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956 A Fashionable Chase

Too Fast!

In the woods by the river, Zhao Yu watched the tracker's screen as he put on his wet clothes. He saw that Jiang Ke was moving super fast. Jiang Ke had traveled ten kilometers in ten minutes. After leaving the bridge, he had headed west, going farther away from Zhao Yu. Zhao Yu rushed out of the woods. His tracker could work for only 24 hours before he would lose Jiang Ke. Jiang Ke would probably meet the mysterious man during his escape. Therefore, Zhao Yu must catch up with him as soon as possible.

There was a small town on the hill outside the woods. Zhao Yu looked around and found that it was the closest place for him to get his necessities. Right now, he needed three things: a car, a mobile phone, and some dry clothes.

He couldn't contact the police or reveal his identity to anyone if he still wanted to pretend that he was dead. He didn't know how powerful the mysterious man was. Once the police knew that Zhao Yu was still alive, the mysterious man might also get the news. If that happened, his plan would be completely ruined. Even if he could catch Jiang Ke, he still might not be able to catch the mysterious man.

Besides, he had taken Jiang Ke out of the detention center, Now, Zhao Yu was not a policeman or a special investigation group leader. He was a wanted criminal just like Jiang Ke! While he was following Jiang Ke and the mysterious man, he had to hide from the police as well.

 Zhao Yu climbed the hill quickly and entered to the riverside town. It was still early in the morning, but he could see a few people through the mist. To avoid the police finding him, Zhao Yu used a Counter-surveillance Device after he entered the town. This way, the nearby cameras couldn't record his movements

Zhao Yu looked at cars parked along the alley. Although he saw several cars, they didn't to be what he needed. He had an Invisible Detector in his brain that detected these vehicles were either equipped with alarm devices or positioning devices. They were not easy to handle.

Finally, after walking around the town for a long time, he found a suitable car. It was a silver-white Wuling Hongguang van. There were a lot of cardboard boxes in the van containing bright-colored clothes

Not bad! Zhao Yu thought.

Zhao Yu walked around the van. Judging from the tire tracks and the dust on the van body, the van had not been driven in a long time. The absence of New Year's decorations in the van indicated that the owner might have gone to his hometown for the New Year's holiday and wouldn't be back very soon.

In addition, driving this van wouldn't attract much attention. Besides, there were so many clothes in the van that he didn't need to look for them anywhere else.

Now that he had chosen a van, Zhao Yu acted quickly. To save time, he used two universal unlockers. He used one to open the van door, and the other to start the van. When the dashboard lights came on, Zhao Yu saw that the fuel tank was full. Zhao Yu didn't even change his clothes before driving the van to the main road.

Although he had used a Counter-surveillance Device, it wouldn't work on the van without reinforcement. Zhao Yu hoped that the police would think that this was an ordinary car theft and wouldn't associate it with his disappearance. He also hoped that the owner wouldn't discover the van had been stolen for a long time. Stealing this van was only a temporary solution. He would have to change again before too long.

After leaving town, Zhao Yu searched through the boxes looking for suitable clothes to wear. However, the clothes in the boxes were all colorful costumes. Most of them were special costumes for performers at clubs or in bathing centers. Many of them were even for strippers. Zhao Yu had not expected to steal a van full of costumes The wet clothes were beginning to feel very uncomfortable! He pulled the van off the road and, after searching through the boxes, he finally found a pair of pink and green trousers and a plaid shirt with a Mickey Mouse tie. He was a little embarrassed when he saw himself in the van's mirror!

Never would I believe that I would turn into such a fashion icon! Anyway, it's better to wear this costume than to wear nothing at all.

Zhao Yu started his van again and drove in the direction of Jiang Ke's escape. Jiang Ke was cunning. The tracker showed that he drove around and around through the outskirts of Yaoming City. Eventually. he headed east. This trajectory looked really confusing. Zhao Yu suspected that he had probably changed vehicles.

Since the mysterious man had planned to blow up the Skynet Maintenance van and Zhao Yu, he must have prepared another means of transportation for Jiang Ke.

Zhao Yu sneered. No matter how clever you think you are, you'll never detect my tracker or get away from me! Let me find your lair. Who on earth is the mysterious man? Maybe there will be something special in it for me.

Zhao Yu increased his speed. Although he wanted to catch up with Jiang Ke, he still needed a cell phone If he found their stronghold, he must inform the Crime Division.

He also had two other important things to deal with, and they required a mobile phone also. The first one was to check on Jiang Xiaoqing's safety. The other was to contact Miao Ying.

Zhao Yu knew that Miao Ying must have known that he had helped Jiang Ke escape from prison. Although Miao Ying believed in him, she would be very anxious and worried about his safety. Even if he had to lie to the police, he must keep Miao Ying informed. When Miao Ying cooperated with him, he could make the best of his efforts

Zhao Yu was still thinking about how to get a new phone when he arrived in a county of Yaoming. Although it was the seventh day of the New Year, many mobile phone shops along the mian road were open. Getting a phone wasn't a big thing for Zhao Yu because he had his wallet. After parking his van, he found a mobile phone shop. At first, the clerk was shocked to see Zhao Yu.

Zhao Yu's plaid shirt and trousers were both too small for him. He couldn't fasten all the shirt buttons so his belly was showing. With the Mickey Mouse tie hanging around his neck, he really looked pathetic. The pink and green trousers fitted like cropped pants on him and exposed his ankles. Water was seeping out of his shoes.

Zhao Yu's fashionable look saved him a lot of trouble though. When he told the clerk that he wanted to buy a mobile phone that could receive calls without real-name registration and access the internet, the clerk didn't say anything. He immediateoly prepared the mobile phone and the phone card for him.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

This kind of card, which required no real-name registration, was illegal, and the clerk only sold it to regular customers. On seeing how Zhao Yu was dressed, the clerk was afraid not to sell him the illegal card. He didn't even ask for a higher price.

Zhao Yu only spent 800 yuan to get a new phone and a card! After the clerk got the phone ready, he also gave Zhao Yu a free headset Back in the van, Zhao Yu made the first phone call. The first thing he wanted was to know if Jiang Xiaoqing was safe.

He couldn't call Jiang Xiaoqing or Jiang Dafeng. He couldn't even call his old colleagues in Qinshan. The mysterious man was powerful. If the phone was tapped, Zhao Yu would be exposed. He couldn't take the risk.

With this in mind, Zhao Yu searched for the number of Qinshan No. 1 Middle School on the Internet. Then he called the school's management office.

Zhao Yu made his purpose clear from the beginning, "Hello, hello! I am a student's parent. Excuse me, are there any students in school today?"

After hearing the answer, Zhao Yu couldn't help but smile, then he sighed. "Oh... So, you don't start school until the eighth day of New Year? There are no students in school today."

Zhao Yu smiled, but he secretly cursed the mysterious man.