Crazy Detective
962 Unexpected Turn
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Crazy Detective
Author :Kuang Hai Wang Hu
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962 Unexpected Turn

jiang ke's theory about the mysterious man was making zhao yu worried and scared. zhao yu thought that he could find the mysterious man by following jiang ke and catch them all. it turned out that he was naive about the mysterious man. jiang ke didn't know anything about the mysterious man, and they were not together.

in the beginning, zhao yu thought that jiang ke was only telling tian xudon half of the story. he had to accept the fact that jiang ke had no idea about the identity of the mysterious man.

zhao yu stopped chewing the fish fillets and focused on listening to them. he was analyzing the information that he got from them. he now could confirm a few things with the information provided by them.find authorized novels in webnovel,faster updates, better experience,please click for visiting.

first were jiang ke and leader wu's relationship and jiang ke's purpose of taking those nude photos. if jiang ke was telling the truth, then he had nothing to do with leader wu's death. now, i understand why he was so calm after seeing the photos. questions remained according to jiang ke's explanation. if jiang ke had wanted to blackmail leader wu, why is he in the photos? wouldn't that be leaving a piece of evidence that would put him in jeopardy? how did the mysterious man get the photos? was it a coincidence or did leader wu leave the photos there on purpose? if it was leader wu, how did the mysterious man know that the pictures were there? the only possible explanation was the three people had a particular relationship. jiang ke might know this mysterious man, but he doesn't realize it.

besides, if jiang ke was honest with tu xudong, it meant that he was not involved in the ziliu case. zhao yu had the same suspicion with jiang e that the mysterious man was the murderer. the mysterious man helped jiang ke because he wanted to stop zhao yu from investigating the ziliu case.

zhao yu was still confused as to why the mysterious man didn't want to kill jiang ke. when they were on the bridge, the mysterious man asked jiang ke to leave before he detonated the bomb, which meant that he didn't want to hurt jiang ke. did the mysterious man do this because he knew that jiang ke didn't know him, or because he wished to keep jiang ke alive. because, if jiang ke were alive, he would always be the biggest target for the police

zhao yu thought about it over and over again. he noticed that there was a problem with his logic. the mysterious man's identity and his purpose became more complicated and confusing.

suddenly, tian xudong said, "if that the case, we are lucky. boss, we got a lot of help."

jiang ke said meaningfully, "you can say that for sure. i like getting a free meal. this guy must be thinking about other things. maybe he will ask for our help."

tian xudong said, "no, boss. you've already given him a lot of help. don't forget that you pushed zhao yu from the bridge. you've solved his biggest problem."

jiang ke said, "that's true. so, we make sure the police don't catch me."

from jiang ke and tian xudong's conversation, zhao yu understood two things. first, the mysterious man didn't worry if they caught jiang ke. after all, they both thought that zhao yu was dead. they would accuse jiang ke of murder upon his arrest. the second was that jiang ke didn't know about the car bomb.

what should i do if jiang ke doesn't know about the mysterious man? jiang ke doesn't sound like he will stay in this seafood supermarket much longer. should i continue to follow him or ask miao ying to come here with the police? that makes my plan a wasted effort. zhao yu thought hard.

if the police catch jiang ke, that will put me in a difficult situation. the mysterious man can still use my family and friends to threaten me and stop me from finding the truth. they will also punish me for helping jiang ke escape. if the police put me in jail, what i have achieved so far is all ruined.

if i always hide in the dark, what am i? a fugitive? then, i end up being a lonely detective that has to find the truth by himself? no!

zhao yu must think of a better way. if he couldn't find the mysterious man, his situation wouldn't change. even though jiang ke didn't know about the mysterious man, he was the only person who could lead him to that man.

zhao yu thought of another way. i will catch jiang ke, torture him to get a confession and force him to tell the truth. the more he thought about it; it didn't appear to be the right solution. he wasn't sure that jiang ke would say anything. if the mysterious man knew that he caught jiang ke, he would take extra precautions. those extra precautions would make it more difficult to find him. zhao yu was clueless.

now, jiang ke and tian xudong shifted their conversation to other things. they discussed how they would take care of cui xiaolong's body, and the condition of their buddies who were still in prison.

when tian xudong heard that zhao yu had killed laobin with only one punch, he asked with a shaking voice, "boss, how can there be such a fierce policeman. laobin once killed a bull with bare hands. thank god zhao yu killed him. if he's still alive..."

jiang ke said, "no, it was a coincidence. laobin didn't stand still, and the back of his head hit the front mirror of the car. it's not what you think. i don't care about the mysterious man. anyway, zhao yu is dead. he has paid for killing xiaolong and laobin."

while the two spoke, zhao yu concluded that he shouldn't expose himself right now. following jiang ke was his only opportunity to find the mysterious man. if jiang ke was right, the mysterious man might contact him soon to ask him for help. zhao yu could feel jiang ke's hesitation by the way he talked. it seemed that he was hiding something from tian xudong. zhao yu might as well continue following jiang ke. there might be something about him that would give zhao yu a clue.

zhao yu also noticed another critical thing. when he put himself in the mysterious man's place and recalled the prison break, he found that everything was under the mysterious man's control except the yellow van.

according to the mysterious man's original plan, the van was set to explode on the bridge, and zhao yu should have been killed in the explosion. because zhao yu had disabled the bomb, he had disrupted disturbed the mysterious man's plan. after zhao yu jumped into the river, the mysterious man had to ask jiang ke to drive the van away. later, he asked jiang ke to get rid of the van. therefore, the mysterious man might have left something in the van. zhao yu told himself that he must find the van.

zhao yu wanted to tell miao ying about it. he opened his mailbox and found miao ying's reply to his last email. as he was just about to open miao ying's response, something unexpected happened. suddenly, a car came crashing through the supermarket side window. the vehicle smashed several glass counters and came to a stop in the center of the store. zhao yu was scared and rushed towards the door of the small warehouse. the car turned out to be the yellow skynet maintenance van.

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