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983 Like a Mad Dog

The old man carrying the crutch sat next to Mr. Five, who wore a Tang suit. He had never expected that Zhao Yu would point at him! "Jiang Ke, you are making baseless accusations," he shouted. Zhao Yu clenched his fists, roaring, "It seems you want to argue with me. You should know me; I never say anything without sufficient evidence."

The old man with the crutch looked pale and trembled with anger. He waved at his men and said, "What are you still waiting for? Get him." Zhao Yu laughed so wildly that the bodyguards did not dare to move. "See? You want me dead, don't you? Do it. Can you?" he said. Mr. Five then shouted angrily, "Jiang Ke. We need evidence. We know Mr. Bao well. Don't sow seeds of discord here!"

"Yes! Jiang Ke, if you don't have any evidence, I'll kill you!" Mr. Bao added. "Before I came, I saw you talking to a person. I followed that person in secret! Guess what? I've seen that man in the detention center," Zhao Yu scolded wildly. Mr. Bao went mad. "You are framing an innocent person. I didn't meet anyone earlier," he said loudly.

"Still not giving up?" Zhao Yu asked, staring. "I wouldn't wrong someone innocent. You are not simple! Now I have evidence that you not only have contacts with senior police officers, but also with Cao Sifen! And..." Zhao Yu turned to the others and said, "You don't know this, but Mr. Bao is bankrupt now. He owes a bunch of debts but he is still pretending he is rich when he is here."

Mr. Bao was so angry that he raised his crutch towards Zhao Yu and said, "Jiang Ke, you're mad. What's this all about? Pure rumor! Ah..." Niu Lulu, the man with orchid fingers, suddenly interrupted. "Mr. Bao, did you start gambling again? I had heard that you went to Macau a year ago. Did you lose a lot?" he asked.

Mr. Bao scolded him furiously. "F*ck yourself, you sissy. Don't think I am unaware of what you've done in secret! You sponsored Wang Yaofeng and stole my Honglitun project. I haven't dealt with you for that yet!" When Niu Lulu heard this, he immediately started to argue with Mr. Bao. "Shame on you," Niu Lulu said. "Honglitun is mine. You have no right to claim it as your own."

Wang Xi came forward suddenly and stopped him. "Lulu, stop that! We are discussing serious business here," he said. Suddenly, Zhao Yu shouted to Wang Xi something no one expected. "You idiot. Do you know how things leaked out about your coal mine? You should keep an eye on your people." When Wang Xi heard this, he looked at the bodyguard behind him in surprise. He then looked suspiciously towards Mr. Bao.

Mr. Bao was mad. He raised his heavy crutch and went straight towards Zhao Yu, shouting, "Jiang Ke! Go to hell!" Old Mr. Bao was no match for Zhao Yu. Zhao Yu dodged quickly, then grabbed him by the neck. Next, he pressed him down into the billiard table! Mr. Bao's men rushed to help their boss.

Zhao Yu waited for the critical moment, then shouted, "Everybody, the time to witness the miracle is coming! Aren't you asking for evidence? Watch out!" With that, Zhao Yu reached out and grabbed Mr. Bao's ear. He took a white earphone from Mr. Bao's ear and said to the others, "See this? The old man even put the bug in his ear! He is flagrantly disregarding us." When they saw the earphone in Zhao Yu's hand, everyone was astonished.

"That's my hearing aid, it's just a hearing aid!" Mr. Bao cried.

Zhao Yu put the earphone on the billiard table and crushed it with his elbow. He then pointed to the pile of broken parts and said, "Look! Look at these pieces. This is clearly a bug. Only a bug would have such complicated parts." The investors were confused. They didn't know if Zhao Yu was right.

"Mine is imported from Germany!" Mr. Bao said as he slammed his hands on the billiards table. "You rubbish, come over here," he shouted to his men. At that moment Mr. Five said, "Wait." Mr. Bao's men knew enough about Mr. Five that they did not dare to move.

When Mr. Bao saw that Mr. Five stopped his men, he was shocked and immediately tried to explain. "Mr. Five, you must not believe that a**hole's nonsense. We've all been friends for so many years!" he said. Mr. Five waved his hand as he replied, "Bao! I believe you! It's just... It's just that this is a matter of great importance." He waved at his men and said, "Hurry up, find someone who knows what this is!"

Of course, the story about it being a bug was fabricated by Zhao Yu. As soon as someone who knew what it was checked, Zhao Yu's trick would be exposed. Therefore, Zhao Yu deliberately let go of Mr. Bao. Mr. Bao didn't realize he had been released and still continued to struggle wildly. The pieces of his bug were thrown to the ground!

Zhao Yu pointed at him in an extraordinarily exaggerated manner and shouted, "You... You dare destroy the evidence?" The atmosphere in the meeting room suddenly intensified. Everyone's face showed dismay, and their eyes showed a deep suspicion of Mr. Bao. At that moment, Mr. Bao waved his hands at the others and said, "You... You must not be fooled by him! He is trying to take revenge on me because of the robbery in Beixin. I decreased his share of profit." He turned to Zhao Yu and said, "Although you work hard on the front line, you know the rules of our business. Whoever has the most resources is the boss. Without the information we have provided to you, you would just be a petty thief!"

Zhao Yu ignored everything Mr. Bao had just said and immediately scolded him. "Don't try to change the subject! What I'm talking about now is how you are the mole! You betrayed me and colluded with Cao Sifen to blow me up using a bomb! And you want to sell all of us out!"

"I didn't... Not me!" Lao Bao tried to clarify. Suddenly, the man in the checked suit remembered something. "Mr. Five, isn't there an anti-eavesdropping device? If there is a bug, how was it not detected?" he inquired. The others agreed that this made sense. Wang Xi asked, "Did he misunderstand any of this?"

"Is someone trying to cause us internal conflict?" Niu Lulu asked. Mr. Bao was about to cry. He beat the ground with his fists and said, "Yes, the one trying to cause conflict is Jiang Ke."

Suddenly, everyone looked at Zhao Yu. Zhao Yu shrugged his shoulders and looked around at the others helplessly. At this point, he had to continue.