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973 Jiang Ke is a Brain Player, Not a Violent Fighter

No one expected Zhao Yu to suddenly fly into a rage and hit Big Bear Zhang in the head.

The terminal machine was not particularly heavy, so Zhang's hard head was not badly harmed. He stepped back in shock, covering his head with hands and staring at Zhao Yu.

Zhao Yu rushed towards him, as fast as lightning, and punched him in the face!

Bam! The man's face was instantly covered in blood.

Big Bear Zhang couldn't stand firmly, and retreated a few steps. Evidently, he had no idea what was happening.

However, Zhao Yu didn't stop. After kicking Big Bear Zhang in the stomach, he grabbed his hair and hit his head hard against the desk.

Zhang had a big body. When he hit the desk, it overturned, and all the computers on it fell onto the ground.

Zhao Yu took the opportunity to press big Bear Zhang against the ground and straddle his back. He hit him on the back of his head. Big Bear Zhang whined loudly.

"Boss!" The others were all frightened and hurried to separate the pair from one another.

Big Bear Zhang took this opportunity to get rid of Zhao Yu, as the others came to stop him.

Big Bear Zhang staggered up from the ground, He covered the back of his head angrily, pointing at Zhao Yu and shouting, "Jiang Ke! You're a madman! I didn't do anything wrong, so why did you hit me? You'd better come up with a good excuse to justify your crazy behavior."

Zhao Yu looked at Big Bear Zhang strangely. After he let a cold hum, he said, his expression forceful, "Big Bear Zhang! Haven't you always wanted to be in my position? Today, I'll give you a chance. One-on-one. If you can beat me, I will not only give you the password, but also let you be the boss. How about that?"

All those present burst out in an uproar.

Sanlong was so surprised that he stuttered. "Boss—how—how can you do this? Is—is this a joke?"

Tongqi waved toward Big Bear Zhang and said, "Can't you see it, Bear Zhang? Our boss was hurt in the explosion! You can't take his words seriously."

Big Bear Zhang was also confused by Zhao Yu's strange behavior. He did not understand if what the man said was true or not. He asked, "Boss, are you sure you want to fight me?"

Zhao Yu replied coldly, "Big Bear Zhang, I always keep my word! If you don't want to seize this opportunity, then don't mess around with me in the future!"

Big Bear Zhang opened his big hands which were like a bear's paws, squinted his eyes, and said, "Boss, since you've said so, I'll have to give you satisfaction."

He then shouted to the others, "You've heard what our boss said. This is not my decision!"

Sanlong rushed forward and pulled Zhao Yu aside. "Don't make trouble for yourself, boss. Your head must have been hurt severely. Even Laobin can't beat Bear Zhang. What are you doing this for?"

Lao Bin was the big man whom Zhao Yu had killed. He was fierce. If Bear Zhang was even better at fighting than Laobin, he must be a terrible opponent.

At the same time, Tongqi shouted at Big Bear Zhang, "Big Bear Zhang, don't mess things up here. Our boss just escaped from prison and survived Cao Sifen's attempt at revenge. You can't take advantage of him at this time!"

Big Bear Zhang suddenly seemed to understand something. He took off his leather jacket and shouted, "You all, take a good look at us. I didn't ask for this. It's the boss' choice. Come on!"

With that, he wiped the blood off his nose, raised his fists, and struck a fighter's pose.

Sanlong and Tongqi saw this and quickly moved in front of Zhao Yu. However, Zhao Yu suddenly pulled them back, and then dashed at Big Bear Zhang.

Zhao Yu threw a powerful punch at Big Bear Zhang's arm and shouted, "I am a brain player, not a violent fighter. Anyone who annoys me will feel my fist!"

Zhao Yu's remarks were obviously inconsistent with what he was doing. The others had no idea why he was acting like this.

"Good! Then I will do my best to play with you, boss." Big Bear Zhang seemed to see the sort of golden opportunity that comes once a thousand years. His eyes were full of ferocity, and his hands were full of power.

They took a firm hold of each other.

Zhao Yu had the stun gun on him. In fact, if he had wanted to beat Big Bear Zhang quickly, he could have ended this fight easily and quickly with an electromagnetic bullet.

However, at that moment, Zhao Yu was completely stirred up by Big Bear Zhang's arrogance. He wanted a serious fight that would last a long time.

Although Zhao Yu had suppressed himself a lot since he had entered the special investigation group, his eagerness to conquer others was inherent and would never completely fade away.

Therefore, he had urgently wanted to relieve his pressure ever since he had opened Kun Qian.

Ever since Leader Wu's accident, he had been suppressed by an indescribable disgust, making him lose his edge.

Now, he could take this opportunity to vent his feelings!

This was also why Zhao Yu decided to first put things aside and have a brawl with this so-called best fighter in this gang of thieves.

Although Big Bear Zhang was tall and strong, Zhao Yu, who had experienced enormous danger before, did not show any fear at all. Immediately after they approached one another, they fell into a heart-stirring fight, as if Mars were colliding with the Earth.

Big Bear Zhang pushed Zhao Yu against the guardrail, while Zhao Yu hit Big Bear Zhang's nose.

Next, Big Bear Zhang grabbed Zhao Yu's legs and threw him onto a table, smashing it.

He rushed at Zhao Yu and tried to stamp his foot on the other man's face. Zhao Yu kicked Big Bear Zhang's legs, making him fall backward and smashing another table.

Meanwhile, everyone else was totally shocked. They had had the impression that Jiang Ke had always been a brain player and was not good at fighting at all. Today, however, it seemed like Jiang Ke was a very aggressive combatant.

The fight's result also confirmed what they were thinking.

At first, Big Bear Zhang was barely able to keep the upper hand. However, Zhao Yu was obviously more flexible than Big Bear Zhang, which caught the latter off guard.

Zhao Yu was strong, and he went for Big Bear Zhang's vital organs every time. Big Bear Zhang's eyes, nose, and crotch were all Zhao Yu's targets. The others could hear the man's constant moaning.

Big Bear Zhang was still looking for a chance to fight back. He ground his teeth and, finally, got a chance to grasp Zhao Yu in his arms.

Big Bear Zhang had strong arms. He could break Zhao Yu's spine if he used his full strength!

However, Zhao Yu didn't panic at all. He shouted at Big Bear Zhang again, "I'm a brain player. You should always keep that in mind."

And then, Zhao Yu struck Big Bear Zhang's face with his head, directly hitting first his eyes, and then his nose.

"Ah!" Big Bear Zhang screamed in pain.

Zhao Yu took this opportunity to get out of Big Bear Zhang's arms, and then punched his face repeatedly. Eventually, Big Bear Zhang could not stand it anymore, and his body sank lower and lower.

However, Zhao Yu was at peak excitement. He grabbed a computer monitor and smashed it over Big Bear Zhang's head!

The monitor broke into pieces, and Big Bear Zhang fell down. He had fainted.

However, Zhao Yu didn't want to stop at all. He angrily picked up a computer case and held it high above his head. He wanted to throw the case at Big Bear Zhang's face!

At that instant, the man named Liu Wenjun couldn't stand it anymore. He rushed forward, wanting to stop Zhao Yu. "Don't! Stop … It's going to kill him!"

However, Zhao Yu suddenly turned back and threw the computer case at Liu Wenjun's face.