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981 We Need an Explanation

As Zhao Yu had expected, after entering the door, he could not enter the meeting room directly. Instead, he came to a small hall. A fierce, strong-looking guy was waiting there. He searched Zhao Yu with the scanner he had in his hand.

Big Bear Zhang had explained the rules to Zhao Yu in advance, so Zhao Yu took off his mobile phone and stun gun in front of this guy and put them in a small metal box. The man scanned Zhao Yu again. After confirming that Zhao Yu had nothing dangerous on him, he put the metal box on the cupboard beside him and extended his hand to show that Zhao Yu could enter.

In the reception room, the light was dim and there was a solemn atmosphere. The room was much smaller than Zhao Yu had imagined. There was a huge billiard table in the center that took up a lot of space, along with five luxury sofas. Five guys of all different ages and clothing styles sat on the sofas.

One wore a cowboy hat and white pants, looking quite fashionable. Another wore a brand-name suit, and one wore fur and was smoking a cigar with a cannon shape. The man puffed away at his cigar, filling the room with a foul stench.

Zhao Yu glanced at the five people. Since each of them sat on a sofa, there was no place left for him to sit. Judging from their proud manner, they were the investors. Although they had different styles, they all put on an air of extreme arrogance.

Behind each of them were their bodyguards. Zhao Yu used the detector in his brain and found that the bodyguards had no guns on them. It seemed that they were also on guard against each other.

After seeing Zhao Yu's arrival, the nearest cigar smoker snorted disdainfully, with no intention of welcoming him. The man had black skin but wore white fur.

The farthest middle-aged man, wearing a white suit while posing with orchid fingers said to Zhao Yu with an annoyed look, "You dare 

Zhao Yu frowned and realized what he was talking about. He quickly took off his mask and put it on the billiard table. As soon as Zhao Yu took off his mask, the five people took a close look at him. After confirming that he was Jiang Ke, they relaxed a little.

An old man sitting on the middle sofa said, "You're late, Jiang Ke! It's very rare for you to be late!" The man was dressed in a Tang suit and sat up straight, with awe-inspiring dignity in his manner and speech.

Zhao Yu nodded slightly. Since the old man was sitting in the middle and speaking like that, he must be the leader.

Zhao Yu did not reply but looked at the five people carefully. He only recognized the cigar-smoking short man and the man in the white suit with orchid fingers as they were written about in Jiang Ke's secret folders.

The former was Wang Xi, the owner of many coal mining enterprises; the latter was Niu Lulu, the shareholder of Baicheng Group. Although he looked a bit feminine, he was really a man.

Jiang Ke's folders said that both of them were successful businessmen on the surface, but they did many bad deeds in secret. Jiang Ke had helped them solve some of their problems concerning business competition and conflicts of interest.

Aside from those two people, the others were not in Jiang Ke's folders. Is it because these three people are so mysterious that even Jiang Ke does not know about them? Zhao Yu wondered. Is it possible that the mysterious man who helped Jiang Ke escape from prison is among the three?

Niu Lulu wiggled his hips and shouted, "Mr. Five is asking you a question, why are you late? Do you really think of yourself as the king of thieves?" Hearing this, Zhao Yu suddenly looked up and laughed, then sat on the legs of the man in the white suit.

Niu Lulu tried to push Zhao Yu away in a feminine manner but failed. He shouted, "Ouch...You are crushing me!" The bodyguard behind him wanted to help him but did not dare do anything.

"Dear Lulu! I haven't seen you for such a long time. Don't you miss me?" Zhao Yu said as he touched Niu Lulu's nose. He then turned his eyes to the old man in the middle and asked, "Mr. Five! Why am I late? Don't you know the reason?"

Niu Lulu couldn't breathe with Zhao Yu on his legs. He pushed Zhao Yu hard to get rid of him, saying, "Ouch...Go away..."

At this time, a middle-aged man in a checkered suit sitting in the left corner shouted angrily, "Jiang Ke! Are you out of your mind? Do you know what time it is now? And you still want to play with us?"

Zhao Yu opened his hands and walked forward, wearing a happy smile, and said, "I'm not playing. I've just escaped from prison. You don't welcome me, but instead, claim that I'm a cheater."

An old man with a crutch sitting on the right side shouted, "Jiang Ke, watch your language. You should know your place in front of Mr. Five."

Wang Xi, the cigar smoker sat cross-legged and asked contemptuously, "Jiang Ke, why have you turned into a different person after eating jail food for a few days?"

The man in the white suit laughed, then said to Zhao Yu in a strange manner, "I don't believe you turned into a woman because of eating jail food." The others roared with laughter.

Hearing this, Zhao Yu got angry. But now the situation was unclear. So, he forced himself to calm down. Then, he reached out and grabbed Wang Xi's cigar, pressed the tip hard on the billiard table, and said, "Your mother died of lung cancer. Don't smoke this!"

Wang Xi jumped up in anger and pointed at Zhao Yu's nose and shouted, "Are you out of your mind?" Wang Xi dared not to say anything and sat down.

The old man pointed at Zhao Yu and asked, "Do you remember what you promised us before you left? What about the result? You totally screwed it up. How can you explain this?"

The man with the crutch said, "You should know how much your failure has cost us. We haven't felt safe for a single day during the New Year!"

Zhao Yu couldn't understand what they were talking about. These people shouldn't care much about money considering their strong business backgrounds. But why did they look so worried about the loss?

Zhao Yu asked, "I don't understand why I have to explain to you? I have been risking my life!"

Mr. Five finally got angry. He stood up and shouted, "Jiang Ke, I don't know how you can stay so optimistic! Are you really crazy? If it's just a small mistake, we don't care. We can make up for it. But you were caught by the police, then you escaped from prison. This affects us a lot."

Zhao Yu frowned again. From the old man's words, he began to understand something. The cigarette robbery was not as simple as he thought. There seemed to be a bigger conspiracy behind the robbery!

Zhao Yu was quick-witted. He asked, "Then, how did you deal with it?"

The man with a crutch said, "Luckily, we regained most of the cigarettes. So, the insurance company won't suffer that much!"

It seemed that the ultimate goal of the cigarette robbery was not about the cigarettes, but the insurance company, which would have involved great interest from some people. If so, Jiang Ke's previous robberies should also have something to do with commercial purposes. Jiang Ke's robbing group was like the criminal organization Zhao Yu had dealt when he was in New Zealand. No wonder he worked with so many businessmen.

Zhao Yu thought quickly and said, "Well. Good. Yes, I screwed it up this time! Don't you want an explanation? Ok! I'll give you my explanation! But before that, you guys must clear up one thing for me!"

Zhao Yu stared, his eyes wide, and asked fiercely, "Do you have something to tell me about my escape from prison?"