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While everyone was looking at him, Zhao Yu picked up a pool cue and hit Wang Xi in the head with it. Zhao Yu did it so swiftly that Wang Xi did not have any time to react. After getting hit, Wang Xi covered his head with his hands. He jumped up and screamed. Zhao Yu put his hand around Mr. Bao's neck and pulled him back, putting the sharp, broken end of the cue against his neck.

Wang Xi touched his head to check, but it wasn't bleeding. He did not feel a lot of pain either. It turned out that Zhao Yu had hit him with the thin end of the pool cue. If he had used the thick back end with the same amount of strength, Wang Xi might have been knocked unconscious or even killed.

When the investors saw that Zhao Yu had a hold of Mr. Bao, they paled from shock. "Jiang Ke! You... Are you crazy? What are you doing?" they shouted. "Hum!" Zhao Yu pretended to look hopeless. "A bunch of ruthless and unjust slobs! I see through all of you. I have always fought hard, but in the end, I couldn't even get a seat for myself. Good! I will die with you today!" he roared.

Zhao Yu almost stabbed the pool cue into Mr. Bao's neck. Mr. Bao was so frightened that he clapped his hand on Zhao Yu's arm and begged, "Jiang Ke, don't be stupid. We know it has not been easy for you, but you've also made a lot."

"Didn't you tell me just now that the person who has all of the resources is the boss, eh? Didn't you say that I was just a petty thief? Well, today I'm going to bury you with me!" Zhao Yu shouted maniacally. Zhao Yu pressed the cue a little harder into Mr. Bao's neck, causing it to begin bleeding.

When Mr. Five saw the blood, he couldn't bear it. He stood up quickly and attempted to dissuade Zhao Yu. "Listen to me. If we didn't care about you, why would we arrange this meeting today?" he asked. Zhao Yu glared at him. "You are all hypocritical people! My people and I completed the most dangerous tasks and what did we get for that? You got most of the rewards," he roared. "That's ok. Then I get caught by the police, and you ask me for an explanation? So, who should I talk to about my dead people?"

"Jiang Ke! What are you saying? I have always paid you fairly. I gave you more than you deserved for the Feng Mountain robbery since you helped me kill Sankaizi," Niu Lulu said. "In all fairness, you've also received a lot from the coal mine," Wang Xi added.

Mr. Bao felt the pain in his neck and begged, "Jiang Ke, don't you want money? I can give you money. We can solve the problem. Calm down." Zhao Yu stared at everyone and said, "You are not being honest with me. You made a lot of money in the Fenglongjiang robbery! And I know what you are hiding from me." The man in the checked suit frowned. "Jiang Ke, don't you remember that we got our shares from the Fenglongjiang robbery from you and Mr. Five? We haven't suspected you yet. Why are you suspicious of us?" he asked.

"Well..." Zhao Yu quickly shifted the topic, asking, "What about Yaoming? Do you think it was only my mistake? If it were not for the accident, I wouldn't have been arrested by the police. The prison food was awful. I am now..." Zhao Yu suddenly started crying, saying, "I-I'm hopeless! Whoop..."

Mr. Five sighed heavily. Zhao Yu had confused him. In fact, at this point, Zhao Yu was even confused by himself. He was trying to get more information from them! But what he said was all basically from Jiang Ke's documents. He didn't know the details at all. He could only rely on his luck. Nevertheless, he had learned more from his talk with them. Zhao Yu had gotten an Invisible Recorder long ago. He had thought it was useless, but today it played a big role. He had recorded everything the five people had said.

Seeing Zhao Yu crying, Mr. Five saw an opportunity. He gestured for Zhao Yu to calm down. "Jiang Ke! Listen to me... Don't get emotional. Think about it. If we wanted to kill you, would we have promised to meet this time?" he asked. "Actually... We decided to meet with you to find a way for you to escape! Before you got here earlier, we were still talking about it. We were discussing how we would pay for the loss of your people. And, we will try our best to handle the cigarette robbery. We'll try to find another chance to get it done!" he said. The man in the checked suit nodded, saying, "We were talking about finding a safe place for you overseas. The only reason we were so angry just now was because you were late!"

Zhao Yu lowered his head silently and pretended to be convinced by what they said. When Mr. Bao saw this, he immediately pleaded with him. "Jiang Ke, please let go of me!" he said. "Can't you see? We're not really blaming you. Everyone knows how much you have done for us over the years! How can we possibly let you be the only one who suffers loss?" The others nodded together, and Zhao Yu loosened his grip on the pool cue a little.

"You are smart. Listen to me. First, go overseas to hide for a while. I promise that you will come back and work with us again in less than a year. Rest assured, the name the King of thieves will always be yours!" Mr. Five said.

At last, Zhao Yu let go of Mr. Bao, and Mr. Bao quickly rushed back. Zhao Yu pretended to be serious. "Then... Mr. Five, now you tell me... How are you going to find me a way out of here?" he asked.

After Zhao Yu asked, the room had become extremely quiet. No one answered. Zhao Yu frowned and seemed to feel a little awkward. He saw Mr. Five sit back on the sofa and a coldness showed in his eyes.

Mr. Bao regained his crutch, panted, and climbed back to his seat. Although his face was pale, his eyes were full of hatred! At that moment, all of the bodyguards stood in front of the investors and didn't give Zhao Yu a chance to approach them.

Zhao Yu raised his eyebrows and asked, "What do you mean?" After that, Mr. Five still did not speak, snapping his finger. Then, the front door of the meeting room opened. Sanlong, Tongqi, Big Bear Zhang, and A Chao were all brought in. Their faces were covered in blood. They had been beaten badly.