pistol fired without any sign, and each fire was accompanied by a wail. Then, the scene became more chaotic. Panic-stricken people ran around and bumped into each other. There was a loud commotion of people falling and crying out loud in the meeting room.

"Why I can't use my phone."

"Ouch...My head!"

"Help! I seem to have been shot..."

"Hey? What is this smell? Is this toxic?"

In the chaos, someone finally remembered something important. "Where is the door?" a loud voice asked. His voice became weaker as the smell became stronger, and eventually tapered out. After about ten seconds, a clever bodyguard finally reached the window and opened the curtains!

Although it had gotten dark outside, the neon lights of the nightclub's sign shone in the night sky and illuminated the room a little! When the bodyguard finally saw the situation, he was shocked. In the room, only one person was standing alone. The gas caused the others to all pass out on the floor. The only person standing was Jiang Ke!

Something terrible happened then. He saw that Jiang Ke was holding Mr. Five's pistol and had it pointed at him. The man was so frightened that his legs wouldn't stay still. He knelt on the ground. Zhao Yu suddenly had come up to him and had thrown a punch at him. Then the bodyguard had fallen to the ground.