Crazy Detective
980 Mysterious Investors
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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980 Mysterious Investors

Although Zhao Yu had dealt with many underworld figures in his previous life, he knew little about a country-wide famous thief like Jiang Ke. He hadn't dealt with such a smart criminal figure and did not know how a criminal group like his operated.

He used to think that the robbers always did their work straightaway. They robbed, ran away, then got rid of the stolen goods. When they were caught by the police, they simply stopped defending themselves. If they were not caught, they would continue to steal and rob until they were finally caught.

He heard from Big Bear Zhang that the important investors who were going to meet with him were Jiang Ke's customers. They were all big names. Not only did they provide information to Jiang Ke, but they also invested a large sum of money to help Jiang Ke carry out his robberies. Zhao Yu kept frowning along the way to the meeting. He really couldn't understand why a robber needed to find someone for investment.

Take the Yaoming cigarette robbery for example. Jiang Ke needed to rebuild sewers, oil tankers, and hire professional people to drive Golden Cup cars to interfere with the police's investigation. This required a lot of money, but it added up to two or three million at most.

Zhao Yu scratched his head; he really couldn't understand it. Anyway, when he heard that the investors were big names, he felt hopeful about learning something from them. He was wondering if the mysterious man who helped Jiang Ke would be one of the investors.

It's very possible! Zhao Yu thought. The man who helped Jiang Ke escape from prison couldn't be a nobody. In addition to his power, he also had a reason to save Jiang Ke. Once Jiang Ke had confessed in prison, it would have surely had disastrous consequences for the mysterious man.

Zhao Yu felt both excited and alert. The mysterious man wanted to kill Jiang Ke. Tonight, if the mysterious man appeared, what would happen? The Kun Qian hexagram was not over yet. He didn't know what danger was waiting for him! Therefore, he must be fully prepared. Can I get all the cases settled tonight? As long as the mysterious man appears... Zhao Yu couldn't help but sneer when he thought about this.

Big Bear Zhang asked with great concern, "Boss...What are you laughing about? You're in such a state that I can't rest assured. Um..." Zhao Yu resumed seriousness when he heard this.

Tongqi grabbed a dagger and said, "Today's meeting is special. You'll be the only one who can get in later. So, if anything happens, don't forget our secret signal!" Zhao Yu nodded, then asked seriously, "What's the signal?" This question made the others feel awkward as they didn't expect their boss to forget about this.

Sanlong handed Zhao Yu the mask he had shown him before, then said, "We are almost there. Please put it on! We all wear them. The host arranged a masquerade party for this meeting. Today all of the guests entering the main hall have to wear masks to attend. So, you don't have to worry about being caught on camera!"

Zhao Yu nodded slightly and thought how the thieves were really smart to come up with a masquerade party. Tongqi said cautiously, "Old rules. You'll be at the end and pretend that you are just a guard. Sanlong will be in the middle..."

As the ponytail man slowed down the car, Zhao Yu saw that they had come to a beautiful building. 'Nightly Grace' shone in neon lights! This was where Jiang Ke met the investors. Nightly Grace was the largest local luxury nightclub. The local people who came here were rich. Zhao Yu didn't expect to have a meeting here. This nightclub roused Zhao Yu's curiosity. He was eager to know who the investors in business with Jiang Ke were.

At this time, Zhao Yu looked at his watch and thought about something else. Big Bear Zhang said, "Here we are, boss. Let's go up now!" Zhao Yu looked at his watch again and asked, "Isn't the meeting at 8:30? It's now 8:23!" Big Bear Zhang's face was clouded. He said, "Boss, it's already late. It's on the eighth floor. Don't you know about their bad temper? They hate unpunctuality the most!"

Zhao Yu slowly pat the ponytail man, then said, "Oh, A Chao, stop the car. Don't go in!" At this time, Sanlong and Tongqi showed deep doubt. Zhao Yu sneered and said, "The purpose of me coming today is to make them hate me! Guys, you take a break first. Let's wait 20 minutes before we go up..."

Big Bear Zhang shivered all over, and hurriedly reminded Zhao Yu, "Boss, those investors... We can't afford to offend them! This is not the time for us to put on airs!"

Tongqi agreed and advised, "Boss, you're always famous for your punctuality. If you are late for this meeting..."

Big Bear Zhang said in embarrassment, "Yes, especially at this time! If you are late, those people may cancel the meeting!"

Zhao Yu shook his head and laughed out loud, saying, "Idiots! I'm Jiang Ke! I said 20 minutes, so we wait! Understand?" Zhao Yu stared, and no one dared to speak. They waited this way for 20 minutes before they finally drove the car into the nightclub.

After the car stopped, Zhao Yu got out with Sanlong, Tongqi, and Big Bear Zhang. They all wore masks and even pretended to be drunk.

At that moment, Zhao Yu changed into a black suit and looked just like an ordinary bodyguard. He followed Big Bear Zhang and the others and went straight through the lobby, taking the elevator to the eighth floor.

There were different high-level nightclubs on the eighth floor. Big Bear Zhang showed the receptionist a special golden card, then they were welcomed into the club. After that, they took several turns along the dark passage that was covered by carpet before finally arriving at the door of a luxurious meeting room.

More than ten black security people were standing on both sides of the entrance, each of whom had sharp eyes. It was easy to tell at first sight that they were professional bodyguards.

The door of the meeting room was opened after Big Bear Zhang introduced them.

Big Bear Zhang said nervously, "Boss...Here we are...The investors want to see you. Only you can go inside! So, we're all counting on you. You must be careful..."
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