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Looking at the tracking signal in his brain, Zhao Yu couldn't help but shout, "Dam*! He took another turn."

Jiang Ke was smart enough to make a big detour through the outskirts of Yaoming. He had headed northwest, but now he headed southeast. Of course, the mysterious man probably told him to do that. So Zhao Yu was eager to catch up with Jiang Ke and see if he had met the mysterious man.

There was a simple way to catch Jiang Ke. He could go back and cross the downtown area. Then, he would be ahead of Jiang Ke. It was too risky to do that. After Jiang Ke escaped from prison, the Yaoming police were keeping a close eye on the city. Following Jiang Ke's route was the safest choice. To avoid attracting police attention, Zhao Yu couldn't drive too fast.

Knowing that Jiang Ke was traveling eastward, Zhao Yu suddenly understood something else. The bomb on the Skynet maintenance van had multiple purposes! First of all, the mysterious man wanted to kill Zhao Yu with that bomb to prevent any future problems. Secondly, if the car exploded on the Hongmingjiang Bridge, the police would block the bridge for safety reasons, and that would make Jiang Ke's escape much more manageable. Lastly, after the car explosion, the police might think that Jiang Ke was heading northwest, but he would be going in the opposite direction.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

This plan was perfect and carefully thought-out. Zhao Yu was more convinced that the mysterious man was not only a careful thinker but an obsessive who firmly believed that every detail must be perfect. The more he thought about the mysterious man, the more curious Zhao Yu became. He wanted to know who the mysterious man was.

Knowing how the police worked, he knew that he had to stay away from the main roads and highways. The police watched these roads closely, carefully, but Jiang Ke wasn't thinking like that. He was speeding along the main roads. It appeared that the mysterious man had arranged some disguise for Jiang Ke so that he could escape.

Jiang Ke could go to the main road, but Zhao Yu couldn't take that risk. He had to avoid police detection by driving on rural paths. He would waste time by staying on the country roads, and the distance between Jiang Ke and Zhao Yu would increase.

However, after several hours, things suddenly changed. Zhao Yu found that Jiang Ke stopped and was no longer moving.

Not another trap? 

According to Zhao Yu's experience, now was the best time for escaped convicts to make their getaway. The farther they ran, the better. Jiang Ke was still inside the city of Yaoming. Why was he doing that?

Zhao Yu was worried that Jiang Ke might be changing his mode of transportation to an airplane or a high-speed railway. If Zhao Yu didn't catch him, it would be quite embarrassing for him.

Zhao Yu grew worried after checking his phone's map. Jiang Ke stopped in a place called Yanghai County. Yanghai was the easternmost part of Yaoming. It was near the East China Sea, and there were many ports accessible to ocean-going ships. It would be terrible if Jiang Ke left on one of those ships.

Anxiously, Zhao Yu sped up. Although he used narrow alleys, he arrived soon after Jiang Ke. It was just past noon when he arrived in Yanghai.

Because it was far from the center of Yaoming, and there was no traffic control, Zhao Yu drove straight into town and started looking for Jiang Ke. The tracker showed that Jiang Ke was near the beach and had stopped moving for a while.

Is he waiting for someone there? Zhao Yu didn't want to waste any time, so he drove straight to Jiang Ke's location. The tracker showed that Jiang Ke was at a large seafood supermarket. The supermarket was a four-story building, and behind that building was a super-big seafood manufacturing plant!

Is Jiang Ke hiding here? Zhao Yu looked at the large storefront of the supermarket and grew a little suspicious. A massive supermarket like this would require a large flow of capital. Since Jiang Ke was hiding here, he must have a special relationship with the owner.

Could the big boss be the mysterious man? Oh! Yes! I have a powerful search engine. Who owns the supermarket? Zhao Yu searched all of the related information about this supermarket in his search engine. The data showed that the seafood market specialized in tourism sales.

A few kilometers east of Yanghai was the famous Haidu International Film and Television City. The Haidu International Film and Television City was a hub for making films and television shoed. It was also a very famous tourist attraction. With the boom of tourism, the owner opened this large seafood market. Because of its large scale, prices for self-produced and self-sold products were low, and tour guides received high commissions. The supermarket had become the leading enterprise in the county.

According to the information, the owner of the supermarket was a 35-year old native of Yaoming named Tian Xudong. The search results were mainly about the supermarket, but the information on the owner was very brief. Zhao Yu had to use a new search engine to find more details on Tian Xudong.

The new search results shocked Zhao Yu. It stated that Tian Xudong, formerly known as Tian Xu, was an oil worker who had graduated from Yaoming Oil Technical School!

Zhao Yu couldn't help but exclaimed, "Shi*!"

Now I have another person from Yaoming Oil Technical School. He is also the same age as Jiang Ke. Were they classmates or even roommates?

What a fuck*ing dormitory! It will probably be one of the most famous dormitories in this country.

Zhao Yu was beginning to understand. Tian Xu played a similar role to that of Cui Xiaolong. Before Jiang Ke robbed the cigarette truck, Cui Xiaolong was just the owner of the car repair shop. It was the same situation with Tian Xu. People only knew Tian Xu as the owner of the supermarket. Cui Xiaolong and Tian Xu had a close relationship with Jiang Ke. Of these roommates, the police only targeted Jiang Ke and Han Kuan. Jiang Ke might have asked Cui Xiaolong and Tian Xu to launder some money. Without Jiang Ke's support, the two men would probably still be ordinary oil workers! Tian Xu was only Jiang Ke's helper and not the mysterious man.

Zhao Yu carefully read Tian Xu's information. He was born and raised in Yaoming and had minimal experience. He had no ties to the Ziliu case. His style was quite different from that of the mysterious man who pursued perfection in everything.

Zhao Yu sat in the van and looked at the expansive supermarket billboard. He was thinking about his next step. He didn't know how to find the mysterious person.